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Balor's General 1965-1978 Plymouth - Fury

65’ Sport Fury VIN issue

VIN starts with the letter “P” None of the decoding sites that I’ve found have an option for the letter P…


I can’t speak for the others, but “P” is definitely the correct first-character for an 8-cylinder 1965 Plymouth C-body (119" WB).

4 = Sport Fury
5 = 1965
2 = Hamtramck ass’y
122505 – 22,505th car built at Hamtramck in ’65 (First car was 100001)


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over 1 year ago

Thank you for Mopar Action

Hi Richard,

I don’t have a question, just got a letter in the mail that Mopar Action (Harris Publications) is shut down. Thank you so much for all your knowledge and information over the years!!!



Harris has closed the doors, yes, but Mopar Action is alive and well, we’ll be back soon under a better-managed publishing house. The mag itself will be unchanged.


over 1 year ago

64 fury convertible with 426 street wedge and max wedge engines

I like to know how many Fury’s convertibles in 1964 did Plymouth build with the 426 street/max wedge?


I only have data on the S/S and Hemis. Most believable is:

Fury MW conv – 0
Sport Fury MW conv – 2
Fury race Hemi Conv – 0
Sport Fury race Hemi conv – 0

Data, however, is sketchy. A guesstimate, probably between 50 and 100 Fury And S/Fury street 426 ragtops.


over 1 year ago
Kimis garage General 1957-1992 Chrysler

318 horsepower

Hey i was wondering how much does the 318 v-8 has in horsepower because ive been reading and some says 180 and your guys say 230


That’s a loaded question!

First of all, there were there different engine “families” built in the 318 displacement. All used identical bore and stroke, but shared little else.

1957 through 1966 (’67 in Canada) it used heavy polyspherical heads, this version is easily recognized by the 2-bolt valve covers. This was known as the “A” engine.

1967 (’68 in Canada) through 1991 the 318 was an LA engine — literally, lightweight “A”. This used modern wedge combustion chambers.

’92 through ’02, the 318 was again thoroughly modernized – improved heads, manifolding (intake and exhaust) multipoint injection, serpentine belt, and a slew of other upgrades.

Then you run into the options! For instance, the dual four-barrel 318 poly in the ‘57 Fury was rated at 290 HP. The smogged-clogged late-’70s engines were rated at low as 145 net HP (see below). There was also a 318-4BBl cop engine in the ’80s that used 360 heads and manifolding.

Then there’s the measurement system! Starting in 1972, HP was measured as “SAE Net”, which, meant as installed, fan, exhaust system, air cleaner, alternator, and so on. Prior to that, the numbers were gross, which produced much higher advertised numbers.


over 1 year ago
Chopper General 1970-1971 Plymouth - Barracuda

70 hemi cuda

Hi, I’m looking to purchase a 70 hemi car overseas, non matching numbers (engine/gearbox) still a project, body just got painted original panels & colour /auto car with Dana 60, 4:11
What sort of US $$ a car like this is worth at this stage with heaps of parts to complete?
There is a chance to locate correct engine & auto, much of a value difference then? $$$
Problem is I prefer a 4speed car, if I bought this car and converted car to a stick
& located correct numbers engine, is it bad idea ? or car must remain auto for value purposes tomorrow?
Obviously if not able to get original running gear it wouldn’t really matter which way?(manual or auto)
Let me know thanks George!


Since you didn’t say, I’ll take a wild guess that it is a hardtop.

Since it has 4.10 gears, it sound like it has a Track Pak or the Super Performance Axle Package, either adds value.

Value, though, is driven more by quality of work and components, and originality, than anything else. Really flawless Hemi E-body HTs can approach 7 figures. A Bondo-laden car, amateurishly done, would be worth a small fraction of that, possibly less than an “un-done” project car (because it is impossible to ascertain what horrors are hidden beneath).

The general rule is that the closer to the data plate / broadcast sheet the car is, the greater the value.

If you want a clone, start with a /6 or 318 car. If you want to turn a buck, find the original powertrain if possible and use the best components money can buy.


over 1 year ago
Cuban Pete's General 1970-1970 Plymouth - Barracuda

’70 ’Cuda 383 color & roof

I own a 70 ’Cuda 383 automatic . . . all I remember of vin was BS23NOB in Burnt Tan Metallic with a White Vinyl roof and have never seen another like it. Am I nuts. Trying to find another to restore and recapture my youth. Can I be mistaken about color?


