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We all have our Dream Cars

Usually since we were old enough to play with our first Hot Wheels. As you grow older, your tastes may change, but chances are that the cars you fell in love with when you were young or when you got that first driver's license are the ones that stick.

At MyClassicGarage, we understand that budgetary limitations may mean that you'll never have a real garage full of Dream Cars, but in the virtual world, anything is possible!  If your goal is to own a 1971 Plymouth HEMI'Cuda Convertible in every color offered that year, we've got you covered!

What do you get with a Dream Car?

As with the free Dream Car you received when you signed up for MyClassicGarage, you get a full list of specs and an album full of high resolution photography that are yours for life.

Please note-the cars featured as Dream Cars are real live cars-these are not digital creations.  The main sponsor of our Dream Car line-up is RK Motors Charlotte and they own or have owned all of the cars pictured and licenses their images to us, which we, in turn, license to you for personal use.  We will be lining up additional Dream Car sponsors over time.

Enter the Dream Car Garage

529 of the greatest cars of your dreams!

If you are a collector or dealer that has a stable full of Dream Cars, contact Matt Tilmes, our Dream Car Product Manager, to discuss how you can become a sponsor.  His contact information is as follows:

Matt Tilmes Matt Tilmes 704-235-2946

They say if you are going to dream, dream big.

It's easy to do with the MyClassicGarage Dream Car line-up.

When we roll out the MCG Social Garage later this year, your Dream Cars will be an important statement of who you are and will make it easy for classic car lovers with similar interests to interact with you.

People are going to know whether you are a Chevy man, a muscle car guy or a gal who loves big-finned cars from the 1950's!