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Seans Restorations My Car 1968-1968 Dodge - Coronet

68 Coronet R/T Convertible

I have a numbers matching barn find. 68 Coronet R/T Convertible and yes it’s yellow. SS1. How many yellow ones were made and how many to Canada. 440 automatic with centre console and bulk interior. And yes all numbers match. Just wondering how many and whats it worth in the US when i’m done doing resto


No data re: Options, colors was compiled, so I can’t help on that, sorry.

The value depends on so many factors, #1 being what the buyer is willing to pay (duh). If the car is restored to OEM / concours / platinum levels, i.e., zero bondo, no clearcoat, date coded components, no serious blunders (e.g.: blackout missing, unpainted exhaust manifolds, etc.), and has at least some of the desirable options (TicTocTach, wood-grain steering wheel, disc brakes, power windows, etc.), and they are original, and you have a data plate and broadcast sheet to prove it, and all numbers match, you might, if the planets align, fetch upwards of US$100K.

If none of these conditions apply,even if very presentable, maybe half of that.

The bulk interior worries me. Oats, hay, etc. would not be a huge problem, but sand, gravel, or or other aggregates would. ;→


about 1 year ago
aviador garaje My Car 1977-1977 Dodge - Monaco

Help Diagram electric dodge monaco 1977

Hello friend Richard Ehrenberg. What is the dodge monaco 1977 electric diagram, can you help me ??


The diagrams alone are probably 50-75 pages in the service manual. I don’t see any way of obtaining this other than purchasing the manual (which can be had right now cheaply on ebay: )

There are also CD-ROM copies of all 3 volumes of the service manual (chassis, body, and electrical).


about 1 year ago
Howlin My Car 1966-1966 Dodge - Coronet

66 Coronet Convertible

Hi, I have a original 63,000 mile 66 Coronet 500 Convertible and I would like to purchase wider steel wheels that will take my factory hubcaps to maintain the stock look. What size/offset can I fit front and back? and where can I get them from?
Also – under the paint code on my tag is 999, what does this mean?



If it is original, it could NOT have hubcaps! See pix…all ’66 Coronet 500s had full wheel covers on 14" steel wheels.

While 8" wide wheels would clear easily in the front, out back, anything over 7" gets very tight. No matter which width you wind up with, the offset should be near zero.

Most guys throw in the towel and opt for larger diameter wheels due to the poor selection of 14" tires. If you want to keep it a pure resto, with repro tires, though, that’s cool. You might also find some 15" Dodge C-body wheel covers that at least look “period correct”.

Remember, too, that spirited driving and wheel covers don’t mix. Zero brake cooling, and loss of covers due to wheel flex. Just sayin’….

Paint code 999 = special order. Basically, anything the buyer wanted!


about 1 year ago
MCG Garage d4cdd5 My Car 1969-1969 Dodge - Dart

1969 dodge dart gts

Hi I am in the process of buying a 1969 dodge dart gts , how can i tell if its the real deal ? the vin is LS23 which tells its a gts is there any other things i shouls look for ? thank you Frank Nizza


If it is being sold as a “matching numbers”, check the VIN on the engine and trans, also on the radiator yoke. Check the data plate carefully to see if all options are present and accounted for, and hope there’s a broadcast sheet available.

Without knowing which engine and powertrain this has, and whether this is a project car, survivor, resto, or resto-mod, there’s not much else I can advise.


about 1 year ago
The Road Chicken My Car 1970-1970 Plymouth - Road Runner

Production numbers

I have the total numbers built for a 1970 Road Runner, 2 door hardtop, 440-6 4 speed, supposed to be 697. The same car also has a console and bucket seats with a white interior and the dealer said it was 1 of 9, is that true and where do I find the doc. for that?


To the best of my knowledge, such data was not complied — there’s no way to know.


over 1 year ago
DNCSCUDA My Car 1965-1965 Plymouth - Barracuda

Cuda VIN ?

1965 Barracuda VIN # V9B59……, too many digits, the “B” doesn’t belong, remove it and it is identified as a 1965 barracuda, police model, built in 1965 in
Windsor Canada


Agreed. Something’s rotten in Peoria. What’s data plate say? Certicard?


over 1 year ago
Mopar Jack's My Car 1967-1976 Dodge - Dart

A body buckets

Hi Richard, happy new year. I have a ‘71 Dodge/Swinger 360 4 spd slightly modified but have a factory stock exterior & interior w,bench seat. What bucket seat from a bit more modern vehicle that can easily fit. Don’t want a high bucket, but would like the seats in MA’s April edition ‘71 black Cuda. I am looking for a junk yard special. If they need work that’s OK, just want the bucket seat look & feel.


Do what everybody else does: Go to the junkyard with a tape measure, there’s a wide array. The fabricate brackets and floor pan reinforcements.

The alternative: Buy aftermarket seats with bolt-in bracket kits. (You’d then still need the factory-clone bucket-seat floor pan reinforcements.)


almost 2 years ago
Georgetown Restoration My Car 1967-1967 Plymouth - GTX

1967 GTX Convertible 440 4-spd production number

Your name was forwarded to me by Russo-Steele and they said you were the person to ask this question to. I have a 1967 GTX Convertible with a 440 V8 and a 4 speed manual transmission. I am trying to find the production numbers for this vehicle. I can not find any information relating to the 4-speed manual. Also any idea of how many are in existence. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


There was no tally kept by transmission so we have to do some math-based guesstimating.

