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1970 Pontiac GTO Judge
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They just don’t come along that often, but here is the real deal! A genuine 1970 GTO Judge Ram Air III. This is a two owner car that was appraised by USA Auto Appraisers in 2017 for $51,000. Current Family has owned this car since 1979. The color was changed to Orbit Orange prior to 1979. The original Color was Bermuda Blue. This is one of the Pontiac’s that made the GTO a household name. It is one we would all like to have in our collections! PHS Documented Judge Appraised in 2017 for $51,000 Current owner has...

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2017 Jeep Wrangler
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2017 Black Mountain Jeep Wrangler – Restore a Muscle Car has joined forces with Dennis Collins - Black Mountain Jeep to bring the Best Jeeps available to the Midwest! In Stock and ready for immediate delivery is this one of a kind creation. Rugged and ready to take on all terrain, these Jeeps are the best looking SUV’s on the road. Stand out from the crowd with these NEW jeeps that have been customized by the RAMC staff and fitted with only the Best Black Mountain Accessories. They...

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1978 Pontiac Trans Am
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This is a 1978 Special Edition Y88 Trans AM. Originally Gold, but repainted Black. This is a car owned by one of our customers that he has spent a lot of time on the Mechanical items. It has New rear suspension. Several New Front Suspension components. On top of that, it has a 1974 - 455ci Pontiac in it. It runs very strong and is quite fun to drive. The body is in decent shape over all. There was a...

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1976 Pontiac Trans Am
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Gas Monkey Garage Car! Did you happen to watch the episode of Gas Monkey Garage where Richard fly's up to Nebraska to purchase his High School dream car from Dave at RAMC! Well in the episode he mentions that he has a couple 1976 Trans AM's that Dave had been looking for and wanted to make a trade! Guess what, this is one of those cars!! Straight to our shop from Texas Gas Monkey Garage. How is that for...

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1977 Pontiac Trans Am
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This is a beautiful SE Tribute that looks nicer than some of the real SE's we have seen. Every possible detail was attended to. This is an outstanding car. Factory 400 - 4spd. Runs and Drives like a New TA. You would be hard pressed to find a nicer example. 400 Pontiac W72 Engine Factory 4 Speed Car 19 - 19 - 19n Coded car (Triple Black) Low Miles - 78,885 Air Conditioning - Blows...

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2017 Jeep Wrangler
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RAMC has partnered with Dennis Collins - Black Mountain Jeeps to bring Custom Jeeps to the Midwest. In stock now and ready for delivery is this one of a kind creation. Want to stand out in the crowd. Want to know you are driving the Best. Then look no farther. This is the Jeep for you. These are NEW Jeeps purchased by us and outfitted with Black Mountains Best. They are fully covered by the remaining...

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1978 Pontiac Trans Am
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1978 Fisher T-Top Martinique Blue TA - These are the hard to find ones. It's the color everyone wants. This is a Canadian Car recently imported to the US by RAMC. Numbers matching throughout. Optioned nicely with Fisther T-tops, WS6 and W72 High Output Pontiac W72 - 400. The Borg Warner Super T-10 shifts smooth and precise. It is a pleasure to drive. Period correct Pioneer Super-Tuner Cassette installed in the dash. This is a nearly impossible to find combination of options to have in one car and typically would take you quite some time to locate. This is really a great car and worthy of your consideration Original Pontiac 400 - W72 Numbers Matching WS6 optioned car Desirable Fisher T-Top Option Pampered and well cared for car 85,688 miles – actual...

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2002 Pontiac Trans Am
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2002 Collectors Edition Trans AM - Pontiac's finest was all put into this "Last or Breed" Trans AM. If you are a Pontiac Collector, your collection is not complete without one of these beautiful machines in it. This Trans AM has it all. Performance, Style, Handling and all of this packed into a one year, one model only color that stands out in a crowd. There weren't a lot of options available on this car, but this one has the two most important ones. Traction Control and Hurst Performance Shifter. Now...

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1979 Pontiac Trans Am
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This is one of the most original 78 Trans AM's in our inventory. Numbers matching one owner from a collection in Michigan. Optioned nicely with Fisther T-tops, WS6 and W72 High Output Pontiac 400. The Borg Warner Super T-10 shifts smooth and precise. It is a pleasure to drive. Period correct Pioneer Super-Tuner Cassette installed in the dash. This is a fairly hard to find...

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