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1992 Nissan Skyline GTR
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Arriving by end of December 2017

128,095 km or 75,595 miles
Strut bar
Stern wheels
Tomei steering wheel
Roll cage
Fujitsubo exhaust
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1992 Nissan Skyline
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Arriving by end of December 2017

170,651 km or 106,040 miles
Strut bar
GTR wheels
Aftermarket exhaust
Aftermarket suspension
Nismo shift knob
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1990 Nissan Skyline GTR
  • 5254785_320701634e_low_res
  • 5254788_3397b7f28d_small
  • 5254786_137da5b582_small
  • 5254787_9b408e7fad_small
  • 5254783_ecd61846c4_small

Arriving by end of December 2017.

131,391 km or 81,645 miles
Aroray exhaust
Bilstein suspension
Aftermarket shift knob
Blitz turbo timer
Pioneer DEH-570
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1990 Nissan Skyline GTR
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  • 5254772_2da0550a92_small
  • 5254774_c5c21d4c79_small
  • 5254775_cfd71e29ec_small
  • 5254777_a33dad6439_small

Arriving by end of December 2017.

139,106 km or 86,440 miles
Aftermarket intake
Kakimoto exhaust
Aftermarket suspension
LED cabin lighting
Pioneer MEH-P077 head unit
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1990 Nissan Skyline GTR
  • 5254764_16af70c8e2_low_res
  • 5254766_38bd7ed35d_small
  • 5254760_887187cf51_small
  • 5254762_68752fbe07_small
  • 5254763_019dc932fa_small

Arriving by end of December 2017.

122,284 km or 75,985 miles
Sony MPX C150 Head Unit
Nismo exhaust

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1990 Nissan Skyline GTR
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242,316 km or 150,568 miles

Entering production in August 1989, the R32 Skyline GT-R was revolutionary in it’s class. It was nicknamed “Godzilla” in Australia due to it’s ability to outperform the V8...
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1992 Nissan Skyline GTR
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This authentic low mileage GTR is in-stock.

17,680 km or 10,986 miles

OEM Wheels
Tein Adjustable Coilovers
Rear Splash Guards
Battle Club Steering Wheel

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1990 Nissan Skyline GTR
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This Nissan Skyline GTR is ready for the track with its roll cage, adjustable suspension, and Brembo Big Brakes. It's actually pretty dailyable as well; it drives smooth and the clutch is not too stiff. This is the perfect choice for someone who is looking for a track friendly daily driver.

Service records included

90,046 km or 55,952 miles
Aftermarket full exhaust x/manual butterfly

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1991 Nissan Skyline
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  • 5161065_dc2ef96d30_small
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  • 5161066_b44c224597_small

Walk-around video coming soon...

49,691 km or 30,877 miles

Aftermarket exhaust
Aftermarket intake
Front mount intercooler
Custom intercooler piping

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1990 Nissan Skyline
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  • 5164713_ae7fe9d61b_small

This Nissan Skyline GTS is equipped with an RB26DETT motor, the same motor that comes in a GTR. It's suited in a wide body kit which you can see in the pictures that it starts at the rear doors and smoothly transitions into the rear quarter panel.

187,802 km or 116,695 miles

RB26DETT swap
Aftermarket full exhaust
HKS intake
Aftermarket front mount intercooler

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