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Owner of the “Trans Am Museum”, restored and owned hundreds of Trans Ams

Areas of Expertise:

Trans Am


Rick’s first car was a 1978 Y88, and was immediately hooked on Trans Ams to this day. Rick’s mother was even a fan of Pontiacs, purchasing a new 1973 Grand Prix, then another one in 1975, which she let Rick take to his high school prom. She then talked him into buying a used ’75 Trans Am in 1977, which he traded in on the new Y88. Shortly after that, Rick then purchased two new ’79 10th Anniversary Trans Ams, blaming his weakness for these cars on his mother.

Owning hundreds of TAs led to Rick opening the McLaughlin Museum , which specializes in low-mileage TAs. The “Bandit Run” once made a visit to the museum in 2007, leading to a one-of-a-kind experience with enthusiasts from all over.

Rick has spent his life in the pursuit of primo-condition Trans Ams, and he keeps a stable of at least 20 of them in his museum at all times. 

With Rick, the love for Trans Ams is real, stating, “Pontiac excitement truly lives!”

1970 Trans am with factory moon roof

Rick , I have a chance to purchase a 1970 Trans am 4 speed no console with a factory moon roof . The car was never titled . The car was sold to GM Canada and ’’Test Vehicle". My issue is the electric moon roof . heve you ever heard of such a thing ?
Owner said it was installed by GM as test but decided to go with T Tops . The car has PHS

Thanks in advance

If Sunfoof is factory it will be on PHS , but in this case would not rule out experimental , Rick

7 days ago

1968 GP production

Is there some sort of list of where GPs were assembled for the 1968 year? I bought one recently and it shows Linden, NJ. But with the limited numbers produced for that year I’m curious what other assembly plants cranked them out.

PHS , Pontiac Historical Services can help you ,just give them your VIN , Rick McLaughlin

about 1 month ago

1978 TA decals

Rick, In 1978 (specifically the late run of 78, fisher ttops), did they ever use any font other than “German” with an SE stripe package?

Restoring a 78 W72, WS6, 4-speed, Fisher T-tops. Doing black, but love the extra striping of the SE’s, just not real fond of the German font.

Thanks, Jim

The letteting changed in General in 78 , but not on SE , you could use 79 SE lettering , Rick

about 1 month ago

1969 firebird

it is very difficult to get information about how many firebirds were producted 1969 in antwerpen ( gm continental ). i am interested in anything about the 69 250cui ohc sprint version.
best regards from germany

I understand , Best person to get any info on that is Jim Matison , Pontiac Historical Services , Best of Luck

about 1 month ago

Looking For Authentic Reproduction Battery Tray


For the few 1967 Dodge Dart GTS models produced in 1967 (V8/383/A-Body), is it safe to assume that the stock battery tray is the same size (4×10×14), as that installed in the 270 and GT models? I am trying to authenticate that component as a part of my restoration. Many Thanks for your input ………. Dennis

Common sense would tell me you are correct, Rick McLaughlin

3 months ago

69 Goat Rear End

I have a 69 with a 4bbl 350 horse, hideaways, power windows, but otherwise very plain Jane. It’s quite low geared I don’t have a tach, but the fastest I can comfortably cruise at is about 70mph and it’s revving pretty high three grand plus. Would you guess it has a 3.55 or 3.90 rear? Just looking for an opinion. I will have to get it up on a lift in the spring to look for codes. Thanks. Dean Kamloops BC. ps that’s my then 10 year old boy diggin it.

3.90. Cool Car , Thanks , Rick

3 months ago

1975 formula 400 exterior color

I have had two 75 formula 400"s and both are black on black , I know the one has been repainted but I purchased one in 1976 a year old and it was black on black!! pontiac doesnt show that as a exterior color for that year and I seriously doubt the one I purchased a year old was reprayed!! Any input? Geno

Bkack was not available in 75 and Very hard to get in 76 other than on the 50th, so it is puzzling , anything us possible like a dealer having an inside track , but if its from the factory you will have a code 19 on the cowl tag , Rick

4 months ago
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