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1968 Pontiac Firebird
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This black and silver beauty has been updated and upgraded! Let's start under the hood, as that's what sets this Firebird apart from the others. Now powering this drop top is a Chevrolet Performance LS7. From Chevy, they put out 505 horsepower! A 6 speed transmission was also installed to give you...

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2007 BMW M6
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After a 23 year hiatus, BMW decided to finally bring back the M6. This car was well worth the wait. Powered by a 5.0 liter V10 that cranks out 500 horsepower and an exhaust note that makes you want to stay on the gas! This example also features the 7-speed SMG paddle shift transmission. Which...

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2005 BMW 325ci
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Finishing in the Car and Driver Top 10 in 2005 (and for more than 10 years in a row), the BMW 3 series is well known for it's great performance, luxury and reliability. This 325ci has just over 100,000 miles but has been very well kept. There are a couple of chips that have been touched up and the...

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1939 Chevrolet Coupe
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This custom '39 Chevy Coupe has the classic street rod styling with a lot of nice creature comforts you'll really appreciate. Powered by a 350 backed by a 3 speed auto, the engine features a Holley carb and custom headers. Lots of chrome and polished parts are hiding under the hood as well. The...

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1946 Ford Pickup
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Ford halted its car and truck lines on February 10, 1942, to begin war production. Civilian production resumed in July 1945, with an early start to the 1946 model year filling the public's thirst for new cars and trucks. This fine example is still powered by the Ford Flathead V8, producing 100hp...

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1989 Lincoln Town Car
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Lincoln luxury at a budget value!! This 1989 Town Car will blow your mind. The Town Car was redesigned in 1980 and as it's own model in 1981, the chassis and suspension set up was all new and really built to improve the ride and handling. Compared to its GM counterparts and Lincoln predecessors,...

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1947 Mercury Series 79M
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This '47 Mercury Convertible is absolutely stunning. The deep black paint is almost flawless, as is the chrome, stainless and polished trim. The paint and body was done by HotRod's by Dean, here in Phoenix AZ. Powered by a 406 horsepower, 400 Chevy small block that was bored .30 over. In 2009 the...

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1962 Chevrolet C10
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This first generation C10 pickup is unrestored and a fairly original example. Powered by a transplanted 327 V8, which became an available option in 1965. A 4 speed, synchromesh manual transmission was optioned, as seen on the original retail order form. This truck was sold new in Sparks, Nevada at...

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1923 Ford T-Bucket
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One of the first, most iconic and most affordable hotrods, are the Ford T-Bucket style custom roadsters. These minimalist hotrods are generally small and light with V8 engines, as is this '23 T-Bucket. Powered by a 350 V8 with Holley carb and side pipes, backed by a Powerglide transmission, this...

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1969 Chevrolet Camaro
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Don Yenko supervised the production of these rare and high powered, first gen Camaros. Being Chevrolet had some weird, corporate regulation to not produce a Camaro with an engine bigger than 400ci, Don Yenko knew the Camaro was at a disadvantage to the big block, big power cars being produced by Ford and Mopar. Yenko Chevrolet...

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