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1957 Ford Thunderbird
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This is one exceptionally nice, very attractive T-bird and it's optioned out with all the good stuff. It has the nostalgic porthole hardtop as well as a factory convertible top with new white material. It even has a tonneau cover, so it's a three top car! Has power steering and brakes with an automatic so its easy to drive. The...

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1969 Chevrolet Corvette
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This is a #s matching car with protect-o-plate, tank sticker and car shipper sheet. Documentation shows the car exactly as you see it- a red 435 hp with tri-power, aluminum heads, side pipes and much more. These colors and options make this one of the most desirable 1969 Corvettes in existence. Very well cared for original car...

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1975 Jensen Interceptor $69,998
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1931 Ford Model A
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This was the Chief's truck; usually first on the scene. Completely restored 31 A chassis with all steel fenders and body. Clad in fire engine red and black reveals. All good signage and striping to accent the truck. This engine is original restored with 3 speed transmission. All appropriate period...

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1919 Ford Model TT
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New York Fire department tribute truck. 1919 TT chassis with professionally designed and built steel body with all period correct restored accessories. Large search light, dual copper extinguisher, double and single polished brass fire nozzles, oak fire ladders, water tank, white fire hose, twin...

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1931 Ford Model A
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Ford Model A Roaster Pickup - Tribute Mobil Tank Truck. Show, drive or play with top on or off. Back in the 1920's and 30's as the automobile became more affordable, thru mas production, the need for fuel stations became more and more apparent. The fist rural filling stations were set up at country...

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1965 Chevrolet Chevelle 300
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Ultimate sleeper! 427 big block stuffed in a little old ladie's stripped down Chevelle with only 21,070 actual miles. Has M-21 4-speed and performance chassis. It lived in the same small town all it's life. It was a bare bones car- radio delete, no reverse lights, poverty hubcaps, not even carpet. Interior is in excellent...

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1969 Pontiac GTO
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Ultimate GTO- 4-speed convertible with a/c, hidden lights, #s match and documented! We sold this car 25 years ago and the man parked it. It was ground up restored In the 90s. Started with a clean car. Floors and body are nice. It still looks like a show car today. Wheels were correctly restored, has reproduction tires....

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1956 Dodge Coronet
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Only 18,320 actual miles on this rare D-500 performance model. Same owner since 1966, he bought from his friend who was the original owner. It's a true unrestored survivor that has been maintained and stored in a dry, safe garage. No rust or damage to the body. Has original paint, sharp colors....

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1959 Chevrolet Biscayne
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Only 250 miles 438 cubic inch big block with 550 horsepower and 525 lbs of torque. Yes, it's a monster but also has a civilized side offering air conditioning, power steering, brakes and windows. The engine alone has a small fortune using the best parts. It has forged dome pistons, thumper cam,...

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