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1933 Ford 3-Window
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Only 3,300 miles on this 4 year build. It's polished from underneath on up. Heritage Hot Rods body. Smooth, no exposed hinges, handles etc. Has remote door poppers and power lift trunk. Highly polished Land Rover orange metallic. Has custom stainless grill, mirrors and headlights have built in...

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1965 Chevrolet Corvette
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Documented, #s matching 327-365 hp Corvette. Has documented 5 owner history. Believed to have on 77,896 original miles. First owner had it 28 years. Protect-o-plate verifies the authentic driveline. Very well maintained, honest car. Appears to have a clean body original front clip. Doors fit and shut right. Raw original...

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2003 Ford Thunderbird
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20,451 actual miles. Same owner since 2005. We just sold his matching blue 1957 so he decided to let this one go too. Very well kept. The bumpers have the removable clear protectant. The body and paint are excellent. I just walked around it and do not see even a door ding or a paint chip anywhere....

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1930 Ford Model A
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The ultimate show stopping museum, man cave tribute Texaco hand crank weaver auto crane. Loaded with every conceivable option including: chrome bed rails, radial whitewalls tires, black roadster top with varnished oak bed, dual fender spares, and much more. Just completed professional nut and bolt...

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1930 Ford Model A
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Ford Model a came out with the first Taxi cabs; few were built and very few survived. This car started life as a 1931 Touring Sedan that was converted to a Taxi. All black steel body - all Ford steel fenders and shock sbsorbers. Loaded with all options from Cab-O-Meter fare unit to chrome quail,...

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1957 BMW Isetta
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Of 8500 Isetta's imported into the U.S., 366 reported in current registry and 19 are Cabriolets. Here we have 1 of 79 - very rare model that is restored to professional perfection and laser straight body clad in mirror finish red. Started from an excellent original to this stunning example,...

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1965 Chevrolet Impala ss
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This is a real Super Sport with amazing factory color combo and a crate 502-502 hp motor! Very well restored, sharp looking car. Under the hood is full of upgrades. The motor features aluminum heads and intake with a big Demon carb. It also has MSD ignition and coated headers. Has wide serpentine...

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1956 DeSoto Firedome $27,998
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1967 Ford Mustang
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This mustang has been completely restored with significant upgrades throughout. Has 5.0- 360 hp Ford Racing crate motor with aluminum heads and intake, Edelbrock carb, electronic ignition and HiPo exhaust manifolds. Tremec 5-speed with heavy duty clutch and roller bearing pedal support. Upgraded Borgensen power steering....

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1964 1/2 Ford Mustang $36,998
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