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1965 Buick GS

General Overview

With the success of the GTO, Buick finally decided to jump into the muscle car market and offered up an optional package to the Skylark—the Gran Sport.

GM regulated engine size to no more than 400ci, but Buick stuffed the 401ci “Wildcat 445” (due to its torque rating) into their Skylark. To identify the Gran Sport, one must look for a red-filled Gran Sport badge on the grille, deck, and roof quarters on the 2-door coupe and sport coupe, and rear fenders on the convertible. Wheels on the GS were also larger at 7.75×14”.

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Engine 0 to 60 MPH Quarter Mile Source
401ci/325hp 7.8 sec 16.6 sec @ 86 mph Estimate


Available Engines:
V8 401ci 1x4bbl 325 hp @ 4,400 445 lb-ft @ 2,800
Available Transmissions:
  • 3-Speed Manual
  • 4-Speed Manual
  • Super Turbine Drive 300 2-speed Auto

Factory Exterior Colors

  • Arctic White
  • Astro Blue Poly
  • Midnight Blue Poly
  • Seafoam Green Poly
  • Verde Green Poly
  • Turquoise Mist Poly
  • Midnight Aqua Poly
  • Burgundy Mist Poly
  • Flame Red
  • Sahara Mist Poly
  • Champagne Mist Poly
  • Shell Beige
  • Silver Cloud Poly
  • Bamboo Cream
  • Regal Black

Factory Interior Colors

  • Black
  • Medium Blue Poly
  • Dark Blue Poly
  • Medium Saddle Poly
  • Medium Fawn Poly
  • Light Gray
  • Silver Poly
  • Dark Gray Poly
  • Medium Green Poly
  • Dark Green Poly
  • Medium Turquoise Poly
  • Dark Turquoise Poly
  • Midnight Green
  • Medium Red Poly
  • Red
  • White
  • Midnight Green Poly
  • Dark Red
  • Dark Fawn Poly
  • Dark Saddle Poly
  • Dark Blue Poly

Production Numbers

  • 2-Dr Hardtop
    Total productions 11,351
  • 2-Dr Coupe
    Total productions 2,282
  • 2-Dr Convertible
    Total productions 2,147

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