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1971 Chevrolet Nova
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Wow! What a car! This synergy Green Yenko tribute is originally from California and it is clean. It looks like all the original floors, quarter panels, fenders, rockers, and trunk pan! It's dialed in with the new steering parts and a classic performance pro touring package. The tubular control arms and huge front and rear sway...

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1972 Chevrolet Chevelle
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Great looking Chevelle with big block, 4-speed and suspension upgrades. Riding on 17 inch billet wheels cut to look like the original SS rims. Has performance tires. Front end is completely rebuilt. 4 new shorter springs for a lower look. Upgraded Billstein gas shocks, H.D. sway bars and tubular rear control arms. Nicely bent...

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1934 Ford Custom
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This is a real 1934 Ford all steel body and fenders. It's a drive anywhere car with a/c and even cruise control. Has all the classic features that I love- chrome grill, big headlights, door handles (no stupid remotes), crank out windshield, chrome bumpers, correct cowl and taillights, greyhound...

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1974 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
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Rare air conditioning, I've never seen one in an old VW. American industrial designer Walter Dorwin Teague included the Karmann Ghia in his list of the world's most beautifully designed products. I agree, I've always thought that they were better looking then the Porsche! This car had tbe same...

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1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS
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This SS has the right stuff. Brand new and I mean brand new built 383 stroker motor with 450 horsepower. Less than 200 miles on it. Also has new Vintage heat and air conditioning system, power steering and power disc brakes. I'll start under the hood because the motor is beautiful. Full of polished parts. The intake, heads and...

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1966 Chevrolet Impala
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How cool is this! A 396 with a 4-speed, a/c in a wagon with a 3rd row rear facing seat! It doesn't end there it has bucket seats, factory 4-speed console with stacked gauges, in dash tachometer, power disc brakes and steering. It is,restored to show condition. I would put the body and paint up...

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1968 Oldsmobile 442
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Here's a good looking muscle car that's meant to be driven. Real 442 with an upgraded 455 engine, cold air conditioning system and nice power conveniences like steering, disc brakes, windows and top. It also has the rally pack gauges, tilt deluxe sport wheel and aftermarket retro stereo system. Has 200 watts and speakers molded...

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1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396
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Real SS 396 with correct motor. Just had a body off restoration. The fit is incredible. Every panel on the body fits perfectly square and flush. Doors click shut with your pinky. Hats off to the bodyman that restored this car, it is better then factory. The paint is a really sharp metallic red that's laid out like glass. Jambs...

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1974 Plymouth Barracuda
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Great looks, 440 and a pistol grip 4-speed! This car has all the good stuff without having to spend $60,000. It's actually a very solid car. I was just underneath it and it looks like clean original metal. The floors, rockers, even the inner rear quarters are clean. Bottom of the doors are real nice, the metal in the trunk is...

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1969 Ford Ranchero
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It is unknown exactly how many of this special edition Rio Grande Rancheros were built at the St. Paul Plant; only 13 known to exist according to the Ranchero Club of America. This is a 2 owner car with 40,863 miles and repainted once Wimbledon white with near mint original black interior. Powered...

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