I’m pretty good at Mopar tech and resto questions, but I flunked Psych 101, so I can’t help you with the sanity part of your question.

See attached for available colors, I’m guessing that yours was T-3 (Sahara Tan metallic).

Vinyl roof covers were available in black, white, green, Gator Grain, and “Mod” in yellow or blue.


over 1 year ago
DNCSCUDA My Car 1965-1965 Plymouth - Barracuda

Cuda VIN ?

1965 Barracuda VIN # V9B59……, too many digits, the “B” doesn’t belong, remove it and it is identified as a 1965 barracuda, police model, built in 1965 in
Windsor Canada


Agreed. Something’s rotten in Peoria. What’s data plate say? Certicard?


over 1 year ago
Al B Sure General 1964-1965 Plymouth - Barracuda

65 Barracuda Fastback question

I have a stock 65 Barracuda, I am the 3rd owner according to the gal that I purchased the car from. Is there any way I can find out the original VIN. I live in WA state and went to verify some odd information on the registration. The VIN didn’t match what was in the door by a digit. I went to state patrol for verification, they took my VIN plate since someone prior to me had drilled out the rivets. I just want to get it for sentimental value, I know I can’t use it any other way. It was sold in El Centro to the original owners, I believe it was manufactured in the Detroit, MI plant. I know the name of the original owner but not sure about the spelling. Is there a database that I can use to find out how many V8 Commando 64 1/2 Barracuda’s were built? I know that is a lot but I would love to know what the original VIN was and how I can prove it to State patrol and get a new VIN plate manufactured and installed in my door jam.


You can buy the IBM production card for any pre ’68 Chrysler VIN from Chrysler Historical for $35. That would also have the VON, which is on the data plate and radiator yoke, this would conform or deny your claim.

As far as how many ‘64-1/2 Barracudas were built with the Commando 273, that’s easy – ZERO, it was not introduced until 1965.


over 1 year ago

1965 Chrysler New Yorker- Motor package

I’m looking to get in the car and drive 2 hours to look at a 1965 Chrysler New Yorker with a “factory optioned 413 cu in motor” I never heard of a 413 and if it is legit – what kind of base horse power was it.


That was the standard (and only) New Yorker engine from 1959 thru 1965. 340 advertised HP most years. It was the first RB engine and continued as an industrial engine for many years. Very beefy and reliable.

Bore was increased (somewhat different cylinder block) in 1966, at that point displacement went to 440 CID.


over 1 year ago
Crawleys Cars General 1971-1972 Dodge - Demon


I found a dodge demon for 15,000 is this a good price for me to buy it


I’d need a LOT more info to render a meaningful judgement. Original 340 car? Matching numbers? Options? Tranny? Color? Condition? Bondo/rust? Etc. etc. etc.


over 1 year ago

Follow-up on Coronet wheels


Thanks for your reply. Just for my understand and clarification. I assume that bolt circle is the same thing as bolt spacing; is that correct? Do I need to worry about wheel offset and back spacing. I’m not sure I really understand them, but I keep running into that as I look at wheels.



See drawings.

Using back spacing is not recommended, offset avoids lots of problems. You need near zero offset as I said.


over 1 year ago

Wheels for my 1966 Coronet and my 1961 Ford F100 Unibody

I own a 1966 Dodge Coronet and a 1961 Ford F100 Unibody that I want to start fixing up. I want to be able to look around for a good deal on some used wheels if possible and I was wondering if you could tell me the bolt pattern, back spacing, and offset I need to have for each.


I’m the Mopar guy — only!

The Coronet uses 5 lug, 4.5" bolt circle, 2.81" center-bore wheels.It has rather small rear wheelhouses, but you can usually go 8" wide as long as the offset remains close to zero.


over 1 year ago
Rookies Speed Shop Restoration 1969-1969 Plymouth - Barracuda


I had colors that was on my 1969 Barracuda Coupe/hatchback.I think the exterior was Ivy Green but I know the interior was like a cross between a Gold and a Cream,can you help?


Base interiors were green, red, blue, or black, so I’m guessing you had the upgrade. See pix for details.


over 1 year ago
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