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1956 Chevrolet Corvette
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Wow! Absolutely gorgeous, meticulously restored with many options and some nice upgrades. This car has undergone a total body off frame restoration. It was done 20 years ago and looks like it was just done. That says a lot about the quality of this car. It's #s matching, done to factory specs with some very desirable,...

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1975 Chevrolet Corvette
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This is a #s matching, very well cared for Corvette with a very classy and sophisticated color combination. It has been repainted only once and it has a beautiful clear coat glossy smooth finish. I just walked around the car and i will say it looks very nice. Other then some minor stone chips it really looks good. Jambs are...

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1931 Ford Model A
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Last year for the model A series and some say the one of the best and most sought after. The Phaetons are few and far between. This beautiful Phaeton frame and body up restored. Body clad in Black with fenders and all steel. Rides on 4 Firestone whitewalls with rear mount spare. The mechanics have...

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1960 Volkswagen Beetle
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This car is restored to a show standard. It has a quality paint job with a smooth finish. New fender welting. Body is clean, the floorpan is spotless. Bumpers are rechromed, new windshield and window seals. Has glass headlight covers. Has full hubcaps. The interior is very nice. It has been reupholstered, new carpet, door...

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1959 Ford Galaxie 500
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Only 500 miles on nut and bolt body off frame restoration on a rotisserie. Includes photo album full of pictures and a thick pile of receipts documenting the restoration. Mechanics and cosmetics restored like new. This car is beautiful from every angle including laying on your back looking underneath! The underside is very...

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1956 Pontiac Chieftain
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Total body off the frame restoration on a rush free car. This isn't just any restoration, they really did it right. They started with a clean rust free South Dakota car. The body is,straight as an arrow, everything fits right. The doors click shut. Has a mirror reflection black paint with a touch...

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1970 Oldsmobile 442
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This 442 has #s matching 455 ram air and special order paint. It's a Sebring yellow car and probably one if the most rust free original metal 442s around! The factory yellow overspray is still on the clean floors. Underneath has never been painted over, it's original and rock solid. The factory seams and spotwelds are clean. At...

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1930 Ford Model A
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When it comes to Model A Fords, every body loves the Coupe with the Rumble seat. They are great for the kids and fun to tour and drive. "Takes you back a few years". This Coupe is all steel with recent yellow paint and black trim. Like new tires on yellow wire wheels. This Ford starts and drives...

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1915 Ford Model T
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Ford started the assembly line and built a few million Model T's. It was the working family car - practical and affordable. Over the years, since most all model T's had interchangeable mechanical parts the country folks "kept em going" with later model parts. Here we have a titled 1915 Ford with...

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Volo Auto Museum added to MCG Marketplace
1978 Rolls-Royce Corniche $34,998
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