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1970 Trans am with factory moon roof

Rick , I have a chance to purchase a 1970 Trans am 4 speed no console with a factory moon roof . The car was never titled . The car was sold to GM Canada and ’’Test Vehicle". My issue is the electric moon roof . heve you ever heard of such a thing ?
Owner said it was installed by GM as test but decided to go with T Tops . The car has PHS

Thanks in advance

If Sunfoof is factory it will be on PHS , but in this case would not rule out experimental , Rick

7 days ago

1968 GP production

Is there some sort of list of where GPs were assembled for the 1968 year? I bought one recently and it shows Linden, NJ. But with the limited numbers produced for that year I’m curious what other assembly plants cranked them out.

PHS , Pontiac Historical Services can help you ,just give them your VIN , Rick McLaughlin

about 1 month ago
Chopper General 1970-1970 Plymouth - Barracuda

70 baracuda wheel track

Hi Richard, my name us George from Australia,
I’ve trying to get exact information of the wheel track of a 70 hemi cuda .
I need the Front wheel Track (centre -centre)?
Rear wheel Track ? (centre-centre)
Wheelbase ?
Curb Weight of car?
Overal Diameter of a F60 tyre on a 15" wheel ?
I need to supply copies or photographic evidence from a service manual of all above information to an engineer who is going to certify my 70 modified Cuda to be registered on road this week, since my car has 20" wheels fitted with a shortened Dana 60 differential ,
I would appreciate all your help, because I’m getting different measurements every time I do an Internet search,
many thanks George!


The official AMA specs are posted here:;view=1up;seq=1

There were also some specs and dimensioned drawings in the FSM.



Lots of Mopar goodies here:

about 1 month ago

1978 TA decals

Rick, In 1978 (specifically the late run of 78, fisher ttops), did they ever use any font other than “German” with an SE stripe package?

Restoring a 78 W72, WS6, 4-speed, Fisher T-tops. Doing black, but love the extra striping of the SE’s, just not real fond of the German font.

Thanks, Jim

The letteting changed in General in 78 , but not on SE , you could use 79 SE lettering , Rick

about 1 month ago

1969 firebird

it is very difficult to get information about how many firebirds were producted 1969 in antwerpen ( gm continental ). i am interested in anything about the 69 250cui ohc sprint version.
best regards from germany

I understand , Best person to get any info on that is Jim Matison , Pontiac Historical Services , Best of Luck

about 1 month ago
A12 Obsessed General 1969-1970 Plymouth

69 RR Fiberglass Lift Off Hood

How can I fix a small scratch on the top of my fiberglass lift off hood? Its a repro and its black. Thanks


Because the paint is Organisol, there’s no simple touch-up procedure, other than an artist’s brush attempt with a steady hand, blending is not possible. Failing that, it must be completely refinished.


about 1 month ago

Most popular floor mats in 1970 th for B bodies ?

What were the most common material for OEM car floor mats for e.g. a 1973 Dodge Charger after the moment the car was delivered brand new from the dealer to the US customer? carpet or rubber in America ?
In germany I have the Impression it was rubber, so I assume it was the same in US, right?


They were, indeed, rubber, fairly simple and not especially well-fitting. They were not molded or contoured like today’s better mats.


about 1 month ago
A12 Obsessed General 1966-1972 Plymouth

69’ RR A12 tribute – motor mounts

The 440 Six pack motor in my car jumps to the passenger side about 1 1/2" when i punch it. Is this normal? I have gotten so many opinions. Right now it looks like its metal to metal where the motor mounts go. Does it need motor mounts, if yes, what? Hard to believe that the previous owner who built the car would just overlook that? Might be hard to answer without seeing the car, but any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Sure sounds like a shot mount! Stock, there was a “roll restraint cable” that prevented the engine from torquing that high if the mount failed.

The made in India part-store mounts fail almost instantly. I have sourced some decent ones:


about 1 month ago

Mystery Plymouth

BCHS is primarily a GM engine speed shop. A customer has blessed us with work on a 1974 Plymouth which appears to be a Duster but has no conclusive model identification. The nameplate on the front fenders contains the words “Commando -V8” but online research suggests Commando was never a Plymouth model name, but an engine type used in Barracudas, which this car is almost certainly not. As the car was purchased as a used dragster and is titled in VA which does not include model names on title/registration paperwork, the customer has not been able to identify the model, and we having some difficulty sourcing some parts we need without conclusively identifying the model. We are hoping you can pin this down for us as the customer has other performance cars which are more in our bailywick and we would like to retain his business. I do have a pic but the Attach Photo function on your website seems not to want to upload it – if you have a direct email, I will send it Thanks! Ed Nace.


It is a Plymouth Scamp, which was a mundane grocery getter. 111” WB, basically Plymouth-badged Dart Swinger, which is in the Chrysler A-body category. Largest engine was 318 2-Bbl.

“Commando” was the name attached to any Plymouth performance engine from approx. 1965 thru 1971.


about 1 month ago
Needabiggergarage. General 1966-1978 Chrysler

Placement of O2 sensor bung in stock 440 Manifold

I want to keep my stock Chrysler 440 exhaust manifolds, and I want to utilize an AFR gauge (obviously with an O2 sensor). Where would be the best location for the O2 bung? Before, or after, the exhaust manifold/exhaust pipe connection? Distance (inches) from the connection?

Rick D.


Unless you want to attempt drilling and tapping an 18mm hole in the manifold, it definitely has to be in the pipe. The closer to the manifold you get it, the better it will work on cold starts, but some guys forego that and put it in the “Y” or “X” (crossover) to get a more accurate average of both banks. Personally, I haven’t found that it makes a whole lot of difference.


2 months ago

Looking For Authentic Reproduction Battery Tray


For the few 1967 Dodge Dart GTS models produced in 1967 (V8/383/A-Body), is it safe to assume that the stock battery tray is the same size (4×10×14), as that installed in the 270 and GT models? I am trying to authenticate that component as a part of my restoration. Many Thanks for your input ………. Dennis

Common sense would tell me you are correct, Rick McLaughlin

3 months ago
Dodge Boyz General 1968-1968

Real Coronet RT or fake?

I’m looking at buying a 68 Dodge Coronet RT that I found online. Before I visit the seller I’d like to know if there are any other stamped numbers on the car somewhere that would ID it as a real RT besides the dash VIN code. Or should I trust that the dash with VIN is the original dash for that car? Another question would be the front bench seat: I read that all RTs came with bucket seats? Thanks!


1968 Was a transition year for VIN stampings. This was the first year that the VIN was required to be stamped on the engine block, transmission, and rear axle. The data plate (“fender tag” would show the full VIN and the Sales Order number, the second number, would be stamped in at least 2 places, the most visible would be the driver’s side of the radiator yoke.

The R/T VIN must start with “WS23” for a hardtop or WS27 for a rag.

The engine, besides showing the VIN, must be a correctly dated and trimmed 426 Hemi or 440 (depending on VIN)

All had buckets with welded reinforcements for the 4 inner holes (under the carpet. Console or center seat was optional.



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3 months ago
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