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4-Wheel Classics

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1990 Dodge Ram
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This 1990 Dodge Ram W250 Cummins Diesel came to us from the State of Montana where it was purchased new and spent its whole life!! This is a rust free Montana Truck and it still sports its original paint that is in great condition with only some scratches, that have been touched up, where the...

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1979 Chevrolet K-20
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This 1979 Chevrolet K20 4x4 Silverado Pickup is another rust free find from the State of Oregon and it is excellent condition! This is a 2 Owner Truck with the last owner owning since 1983. This is an original truck with a quality repaint in its original colors of Custom Blue and Mystic Silver. The front seat was also recovered...

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1973 Ford Bronco
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This 1973 Uncut Ford Bronco came to us from Montana where the previous owner did a frame off restoration completed in the last year. The pictures speak for themselves but here are some of the highlights: Rebuilt 357 Stroker Motor with aluminum heads and full rotating assembly. This engine was balanced and blueprinted and has...

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1977 Ford F150
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This 1977 Ford F150 Short Bed 4x4 Pickup came to us from the State of Idaho where it has spent its whole life. The last owner has owned this truck since 1997 and cared for it and maintained it very well. He also had the truck repainted years ago on its rust free original body and had it sprayed in...

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1971 Ford Bronco
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This 1971 Ford Bronco was originally from the State of nevada and appears to retain all of its original sheet metal, except for the Cowl Hood which obviously is not factory. The last owner completed a frame off restoration around 5 years ago and we have a large folder of receipts which detail that nothing was overlooked when...

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1983 Chevrolet K-30
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Hard to find 1983 Chevrolet K30 1 Ton 4x4 Pickup. Even harder to find with a clean unmolested body like this. This truck originally came out of Texas which explains why the body and underside is so clean. The paint looks excellent, has been repainted, and looks excellent. Unsure how long ago it was...

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1971 Chevrolet K5 Blazer
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This 1971 Chevy K5 Blazer was purchased new in Montana and spent the majority of its life in Montana and Wyoming!! We love trucks like this. Mostly original paint (Original Color) with some nice patina, the interior was restored and is excellent. The engine compartment even has the factory paint...

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1929 Ford Model A
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This 1929 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan gives you plenty of room to take the family to the ice cream shop or just go out for a fun drive. This car came to us from an owner who has had the car for 25-30 years. He took it out in the summers and stored it in the winters. It is a great running and driving...

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1984 Chevrolet Suburban
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This 1984 Chevrolet Suburban is another clean example from the State of Arizona. Rust Free and it sports its original paint and interior. The paint still looks excellent for being original and cleaned up very very nice. No rust and only light normal marks for a 34 year old vehicle. The interior...

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1960 Chevrolet Apache
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This 1960 Chevrolet Apache Pickup is a beautiful truck! Frame Off Restored approximately 8 years ago it was only driven on nice days and always stored in the winter. I consider this a higher end driver. The paint still looks excellent and only has the normal minor stone chips associated with...

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