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Project Fastback Says Goodbye!
Project Fastback at 09/25/15 09:47AM
Phone Call Of A Lifetime
Project Fastback at 06/03/15 11:06AM
Project Fastback Winner Announcement!
Project Fastback at 06/01/15 05:35PM
3 Days And Counting!
Project Fastback at 05/29/15 01:39PM
Official Countdown!!!
Project Fastback at 05/29/15 10:29AM
Back On Track!
Project Fastback at 05/08/15 02:12PM
Running Of The Bu... Pony(s)
Project Fastback at 04/23/15 10:06AM
So Close! Yet, So Far!
Project Fastback at 04/13/15 01:55PM
Update #12 - Catching The Pony
Project Fastback at 04/03/15 12:42PM
Update #11 - Rear Wing
Project Fastback at 02/11/15 11:31AM
Update #9 - Roll Bar Fabrication
Project Fastback at 12/31/14 09:46AM
Update #8 - Bumper Fabrication
Project Fastback at 12/15/14 01:38PM
Update #5- Floors, Quarters and Mustang!
Project Fastback at 08/08/14 10:24AM
The Benefits of Carbon Fiber are Threefold
Project Fastback at 03/26/14 03:19PM


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Seo Seo

This is really an extraordinary read for me. I have bookmarked it and I am anticipating perusing new articles. Keep doing awesome!.

01/05/18 05:03AM
Pishko vette's Pishko vette's

Dam, I can only wish I'da won... :(

06/17/15 04:39PM
AZ Mustang Lover AZ Mustang Lover

Congrats...Gonna be nice... Wonder what they have up their sleeves for the NEXT ONE.. The wait is on...

06/06/15 09:14PM
FM shop FM shop

Congrats Guy! But you know, MCG could at least give us Loser something like a Steering wheel so we can at least
dream we're driving it.

06/04/15 06:00PM
deleted user
deleted user Deleted User

Wow. What a lucky Guy! Congrats!

06/04/15 11:48AM
street classic's street classic's

Sweet ...hope you Enjoy this a American musle ride!! ;-) ... Hey guys let's build a 67 Camaro next!! Got my Tools ready ...let's get started guys Are awsome!!!

06/03/15 09:28PM
Gunrunner's Place Gunrunner's Place

Congratulations, Guy! I hope you enjoy her as much as I would have...

06/02/15 08:04PM
Smittys Station Smittys Station

enjoy mah dude

06/02/15 07:38PM
Devon's Plunder Devon's Plunder

What a sweet ride! Congrats!

06/02/15 07:01PM
mopar Sean's garage mopar Sean's garage

Sean Griffin!

06/02/15 03:08PM

Enjoy Guy F, go out and fun with you new ride

06/02/15 12:24PM
Moondogie shop Moondogie shop

Enjoy your new ride.

06/02/15 10:59AM
elgohary elgohary

Which I had one

06/02/15 10:52AM

Enjoy,Guy,glad you won!

06/02/15 10:14AM
Cody'sBarn Cody'sBarn

Enjoy your new ride, and God Bless You!

06/02/15 09:40AM
Scutt's Dog House Scutt's Dog House

Congrats Guy , that is one SICK ride ! Local MS boy so maybe I'll see it around town .

06/02/15 09:07AM
Dover shop Dover shop

Congrats. You got a heck of a car

06/02/15 08:06AM
Beartown Garage Beartown Garage

Bearcat would Love To Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06/02/15 05:36AM
Brad's Hot and Heavy Brad's Hot and Heavy

Your getting one fantastic car!!!

06/02/15 01:54AM
snakemans classic shop snakemans classic shop

Good luck with[ SMOKE] she is a beauty, and a beast! drive her hard and fast.

06/01/15 11:25PM
sosa shop sosa shop


06/01/15 10:17PM
Buttonnose Buttonnose

Be like living a Dream to win!

06/01/15 09:50PM
KimSaulters KimSaulters

Oh this bites the winner is 10 miles from me....oh wow

06/01/15 09:48PM
KimSaulters KimSaulters

Congrats. Enjoy my stang.

06/01/15 09:40PM
Earnhart Chevorlet Earnhart Chevorlet

Guy you are a VERY fortunate man !! ENJOY THE RIDE !!!

06/01/15 09:34PM