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1976 BMW 2002
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*** THIS CAR IS PHYSICALLY LOCATED IN GLOUCESTER, MA *** What we have here is a very acceptable - driver quality -1976 BMW 2002 with 13, 500 on the odometer (likely rolled over). She has the square tail lights and is a numbers matching car from front to back. The car seems to be wearing her original Agave paint as we see no evidence to the contrary. This is complemented by a Tan...

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1966 Ford Mustang
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*** THIS CAR IS PHYSICALLY LOCATED IN YARMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA *** This is a low mile all original 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe finished in Silver Blue Metallic with a complementary Lt. Blue Crinkle Vinyl and Blue Rosette Vinyl, Standard Interior. Overall this is a very nice example of the 1966 Mustang that is well maintained and in exceptional condition. This...

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1969 Plymouth Road Runner
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THIS IS AN ORIGINAL PLYMOUTH ROAD RUNNER HEMI - THE REAL DEAL *** THIS CAR IS PHYSICALLY LOCATED IN NORTH ANDOVER, MA *** What we have here is a stunning 1969 Plymouth Road HEMI Runner with only 1,350 original miles on the odometer. This car is finished in Medium Green Metallic which is complemented by its Green Vinyl Bench Seat interior. Overall this car...

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1995 Jaguar XJS
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*** THIS CAR IS PHYSICALLY LOCATED IN HANOVER, MA *** What we have here is a low miles, 1995 Jaguar XJS Convertible with 41,885 Original Miles on the odometer.. The car is finished in Black which is complemented by a Black Leather interior and a Black Canvas Top. Overall, this car is in outstanding condition, is a solid driver...

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2010 Chevrolet Camaro
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** THIS CAR IS PHYSICALLY LOCATED IN WELLESLEY, MA * What we have here is a stunning, Number 3 of 3 built - 2010 'Fesler-Moss Edition', Chevrolet Camaro with 1,455 actual miles on the odometer. This car is finished in a Charcoal Gray paint and the whole car is loaded with custom Carbon Fiber accents. All this is complemented...

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1929 Ford Model A
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THIS CAR IS LOCATED IN NORTH WOBURN, MA This is a 1929 Ford Two Door Hi-Boy Roadster with approximately 700 miles on the odometer since the completion of her build. She is finished in Custom Orange and has a beautiful custom Beige interior. She also has a removable convertible roof sculpted in a high quality Beige Canvas. This...

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1986 Buick Grand National
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** THIS CAR IS PHYSICALLY LOCATED IN FREMONT, NEW HAMPSHIRE What we have here is a pristine 1986 Buick Grand National with 40,500 miles on the odometer. This car is finished in its factory Black original paint and is complemented by its perfect Gray Velour interior. Overall, this car is in exceptional condition. This 1986 Buick Grand National is powered by its...

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