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Colloquially referred to as Chevy, Chevrolet is a brand of vehicle produced by General Motors. Originally founded on November 3, 1911 as the Chevrolet Motor Car Company, it was acquired by General Motors in 1918.

1967 Chevrolet Corvette

With the hobby so focused on investments and making money, we seem to be overlooking the simple joy of finding a cool car that actually works as a car. This 1967 Chevrolet Corvette hits all the high notes: a burly 427/435 with a 4-speed, black paint, side pipes, and a lot of recent work, yet it’s priced and finished in such a way that you’ll look forward to sliding behind the wheel a lot more than loading it onto a trailer and wiping it with a diaper.

Tuxedo Black with a red stinger is pretty tough to beat on the last and greatest of the mid-year Corvettes. Code 900 Tuxedo Black is its original color, and during the restoration it was completely disassembled and rebuilt from the fiberglass up to be a black car, which means a lot of extra attention lavished on the bodywork to make it straight. With a 427 car, there’s just no excuse for not getting it right, and it’s obvious that they went the extra mile here. The headlight doors fit flush, the doors close snugly, and the big block hood fits right. The crease that surrounds the entire body is crisply rendered, not rounded-off by excessive sanding, and you’ll note that panel alignment is pretty darned tight for a Corvette. All the badges, chrome, stainless trim, and other details were fully restored, too, and if they couldn’t be perfected then fresh replacements were sourced and installed. Since it was originally a small block car, the hood was replaced with a big block unit, which makes the illusion very convincing.

As you’d expect, the black interior is excellent, with just about everything inside the car being brand new. The seat covers are surprisingly luxurious, having been upgraded to leather during the restoration (the original code is STD for black vinyl). New carpets were fitted and all the gauges were restored, so they look crisp and bright behind crystal clear lenses. A real wood-rimmed wheel warms up the monochromatic interior, and as always, the chrome 4-speed shifter looks so cool. The AM/FM radio pulls in stations loud and clear, and yes, you're seeing that correctly: this car has only 612 miles since the restoration was completed. This is an exceptional car.

There’s definitely something special about a 427 Corvette, and one turn of the key will convince you that you simply have to have it for yourself. Built specifically for this project, the 1968-coded L71 was sourced, rebuilt, and stuffed into the engine bay, and today it runs superbly. That triangular air cleaner gives away the Tri-Power setup living underneath, and it rumbles with genuine authority thanks to a good-sized cam inside. Proper detailing includes blue-stripe hoses and properly shielded ignition components, and the only notable deviation from stock is the big aluminum radiator up front. The sidepipes were added, too, but what’s the point of a 427 if you can’t hear it? Detailing is excellent thanks to the frame-off restoration, but it's not so perfect that you will be afraid to drive it once in a while and let all 435 horses stretch their legs a bit. The Muncie 4-speed and rear end are correct for use with the big block, and you'll note it carries power brakes, making it very easy to drive. Factory-style Rally wheels are unblemished and wear 205/70/15 radials.

Fully sorted and ready to drive or show, this is a Corvette you can enjoy in every sense of the word, and those three little numbers always command the utmost respect. Call today! Check this ad at MCG Marketplace: View on marketplace @Chevrolet @1963-1967 Chevrolet Corvette @Muscle Cars