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“Celebs and Rides Hugh Laurie's 1966 Ford Galaxie House”

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Here is another Celebs and Rides photo I found on the internet. These shows Hugh Laurie's 1966 Ford Galaxie.

Hugh Laurie, from HOUSE, showed off his red classic car while taking a cruise around Los Angeles. The House actor was pictured driving his Ford Galaxie 500 convertible.

"By the way, this is no ordinary car. This is a Ford Galaxy 500. The car I’ve loved since I first set eyes on one in the Goldhawk Road in 1978. It’s particularly appropriate for my life-changing journey because the Galaxy came into existence the same year that I did - 1959. Although this is a later one.This is 1966 and the body shape did change a lot from 1959. But, then, so did mine. So it seems fitting."

Follow me if you think these Celebs and Rides pics are really cool, as I will be posting new ones when I find them.

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