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1964-1966 Plymouth Barracuda
The Barracuda beat the Mustang to market by two weeks (April 1, 1964). It was an A-Body from its introduction in 1964 with 90% of buyers ordering the V8. The first Barracudas in 1964 were actually a Valiant option package. This was the only year...
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“Collector Cars From Movies And TV Shows 1966 Plymouth Barracuda SSXR Fireball 500”

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Thought some of you might like to see some vintage car shots that I find in movies and TV shows from the 50's till now. These pics may be the car driven by the leads in the film or TV show or they may just be cars that I spot as background cars or period cars.

They will be of all different makes and one brand.

These pics show the 1966 Plymouth Barracuda SSXR Concept Car in the 1966 movie "Fireball 500."

Fireball 500 is a stock car racing film, blended with the beach party film genre. A vehicle for stars Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, and Fabian, it was one of a string of similar racing films from the 1960s.

Hope you enjoy them.

Follow me if you like them as I will be posting them often.

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