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La résistance à l'eau et la fiabilité sont des caractéristiques clés de la montre de plongée, et toute montre qui ne répond pas à ces deux exigences est considérée comme une replique montre de plongée. La plupart de...

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Damn! That is sweet!! It must be a blast to drive!! Good luck.

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Heart Transplant

The stock, tired drivetrain was not going to be able to handle the tires and power this rig is going to put out, so the guys at @RK Motors Charlotte Performance Center got in touch with Ford Racing and ordered this 5.0L DOHC Aluminator Crate Engine.

Want to know some...
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Final Bronco Unveiled

Pictures of the final Bronco are here! Huge thanks to the guys at @RK Motors Charlotte Performance Center for all the work and time they put into this project. It would not have turned out as great as it did without their expertise.

Also, big thanks to @Vintage Air for cooling and heating,...
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Put a 50 Cal on it and the Taliban be running@

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Painting is Finished! Commence Reassembly!
The guys at @RK Motors Charlotte Performance Center have been sanding, priming, and painting the past few days. Boy are we getting close! They have already began reassembly. Prepare to see the final product in the next...
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The Operation:Fearless Bronco was recently unveiled, and what a moving experience it was. Watch the video of the entire build and interview with the key technicians that made the truck a reality.

The unveil was a private event with Adam's family in attendance along with...
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zacks muscule shop zacks muscule shop

GOD BLESS ALL INVOLVED!!! Great story! Sad story! Makes me PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN& A VET(from IDF) never the less proud of my "brothers in arms" May the Good Lord protect them!!!

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Operation:Fearless is becoming quite a custom vehicle! They guys at @RK Motors Charlotte Performance Center have been hard at work creating a custom hood support, front grille, and even headlight housings.

The face of the truck is appearing, and it's menacing. Can't wait to see the final truck.
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  • 3028_1991-ford-bronco_244782_low_res_small
  • 3029_1991-ford-bronco_244781_low_res_small
A True Frame-Off Restoration

The guys at @RK Motors Charlotte Performance Center have been busy this week. They have been working on the body sanding it down inside and out, as well as removing it from the frame to blast and paint it, too.

With the frame exposed,...
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  • 3143_1991-ford-bronco_244696_low_res_small
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  • 3147_1991-ford-bronco_244707_low_res_small
The guys at @RK Motors Charlotte Performance Center continue work on the custom dash and center console along with some pre-wiring for future goodies.

In the tailgate of the truck, the guys have created a somewhat secret cubby hole that will be used for whatever...
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Mark Dowdy read "Fearless" and was so moved he contacted Eric Blehm about writing a song in remembrance of Adam and to coincide with the release of the book. The result is this moving song and video.

Norrpar Garage Norrpar Garage

Mark ,May the GOOD LORD WATCH OVER YOU !! For you get it , but there is so many that don't get it ! I being a MARINE VET. Must say very touching . and with our country in the position that she is in ,I wish an hope more would get it because WE are going to loose HER...
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