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classic garage test

Matador Barcelona Matador Barcelona

With Juke, Prius, and now this Beemer. We have managed to see some of the ugliest cars ever

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Jenya's Garage Jenya's Garage


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1957 Chevrolet Corvette
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Wrapping a fuel injected 283/4-speed drivetrain in legendary looks and serious old school swagger, this sweet Corvette roadster is the top dog cruiser that every golden era gearhead wants to park in their garage! The object of a comprehensive, frame-off restoration that was completed in late 2015, this impressive roadster looks straight out of the golden...

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1956 Chevrolet Bel Air
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Backing a Corvette-sourced LS1 with a 4L60E 4-speed, an adjustable Ridetech suspension and custom leather upholstery, this head-turning Bel Air has been drawing stares ever since it rolled in to our showroom. If you’re ready to feel the summer breeze behind the wheel of a unique, first-class custom, here’s a chance to turn your dreams into reality! The...

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1970 Pontiac GTO
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It seems all re-imagined classics have a story, and this stunning Pontiac is no exception. Back in 2004, Overhaulin’, a project that showcased the raw talent of Chip Foose and his group of A-Team fabricators, was becoming a big hit on cable channel TLC. Well-known singer and actress Sheryl Crow decided to contact the show’s producers in hopes of planning a...

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1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS
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Blending 502 cubic inches of big block brutality with a tough Tremec 5-speed, a full Speedtech chassis and clean, factory-spec upholstery, every aspect of this stunning Camaro has been taken from “good” to “BEST”! The beneficiary of a fresh, $125K restoration, this sweet F1 is a solid, well-preserved bowtie that’s both attractive and timeless. After the car...

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1964 Buick Riviera
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Backing 409 cubic inches of Chevrolet big block with a clean restoration and impressive customization, this fully sorted Buick draws big crowds and big compliments. If you’re one of the many enthusiasts looking for a fun classic that’s unrelentingly cool, here’s your ticket to car guy nirvana! A rust-free ‘personal luxury...

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Best Damn Garage in Babylon Best Damn Garage in Babylon

The picture is of a 1965 Buick Riviera (vertical concealed headlights) the 1964 has horizontal exposed headlights located in the front grill. My 65 was in red with a black vinyl roof. Fast, but terrible in the snow.

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1937 Ford Coupe
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If you’re a fashionable enthusiast who wants an impressive classic that’ll turn heads and drop jaws, take a close look at this stunning Ford! Assembled from the ground up to be a SEMA show-stopper, this coupe’s solid fuselage began life as high quality Minotti fiberglass that was smoothed, filled and chopped by Joe Stuben and...

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1971 Buick GS455
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Wrapping killer Cortez Gold paint around a high quality, ground-up restoration that makes excellent use of many NOS components, this fully documented, numbers-matching GS is clean, solid and ready to show! This Buick’s current condition comes courtesy of a ground-up, concours-style restoration that was completed with an array...

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1955 Chevrolet 3100
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The product of an uncompromising vision and many talented builders, this stunning Chevy wraps a tuned LS3 small block and stalwart 4L60E transmission in a custom suspension and classic aesthetics. And, if you’re a fellow enthusiast who’s looking to satisfy an unrelenting need to headline shows and make a big statement, it’s the...

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