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1932 Ford 3-Window
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Ford produced three cars between 1932 and 1934: the Model B, Model 18 & Model 40. These succeeded the Model A. The Model B continued to offer Ford's proven four cylinder and was available from 1932 to 1934. The V8 (Model 18 in 1932, Model 40 in 1933 & 1934) was succeeded by the Model 48. It...

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2005 Ford Mustang
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The major style change that rolled out of Detroit with the new Mustang was monumental as it paid significant tribute to the 60's Mustangs with front and rear trying to bring back the glory of the Muscle car era. Ford offered both the convertible and coupe versions along with a V6 and V8 version. This stunning Redfire Red GT coupe is quite impressive to...

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1978 Ford F250
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The F250 was the last year of the sixth generation F series truck . The success of the F series had carried on more than three decades at this point and still lives on today. The 1979 model changed the circle headlights to square headlights but the rest of the truck was the same. The 1978 and 1979 models had a single piece...

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1972 Chevrolet Chevelle
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The Chevelle was a mid-size model that was produced over a few generations starting in 1964. The second generation is arguably the most popular and featured a distinctly sculpted “coke bottle” body with tapered fenders and a rear quarter kick up. A variety of engines were on offer but the most potent and powerful being the 454cid V8 in the SS. The 1972...

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2005 Acura RSX $13,900
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2002 Jeep Liberty
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Offered here is what we hear from customer, friends, and family all the time…”Do you have a cheap, safe and reliable 4x4 for my kid to buy?” Here is your answer and do not hesitate as this will sell quickly to someone that needs exactly what is offered here. Vehicle has been well cared for and the A/C blows cold, runs and...

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2008 Mercedes Benz CLK63
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AMG, together these 3 letters have never been as important until they started to grace the hoods, fenders, engines, and wheels on the Mercedes lineups. Derived from 3 notable tuners the company AMG changed how the sports car and performance industry looked at the Mercedes brand. They have developed...

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1998 Mercedes Benz SL500
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The Mercedes-Benz SL series has been a staple of their lineup for years. Initially, a 300SL was an advanced racing car that won world acclaim. It eventually morphed into a luxurious sports grand touring car that offered cutting edge style and substance. The R129 Chassis was produced from 1998-2002...

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1961 Triumph TR3
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GR Auto Gallery is pleased to offer this wonderful example of one of the most popular classic open-air British roadsters, this 1961 Triumph TR3A. This hails from the great State of California where it resided until 2009 when acquired by its third owner and transported the car to Michigan. The car was the recipient of a ground up style restoration where it received new paint and a new...

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1979 Fiat 124
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Not all Italian cars have to end in “I”. GR Auto Gallery is pleased to offer this low mile, highly original 1979 Fiat 2000 Spider for consideration. Originally known as the 124, the Fiat Spider was designed by famed Italian coach builder Pininfarina and debuted in 1966 at the Turin Auto Show. The car was remarketed as the...

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