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Smiles by the Mile General 1959-1971 Plymouth

Motor oil recommendation(s)? Thank you.

Hello. What type/grade of oil would you recommend running in a believed-to-be stock ’69 383? Motor is certainly beyond break-in, but actual miles are unknown. Car is street-driven (no track runs) in MN. Previous owner said he just ran whatever synthetic was on sale, which seems to have encouraged leaks. I have no problem spending a few bucks on oil, whether that be with conventional, synthetic blend, or other, although it appears full synthetic may not be the best? I prefer not to play with separate additives and intend to be consistent with whatever product I ultimately choose; had used 10w30 Z-Alt in a previously-owned car, but no longer being produced. Also, any specific oil filter pairings? I want very much to take good care of her and keep her in the family. Thank you again!


The factory recommendations are basically still appropriate.

In your climate, which has a huge variation between seasons, I’d use a multigrade such as 10W40. Synthetic is a good upgrade, primarily because oil pressure will come up faster when very cold. The prior owner’s advice about shopping by price is well taken. One of the versions labelled for “high mileage” engines, which have a bit more seal-swelling additive, can be helpful.

A cheapo Fram PH8 filter is all you need. Always pre-fill the filter.


over 1 year ago

1970 Charger SE mystery part.

Hey Richard,
During the disassembly of my 1970 Charger SE I removed this part from the rear of the car. It was on the right side of the gas tank. (Upper right in the attached photo) Possibly something to do with the exhaust? Car is a 383 4-barrel, four speed, dual exhaust. Mufflers, no resonators or tips. I’ve looked in the factory manual and cant find it. Any ideas?

This is the Pontiac Guy, sorry

over 1 year ago

1969 Firebird 350 HO Convertible

Hello Rick, I recently purchased the above Firebird. It has a factory 4 speed, handling package, custom interior, rally wheels, power top and optional paint option, according to the PHS build sheet. The optional paint option was about $12. The car is medium blue metallic. Could you shed some light on the optional exterior paint codes/colors for 1969. I was not aware of optional colors at extra cost. Also, what is your estimate of 1969 350 HO Convertible production numbers and current market value. Thank you

Good Lookin Car, PHS can give you the paint colors that were available, thanks, Rick McLaughlin

over 1 year ago

Expert advice on 1971 , 1971/5 Pontiac J car

In need of professional direction, suggestions . Gold on Gold 1971.5 Pontiac J car. All original,running condition, minor rust , perfect interior,43,000 miles, every thing works! vinyl top is waist-ed, some chrome damage,emblems stolen but over all vary sound dependable,powerful survivor. What would be the best way to market this car?

Advertise as a Survivor, put on Trader Classic and Hemmings, Definitely Keep Original, ALWAYS worth more Original, thanks, Rick McLaughlin

over 1 year ago
junkyard Junkie General 1965-1966 Plymouth - Valiant

273 4bbl

1965 -66 Dart/Valiant engine availability


Yes, across the board, the only restriction was that you could not get the 3-speed manual with the 273-4 in wagons.

Don’t ask me why — I have no idea.



over 1 year ago
Brian W General 1971-1971 Dodge - Charger

Trying to figure out what model charger I have

It is a 1971 year model, vin WH23N1G107703 I tried putting it in a vin decoder and it dident help me figure out which model I have. From the reasurch I have done I think it is a charger 500 but I was wondering if there are any obvious signs or details I could point out to you to help identify it, thanks for your time and help.


Charger 500 was W-P. Yours is a simple highline Charger hardtop (roll-down quarter glass), 383, St. Louis built.

For more info we need the data plate or broadcast sheet.


over 1 year ago
Mac 65 Garage General 1968-1975 Plymouth - Road Runner

1973 plymouth roadrunner

I’m trying to find out what color the rear end was in a 1973 plymouth roadrunner when it came out of the factory. I was going to paint it black until I pulled it out of the car and noticed a little bit of what looks like orange paint that I’m thinking is the original color and I’d like to paint it back to original color but I can’t find anywhere that will tell me the paint code for it or at least the name of the color


The center section was unpainted — bare cast iron.

The housing was satin or low-gloss black.For sure.

There were various inspection and P/N markings in various colors.


over 1 year ago
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