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1956 Ford Thunderbird
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Ford Billed The Thunderbird As A Personal Car, Putting A Greater Emphasis On The Car's Comfort And Convenience Features Rather Than Its Inherent Sportiness. A Few Slight Changes From The 1955 Model Were The Outside Location Of The Spare Tire, Which gave More Trunk Room, Wind Wings On The Windshield, Cowl Vents On Each...
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1987 Chevrolet Silverado
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‘The Heartbeat of America” This Silverado Is A Nice Rust Free Pickup, Clean Undercarriage And Runs Great! Features Include: Newer 350 GM Crate Engine Automatic Transmission Power Steering Power Brakes Air Conditioning Power Windows Power Door Locks New Alpine AM/FM/CD/Bluetooth Radio With 4 New...
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2007 Dodge Magnum
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Dodge Magnum SRT 8 Is So Distinctive That A Picture Will Say Far More Than Words Ever Could. It's A Long, Low, Beefy Station Wagon On A Wide Track, With A Big Bold Grille And A Chopped Top. Presence It Has!! The Magnum Shown Here Was Never Drag Raced According To The Current Owner. The Car...

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1969 Buick Skylark Custom
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The Plushiest Intermediate Buick, The Skylark Custom, Had Better Quality Vinyl, Bright Lower Body Molding And Wheelhouse Moldings. A Buick Emblem Was Centered In The Grille . Nicely Maintained Canada Car, Spending Most Of Its Life In British Columbia Documented With Original General Motors...

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1963 Lincoln Continental
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For 1963, Lincoln Made Several Changes To The Continental. To Improve Rear-Seat Legroom, The Design Of The Front Seat Was Updated. In Addition, The Design Of The Rear Decklid Was Modified To Increase Luggage Space. To Improve The Electrical Charging System Of The Car, Lincoln Replaced The Generator With An Alternator, As...
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1965 Chevrolet Impala ss
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The Difference Is Dramatic For '65. Impala Was Given The Look Of A Luxury Car With A Plush New Ride. Elegant Interiors With Expanded Shoulder Room Offer The Comfort Of A Luxury Car. The Prestige Chevrolet Impala SS Model Was Noted By Bright Wheelhouse Moldings, Super Sport Front Fender Script,...
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1961 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
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Oldsmobiles Top Of The Line Series For 1961 Was The Classic 98. Viewed From The Side, Front Or Rear, The Classic 98 Has The Appearance All Its Own - Styling Distinction That Marks It As The Finest. Graceful Styling With Outstanding Head And Leg Room. Production Of Only 4,445 Classic 98 Holiday...

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1959 Ford Thunderbird
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For The 1959 Model Year, Ford Made Changes To The Front, Rear, And Side Ornamentation On Their Popular Thunderbird. The Honeycomb Grille Was Replaced By A Horizontal Bar Grille, The Look Duplicated In The Small Grilles Behind The Taillights. A Chrome ‘Arrow’ Was Added On The Sides Of The Car With The Thunderbird...
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