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Sand Beach Classics General 1974-1974 Plymouth - Road Runner

74 roadrunner

did 74 road runner have a bench seat – can you identify a real roadrunner through the vin


A 1974 Plymouth Road Runner should have the VIN prefix RM21. No “M”? No Road Runner!

The standard seat was, indeed, a basic vinyl bench (see pix), there were several optional upgrades, including a “nicer” vinyl bench, and buckets in vinyl/cloth and all-vinyl.


9 days ago

1973 Pontiac Firebird

What size and style of wheel and tire were used on the 1973 Pontiac Firebird as standard equipment. What would you recommend if I wanted to be faithful to the original. I believe my model is an Espirit but am not certain about that.

14 inch would be standard but I would go with the 15 rally and 225/70 solid white letter tire

10 days ago
Dart GT General 1967-1976 Dodge

1968 dodge dart rear tire close to quarter panel

I have a 1968 dodge dart gt convertible and the rear tire on the driver side is less than an inch from the quarter panel. It has plenty of clearance on the passenger side. The tire size is 195 75 14. Any help is appreciated. Thank You, Chris


You’ll have to do some detective work – measuring – to find what’s amiss. Some of the possibilities:

> Wheels vary in offset and/or width
> Axle not centered on leaf springs (and/or axle too wide – i.e., B-body unit swapped in)
> Quarter panels incorrect (early re-pops)
> Chassis / unibody tweaked (parallellogrammed) – takediagonal measurements, see attached dwg.


11 days ago
John's Salem Garage Historical 1971-1971 Dodge - Dart

Production Information

I ordered new a 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger, 318V-8, full power including A/C but 3 speed manual on column. I have not found one 1971 Swinger with standard shift, all are auto. Are production numbers available as to how many Swingers were produced with the options I listed above? Please reply to, thank you.


96 were built, including with and without other options (A/C, etc.)


12 days ago
Rooker Racing Mechanical 1966-1978 Plymouth


Rick, You mentioned getting my compression ratio under control. I used to run a 1968 340 that the book says had 10.5 to 1 compression. It ran great on 93 octane and I never heard any spark knock. What is the highest CR I can run in that 440 and still be good on 93 octane?



Lots of factors at work here, but a ballpark set of specs would be:

> Aluminum heads: 10.25:1
> cast iron heads: 9.5:1

Any higher than this and the timing would need to be retarded from ideal. (an appropriate spark curve is one of those important factors).

Remember, any detonation that’s audible is VERY bad.


13 days ago
B5 Blue Performance 1958-1978 Plymouth

Lazy Roadrunner- continued

Hi Rick, thanks for your suggestions on waking up my ‘68 Roadrunner. We did a footbrake test of the torque converter the car started trying to move at 2200 RPM, I am suspicious of the stock tach to checked it with a digital which seems to record about 16% less making the stall more like 2000.
Checked compression one cylinder at 130, one at 145 rest at 135/140.
You mentioned checking the phasing without disassembly as per the FSM? My 1968 Plymouth Service Manual doesn’t seem to cover that. The car runs , idles and drives great no overheating ect. It just seems to run too well for the cam to be out. My only issues are lack of low end grunt, lack of vacuum and poor gas mileage about 12-13 mpg. I’m wondering if we have to pull the front off the engine to check the phasing maybe I should have a new, closer to stock, cam ready to stuff in it.


Like so many dyno shops, they begin their pull at way too high an RPM to be of any use in diagnosing this problem, but I will tell you that: Whatever carb was on there is pig fat. PIG.

The problem, beyond the carb (which, being so rich, can certainly kill any crisp throttle response) the problem could be “too much” cam, although the dyno sheet doesn’t point to that, cam misphased (see p. 9-54 of the 1968 Plymouth FSM), or simply a bad torque converter, which I am now leaning towards.

Gear vendors results in some pretty strange U-joint angles and I’ve never been a fan of the way it is cantilevered out in space.


14 days ago
Harry's 555 Garage General 1970-1970 Dodge - Charger

Steering wheel option 1970 Charger

I recently purchased a 1970 Dodge Charger RT. the car has not been fully restored. Most of the interior has been restored. The steering wheel is the black style with half circle metal ring parallel to the wheel. The dash is wood grain with the factory gauges and tic toc clock. I would like to know which steering wheel may have come with the car originally. Could it have been a wood grain steering wheel or the black style? I have also seen a 3 spoke style black plastic wheel as well.

The attached graphic explains it in detail, basically 3-spoke with horn ring was standard, the wood grain and rim-blow were optional. The optional s/wheels would be coded on the broadcast sheet and data plate.


18 days ago
mopar383 Mechanical 1967-1969 Plymouth - Barracuda

Adding power steering to a 1968 383 cuda

I have a 1968 barracuda 383 formula S fastback. The car did not come with power steering. Do you know of any way to put power steering in this car without cutting into the vehicle?

Sure. But rather than explain it here, ask Peter Bergman at

The outcome will result in steering as precise as a modern car, and it bolts in and an afternoon.

For the A/C, ask Bouchillon Performance (SC), although that’s not quite as easy or simple.

Mention my name to both suppliers for a 10% surcharge.


19 days ago


I am interested in purchasing a 1965 GTO Convertible or Hardtop with a Tri-Power 389 (with or without air RAM Air); with AC; PS; PB to be used in an antique car touring group and general cruising, but no racing.

Top turnpike speeds 85 to 90 MPH.

What suspension should I be looking for with just my wife and I as passengers with sometimes another couple as ride a longs touring the countryside?

Sorry not much help to you on that one

25 days ago

Color coded seat belt option

I have a 1978 Trans Am that had the upgraded seat belt color option. The car interior color is light blue. What color were the upgraded seat belts for a light blue interior car? My original belts look gray, but I was told that after all these years, all the colored belts turned gray. I wanted to know if the original belts were actually a powder blue color.


Yes your seat Belt were Blue, the Original Blue does have a hint of Gray to it

25 days ago

67 Prix Convertible-How many 428’s made

Hi Rick,
I am looking at a 67 Grand Prix Convertible. Can you tell me how many of the approx 5700 GP Converts came with the 428 engine? Trying to decide on the rarity etc. If you can get that info, how many of the 428’s were 360 HP and how many were HO 376 HP? This car has factory air too. I would appreciate it.. Thanks


25 days ago
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