1971 Ford Torino 429 cj

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1971 Ford Torino 429 cj

How many 1971 Ford Torino 429 cj convertibles were made?

I have found 1600 convertibles made, but most were 351s. I read that only 80 1971s had a 429 cj, but I don’t know if that is accurate. But, if that is the case, how rare is mine? It has hide-a-ways and a rim blown steering wheel. 4 speed with Hurst shifter or course.

I would say you have a pretty rare car then.

That 80 number is somewhat correct. Out of the 1,613 Convertibles for the ’71 model year there were less than 100 which had the 429 Cobra. Exact numbers are a guess because of prototypes, and some discrepancy in the built sheets.

Best way to find out rarity is to track down how many example were finished with that exact trim level. regardless of the engine.

My guess would be not many.

Got any pictures??

over 2 years ago