I Have Been Looking For A Guy Like You For Years!

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I Have Been Looking For A Guy Like You For Years!

I have a 1986 1/2 Trans Am. All original inside and out-except the tires, nothing missing except the original t top bag. We are the third owners, and it has only been in our family. The original purchase date was 9/5/86, per the Warranty and Owners Assistance Information booklet. I have never been able to find any information online pertaining to this mid year model. Specifically, number produced, number remaining today-and of those how many original, and variances between mid year models themselves. Any suggestions on where to start?

I have also tried to trace the VIN on charts, but even if I use both 1986 and 1987, it is still incomplete. Is there a way to tell which number our car was in mid year production? VIN # 1G2FW87F4GL254700.

PHS can help some , but how many remaining no way to tell , thanks , Rick

11 months ago