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My First Car 1965 GTO
posted 03/20/14
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11/06/17 10:28AM
Teenage Priorities: Then and Now


You know you are getting older when you start an article talking about “How it was when I was a teenager.” But that is what this article is all about.


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Lombardy's Garage Lombardy's Garage

Besides the cost of new cars preventing the purchase by today's youth, the current cost of used cars are unbelievable, especially when you consider the price, year, and mileage factors, then add in the cost to repair one of these complex used cars with all of their...
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A R R engines A R R engines

I do think that the cars of today are too sophisticated as far as repairing and upgrading the vehicles power train for anyone without serous education and tools ,especially when it comes to the computer diagnostic scanners required . I'm 51 yrs old now but when I was...

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08/03/14 03:28PM
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07/16/14 02:52AM
THE List - #50 1966 Chevy II SS L79
  • 8057_chevyii_low_res
In at #50 as part THE List - the top 50 quickest muscle cars from the '60s and '70s, the 1966 Chevy II SS L79 was no slouch. Anyone reading this article that owned one, or anyone who ever got beat by one of these little pocket rockets will certainly know why it is on this list. It ranked 50th on the list with a 1/4 mile run of 13.99 @ 100 mph. Some probably think it should be rated higher. Most think it was the best small block combo made in the sixties.

S185 1966 Chevrolet Nova SS L79 327/350 HP, 4-Speed Photo 1

The 1966 Chevy II was introduced with an extensive sharp-edged restyle based in part on the Super Nova concept car. In general, proportions were square, but dimensions and features changed little. Highlights included a bold grille and semi-fastback roofline. "Humped" fenders in an angular rear end were reminiscent of larger 1966 Chevrolets, though the 1966 Chevy II and Nova had vertical taillights and single headlights.

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Delliot Delliot

Had some of my most memorable encounters in my 1966 nova!! Caught a lot of unsuspecting muscle car owners!! It was quite fun!!
and there is an Acadian that makes the car scene down here in orlando....

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Bobby's Muscle Cars Bobby's Muscle Cars

Those cars were legends!!!

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04/04/14 10:55PM
All (Cow Manure) Rise for the Judge - '69 The Judge Barn Find
  • 8135_1969-pontiac-gto-judge-barn-find_low_res
  • 8136_1969-pontiac-gto-judge-barn_small
  • 8137_1969-pontiac-gto-judge-front-barn-find_small
  • 8134_1969-pontiac-gto-judge-barn (1)_small
  • 8132_1969-pontiac-gto-judge-rear-spoiler-barn-find_small
  • 8133_1969-pontiac-gto-judge-hood-scoop-barn-find_small
  • 8131_1969-pontiac-gto-judge-steering-interior_small

What would you do if you found a 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge covered in cow manure and mud in a barn? We're assuming many of you would get really excited because the car is most likely forgetten.

Well that isn't the case here. The current owner purchased the car over 25 years ago, and then put it in the safest place he could think of, an old cow barn. Since then, the owner has planned on restoring the car, but unfortunately...

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More Dreams than Money More Dreams than Money

That is a lot pine tree air fresheners!!!!!

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Gingerman2U Gingerman2U

Pitiful -What a waste

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