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1974 Ford Maverick

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General Overview

The Ford Maverick was a compact car manufactured from April 1970 to 1977 in the United States, Venezuela, Canada, Mexico and from 1973 to 1979 in Brazil.

It employed a rear wheel drive platform dating to the original 1960 Falcon. Originally marketed as a two-door sedan at a price of $1,995, the Maverick was designed to be inexpensive to manufacture and maintain.
With the introduction of the Pinto and the larger Mustang in 1971, the role of economy car was taken and the role of small & sporty was open. The Maverick gained a V8 and Ford began to promote it more and more as a performance car.

In 1974, the Maverick was unchanged except for rear federal bumpers and larger trunk with a higher deck. Jumping gas prices and increasing demand for smaller cars resulting from the Arab Oil embargo did cause the Maverick to grow in popularity, selling 10,000 more units than the year before.

Save for the new rear bumper mentioned above, the deletion of the rear spoiler and a trim shuffle, ’74 was a carryover year for the Maverick Grabber Package. Disc brakes were finally made available, using Mustang II parts.

Other changes included, the Grabber stripe changes again, radial tires become an option, AM/FM 4-speaker system becomes an option, tail light panel applique becomes optional,
Dome light changed, now includes map lights, Day/Night Rearview mirror available,
Light Group becomes an option,

In the engine compartment the 250-6 drops to 91 hp (from 98), and the 302-V8 rises back to 140 hp (from 138).

This big sales increase (mostly due to 4-door sales) was because of the fuel crisis. The increase prompted Ford to continue the Maverick/Comet line, which had been scheduled to be killed off at the end of the model year.

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Engine 0 to 60 MPH Quarter Mile Source
250ci 11.6 sec 18.6 @ 72mph Simulation
302ci 8.4 sec 16.4 @82mph Simulation


Available Engines:
200ci 200ci 1x1bbl 72hp 180 lb-ft
250ci 250ci 1x1bbl 91hp 232 lb-ft
302ci 302ci 1x2bbl 140hp 296 lb-ft
Available Transmissions:
  • 3-Speed Manual
  • SelectShift Automatic

Factory Exterior Colors

  • Silver
  • Bright Red
  • Red
  • Dark Red
  • Light Blue
  • Medium Blue
  • Bright Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Silver Blue
  • Light Grabber
  • Pastel Blue
  • Pastel Lime
  • Bright Green
  • Dark Green
  • Medium Ivy
  • Dark Yellow Green
  • Medium Lime Yellow
  • Ginger
  • Ginger Glow
  • Medium Chestnut
  • Saddle Bronze
  • Tan
  • Buff
  • Orange
  • Medium Golden
  • Yellow Gold Glow
  • Medium Dark Gold
  • Maize Yellow
  • Wimbledon White
  • White Decor
  • White
  • Black

Factory Interior Colors

Production Numbers

  • Maverick
    Total productions 301,048

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