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Cuban Pete's General 1970-1970 Plymouth - Barracuda

’70 ’Cuda 383 color & roof

I own a 70 ’Cuda 383 automatic . . . all I remember of vin was BS23NOB in Burnt Tan Metallic with a White Vinyl roof and have never seen another like it. Am I nuts. Trying to find another to restore and recapture my youth. Can I be mistaken about color?


I’m pretty good at Mopar tech and resto questions, but I flunked Psych 101, so I can’t help you with the sanity part of your question.

See attached for available colors, I’m guessing that yours was T-3 (Sahara Tan metallic).

Vinyl roof covers were available in black, white, green, Gator Grain, and “Mod” in yellow or blue.


about 24 hours ago
DNCSCUDA My Car 1965-1965 Plymouth - Barracuda

Cuda VIN ?

1965 Barracuda VIN # V9B59……, too many digits, the “B” doesn’t belong, remove it and it is identified as a 1965 barracuda, police model, built in 1965 in
Windsor Canada


Agreed. Something’s rotten in Peoria. What’s data plate say? Certicard?


6 days ago
Al B Sure General 1964-1965 Plymouth - Barracuda

65 Barracuda Fastback question

I have a stock 65 Barracuda, I am the 3rd owner according to the gal that I purchased the car from. Is there any way I can find out the original VIN. I live in WA state and went to verify some odd information on the registration. The VIN didn’t match what was in the door by a digit. I went to state patrol for verification, they took my VIN plate since someone prior to me had drilled out the rivets. I just want to get it for sentimental value, I know I can’t use it any other way. It was sold in El Centro to the original owners, I believe it was manufactured in the Detroit, MI plant. I know the name of the original owner but not sure about the spelling. Is there a database that I can use to find out how many V8 Commando 64 1/2 Barracuda’s were built? I know that is a lot but I would love to know what the original VIN was and how I can prove it to State patrol and get a new VIN plate manufactured and installed in my door jam.


You can buy the IBM production card for any pre ’68 Chrysler VIN from Chrysler Historical for $35. That would also have the VON, which is on the data plate and radiator yoke, this would conform or deny your claim.

As far as how many ‘64-1/2 Barracudas were built with the Commando 273, that’s easy – ZERO, it was not introduced until 1965.


6 days ago

1965 Chrysler New Yorker- Motor package

I’m looking to get in the car and drive 2 hours to look at a 1965 Chrysler New Yorker with a “factory optioned 413 cu in motor” I never heard of a 413 and if it is legit – what kind of base horse power was it.


That was the standard (and only) New Yorker engine from 1959 thru 1965. 340 advertised HP most years. It was the first RB engine and continued as an industrial engine for many years. Very beefy and reliable.

Bore was increased (somewhat different cylinder block) in 1966, at that point displacement went to 440 CID.


6 days ago
Crawleys Cars General 1971-1972 Dodge - Demon


I found a dodge demon for 15,000 is this a good price for me to buy it


I’d need a LOT more info to render a meaningful judgement. Original 340 car? Matching numbers? Options? Tranny? Color? Condition? Bondo/rust? Etc. etc. etc.


13 days ago

Follow-up on Coronet wheels


Thanks for your reply. Just for my understand and clarification. I assume that bolt circle is the same thing as bolt spacing; is that correct? Do I need to worry about wheel offset and back spacing. I’m not sure I really understand them, but I keep running into that as I look at wheels.



See drawings.

Using back spacing is not recommended, offset avoids lots of problems. You need near zero offset as I said.


17 days ago

Wheels for my 1966 Coronet and my 1961 Ford F100 Unibody

I own a 1966 Dodge Coronet and a 1961 Ford F100 Unibody that I want to start fixing up. I want to be able to look around for a good deal on some used wheels if possible and I was wondering if you could tell me the bolt pattern, back spacing, and offset I need to have for each.


I’m the Mopar guy — only!

The Coronet uses 5 lug, 4.5" bolt circle, 2.81" center-bore wheels.It has rather small rear wheelhouses, but you can usually go 8" wide as long as the offset remains close to zero.


