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RK Motors Charlotte

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1978 Toyota Land Cruiser
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The beneficiary of comprehensive restoration, this awesome Land Cruiser wraps utilitarian aesthetics and proven 2F 6-cylinder power in a tough platform that makes it a perfect candidate for miles of parade and years of display! To ensure the exterior fit and finish of this FJ was show quality, all panels were taken to bare...

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1965 Superformance Cobra
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As the only Shelby licensed replica of the original 1965 Cobra, this roadster’s sublime Superformance body utilizes high quality, hand laminated fiberglass to create a rock-solid drop-top that provides a first-rate driving experience. Those stiffly reinforced panels, titled as a Special...

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2006 Ferrari 599
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Logging just 5,261 miles since rolling out of the factory, this stunning Ferrari 599 is your chance to own one of the world’s greatest grand tourers at a tremendous value! Technically a front mid-engine layout, the 599 benefits from a long, sleek snout and traditional fastback roofline that provides dramatic yet timeless...

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1972 Chevrolet Corvette
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Wrapping silky aesthetics around a custom chassis, a custom cockpit and a spry LS2/6-speed drivetrain, this Corvette is all about the phrase “quintessential American classic”! Sourced from the dry plains of Texas, this Stingray is just weekend miles out of a professional, ground-up restoration that was conducted by Keith Standish of Keith’s Auto Repair...

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1991 Acura NSX $79,900
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1967 Ford Mustang
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Like so many things modern-era Shelby, the story of Unique Performance builds is a bit of a convoluted tale. But, like so many things classic-era Shelby, that story is part of what makes the cars so cool and so collectable. Back in 2001, Shelby authorized the Dallas-area firm to build 400 GT500Es and 75 GT500E Super Snakes. Unfortunately, Unique Performance...

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