Total ‘67 GTX 440 ragtop production was 680 cars. Out of all ’67 GTX 440 production (HT and ragtop), 28.3% were four speeds. Applying that factor to the 680, the number 192 appears. That’s the best I can do.

Your car looks great, just a few obvious details separate it from show quality:

> Blackout missing (egregious!)
> Plug wires
> Rad cap
> Battery
> Under-intake-manifold silencer pads


about 2 years ago
Mike's 70 RR Drop Top My Car 1970-1970 Plymouth

1970 Road Runner Fender Tag


I own a 1970 Road Runner with a 383. The bottom row of the fender tag starts with E63 which translates to 383-4 Barrel. The second row from the bottom has E87 which, I believe, translates to “Upper Door Frame: 440-6 Barrel High Performance”. What am I missing? Did I translate these codes correctly?

Mike G.


Which position on the second line from the bottom is coded E87?

If the car were a 440-6, the 5th VIN character would be V. is it?

Are you sure it isn’t the paint code, EB7 (blue met.?)


about 2 years ago
hangtown mopars My Car 1974-1974 Plymouth - 'Cuda

74 cuda originality

How many 318 "Cuda’s were made for 1974. Also, as tempting as it is to drop a hemi in the 74 cuda, would it not be smarter to retain originality and rebuild the 318? My car is all original except for the new vinyl top and carpet. Thanks-


As it sounds like you know, the 360-4 was dropped as standard equipment on the ’Cuda mid-1974, leaving the 318-2 to soldier on as the standard engine (the 360 continued to be optional). 2,748 318 ’74 ’Cudas were built.

As far as how to proceed, that’s a personal choice. Personally, I’d not do a big-block or 2G Hemi, if anything, I’d go 360 or 3G Hemi, not from any kind of future-value standpoint, but because I’m a “handling” type of guy.


over 2 years ago

’79 T/A rear seats

Is it possible to put a bench seat in a ‘79 T/A? If so where would you find one?……or if they don’t make them, have you ever seen anyone fabricate one from a different make and model to make it fit?

No have not seen one but would suggest mid to late 70s Lemans seat, thanks, Rick McLaughlin

over 2 years ago
B5 Blue My Car 1968-1971 Plymouth - Road Runner

Lazy Roadrunner

Hi, have 1968 Roadrunner, restored over the last 5 years. 383, 727, 3.55 rear.
Motor all new parts from Summit, flat tops, about 9.5 compression runs on mid grade fuel, mopar 284/484 cam made 397 hp at 5500 rpm on dyno with headers, 600 Holley, Pertronics,. Put in car went with stock HP manifolds and a 750 Eddy. No bottom end, feels lazy, tried to add power brakes- no vacuum 9" at idle .Switched to a 600 Eddy to get more snap.


Many people describe the 383 as the “big block that thinks it’s a small block”…for good reason, the stroke is shorter than many small block V8s.

Still, the 284 deg, 0.484" lift MP cam isn’t THAT radical. Sure it will kill of some low end, but what you’re describing sounds far beyond that.

It could be simply a BAD T/converter (stator clutch slipping). It could be that that cam was installed quite retarded (was the phasing checked?) It could be a too-slow spark curve, even stuck mechanical advance weights, this is easily checked with a timing light. Another easy test is compression, if quite low this could add fuel to my cam-phasing suspicion (or the too-radical cam theory), this will also confirm (or not) that all holes are pulling their weight. I’d expect your engine, built correctly as described, to produce at least 120 PSI.

The FSM describes a way to test the cam phasing without disassembly. If you use the specs from the Hemi section, your numbers should check pretty close to that.

I’d ask you to test the actual stall RPM (stock was typically 2,500-2800), but a low result could point almost any of the possible problems).

The heavens aren’t gonna fix this, you need some Holmes-like detective work.


over 2 years ago
pdbuck My Car 1966-1967 Plymouth - Satellite

1966 street hemi satellite

I have a 1966 Satelitte hemi with a 1/13/1966 build date with a engine build date of 1/14/1966….could this be right to be matching #s…I always thought engine must have engine build date before car build date


As you know, there’s no VIN on pre-‘68 engines, and, yes, the engine must be built before the car, or else we’re defying the laws of physics.

Hemis were not built “just in time”, but in batches of a few hundred, so, typically, there’s even more than the usual lag time involved.

I should mention that the build date of the car (on the data plate) is the SCHEDULED build date, it can be off by several days. Still, I think this engine was swapped, it would take at least a week — bare minimum — from foundry casting, then machining, assemble, shipping, then installation at the assembly plant.


over 2 years ago
Bonesnz My Car 1973-1973 Plymouth - 'Cuda

73 Cuda Matching numbers in Mist Green

Hi Richard I have just purchased a 73 Cuda matching numbers in Mist Green(JF1) in Auto. I was just wondering how many in this color were produced? Cheers for any info you may provide. Have decoded car but not sure how rare if rare at all.


Chrysler never compiled data such as this (or, if they did, they have kept it buried!) They did publish “take rates” for options and colors, mostly this was done as a guide for dealers, to help them decide what to order for inventory for the next gear.

I don’t have those sales rates for ‘73, but for ’72, F3, the closest available color, was on 3.9% of all Barracudas (they didn’t even break out ’Cuda numbers).


over 2 years ago
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