17 days ago
Rookies Speed Shop Restoration 1969-1969 Plymouth - Barracuda


I had colors that was on my 1969 Barracuda Coupe/hatchback.I think the exterior was Ivy Green but I know the interior was like a cross between a Gold and a Cream,can you help?


Base interiors were green, red, blue, or black, so I’m guessing you had the upgrade. See pix for details.


24 days ago
D2B2 Racing Performance 1987-1993 Dodge - Shadow

Best set up for SCCA ProSolo

I have a 1993 Dodge Shadow ES that I used to AutoCross with. It has made appearances at places such as Summit Point, WV (as a reply to a yahoo groups challenge). I was wondering is there any way to increase the rear camber on it to help it corner a little better?


Sure. Just increase the camber shim pack at the lower stub-axle mounting holes. You can buy the OE shims, but many of the aftermarket ones are plastic, better if you just cut them out of scrap aluminum.

If you have rear discs, you may also need to shim the caliper mount to keep the caliper centered on the rotor.

I spent MANY happy laps at Summit Point, MANY in a tweaked Turbo II Lancer Shelby.


26 days ago
Mark Barn General 1964-1969 Plymouth - Barracuda

64 barracuda

Can keys be made from the vin # or any other tag on vehicle


Keys can be cut from the key code (which was on the original key tag, dealer invoice, etc.) or by reading the tumblers or drivers from any of the original lock cylinder. Most Chrysler dealers that have been in business for a long time, if the parts guy is equally ancient, know how to do this (as do I).

Back in the day, there was a cross reference, VIN to key code, but that’s ancient history.

It may be more expedient, however, to just replace all the lock cylinders, although the ‘64-style (large door lock cylinders) can be pricey, they are pretty much NOS only.

History requires detective work. Chrysler historical can provide an IBM card (build record, with options), underhood data plate (“fender tag”), as well as broadcast sheet, if found, are both treasure troves of info.


see for Mopar parts deals!

28 days ago
Northern collector Historical 1972-1972 Plymouth - Road Runner

1972 Plymouth Road Runner 400, 3 speed

I’m looking if anyone would have any specs on how many 1972 Plymouth Road Runner 400, 3 speeds might have been made. If it means anything, it has a bench seat instead of the buckets. All Original yet.


I will assume you mean 3-speed MANUAL trans.

There were 1,433 built with the standard 400-4 and A230 fully synchronized, side-loader 3-speed manual transmission.


about 1 month ago
Motorland Historical 1966-1966 Plymouth - Satellite

Documentation and engine verification of a 1966 Plymouth Satellite

I have a 1966 Plymouth satellite with a 426 street wedge hemi motor. I have a few questions about the engine verification numbers. there is a 9 digit number located on the radiator support, #7L2802224. I am curious if this will verify anything about the car. I have broken down the VIN code, and it matches out to a 426 street wedge with the 4-speed manual. I do not believe it is the same motor that came with the car, however, this car ran quarters when new. I have a feeling the motor blew, and since it was still under warranty from Chrysler, they put a correct engine in. I would like to know if there is anything I can do to prove this. Thanks for reading, Josiah C.


One of us is confused! The 426-S (wedge) was discontinued after 1965.

The SO number you quote can be tied to the VIN via the data plate, the NICB, or Chrysler Historical.

If it is an original 426 Hemi, the 5th digit of the VIN should be “H”;There’s nothing in the VIN that indictes the transmission. Assuming a true Hemi car, under “AB” on the date plate should be “73”.

The VIN was not on the engine in 1966. If the engine were replaced, the cast date of the block could be later than the car’s build date, but all other components should be earlier than that date (carbs, all 3 manifolds, and a zillion other parts).


about 1 month ago
Four Daughters General 1969-1969 Plymouth - Barracuda

69 barracuda convertible

I’m trying to figure out if the 69 barracuda convertible I have is a formula S or base with a 340 automatic.on the column. I’m getting mixed answers from various people. is there a way you can help me determine if it’s a true formula S?


Easy. Look for code A53 on the data plate.


about 1 month ago
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