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Changing original color

I am doing a frame off resto on a 69 gto base 400 4 speed car has 40k original miles this is a numbers matching car color code is 63 champagne what impact do I have on the value if I change color to say. 69 Pontaic Liberty blue


That’s a Tough one ,Blue much more appealing but Original is Always Best for Value, I would say it would hurt Value approx. $5,000

10 months ago
Rick's Cuda Garage Restoration 1970-1974 Plymouth - Barracuda

Repro Body Shells for RestoMod

Richard (Rick)

With the dwindling supply of rebuildable Barracuda/Cuda bodies, can a “popular” aftermarket company’s repro body of a 70 Challenger be retrofitted with fenders, Door Skins, Quarter Panels to be made to look like a 70-74 Barracuda/Cuda

My name is also,
Richard (Rick)


It would be a helluva job. The two cars shared NOT ONE exterior body panel, and even the wheelbase was different (by 3"). Furthermore, by the time you have it delivered, the Dynacorn shell is almost $20K.

To my mind, finding a decent slant six or 318 ’72-74 Cuda makes more sense.


10 months ago
Dudes Restorations General 1964-1966 Plymouth - Barracuda


Richard, I have a 1966 Barracuda 273-2bbl. Its completely original and stock. Can you tell me which automatic transmission is in it? Thanks for your time…Jeff…Also, What happened to the Ford specialist that was on here? Theres only 3 of you experts on here now….


The transmission is an A904-A, introduced in 1964-1/2 and built for decades, spawned spinoffs (A-998, A-99, A-500, 42RH, 42RE, etc. etc.)

Phords break down, I guess their guys do, too!


10 months ago
The Road Chicken My Car 1970-1970 Plymouth - Road Runner

Production numbers

I have the total numbers built for a 1970 Road Runner, 2 door hardtop, 440-6 4 speed, supposed to be 697. The same car also has a console and bucket seats with a white interior and the dealer said it was 1 of 9, is that true and where do I find the doc. for that?


To the best of my knowledge, such data was not complied — there’s no way to know.


10 months ago

Looking for specs on rarity of certain 1979 Trans Am

I’ve found a cameo white 1979 Trans Am with what looks like a black bird on the hood with red paint behind it and up over around the windshield and between the t-tops like the silver anniversary editions had. It has a 403 auto. I’ve been scanning the Internet for production numbers with this color scheme to see if it’s a rare bird…..I can’t seem to find the info I’m looking for. Any help or info?

Not Factory, someone simply copied the 10th Anniversary Paint Scheme, Rick McLaughlin

11 months ago

1978 Color combo

In 78 what color’s bird decals were available for the cameo white exterior. I’m assuming just the blue and charcoal/red?

My 78 has the blue, but thinking of switching to the more manly charcoal/red.

Thank you and way to go making your passion your career. You are a lucky man.

Black n Gold Non SE bird also available , thanks , Rick McLaughlin

11 months ago
daniel G Mechanical 1949-1959 Plymouth

1955 plymouth savoy

Richard I hope you answer this I am stuck between a rock an a hard place with this
4.3 260 engine
This car has a different distributor than the original an can not find a rotor button for this aftermarket distributot having a hard time coming up with an old distributor
what distributor can i use with this type of motor, I am a marine engineer by trade i am a ford kind of guy, an My 28 year disabled vetern friend of mine has this savoy in which it was a basket case to start with please help me an my vetern buddy to get his dads car back on the road


I think you’re setting yourself up for lots of extra work. I’d just find a used flathead I-6 Chrysler distributor and freshen it up, tune-up parts are readily available.


11 months ago
Smiles by the Mile General 1959-1971 Plymouth

Motor oil recommendation(s)? Thank you.

Hello. What type/grade of oil would you recommend running in a believed-to-be stock ’69 383? Motor is certainly beyond break-in, but actual miles are unknown. Car is street-driven (no track runs) in MN. Previous owner said he just ran whatever synthetic was on sale, which seems to have encouraged leaks. I have no problem spending a few bucks on oil, whether that be with conventional, synthetic blend, or other, although it appears full synthetic may not be the best? I prefer not to play with separate additives and intend to be consistent with whatever product I ultimately choose; had used 10w30 Z-Alt in a previously-owned car, but no longer being produced. Also, any specific oil filter pairings? I want very much to take good care of her and keep her in the family. Thank you again!


The factory recommendations are basically still appropriate.

In your climate, which has a huge variation between seasons, I’d use a multigrade such as 10W40. Synthetic is a good upgrade, primarily because oil pressure will come up faster when very cold. The prior owner’s advice about shopping by price is well taken. One of the versions labelled for “high mileage” engines, which have a bit more seal-swelling additive, can be helpful.

A cheapo Fram PH8 filter is all you need. Always pre-fill the filter.


12 months ago
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