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Recent Blog Posts - Ease and Excellence for all Car Repairs
Multiplaz North America at 05/28/15 07:24PM
Your Auto Body Shop just found its answer! See how Multiplaz does it all!
Take your welder with you wherever you go!
Multiplaz North America at 05/28/15 07:20PM
The Power of Portability! Never be without the one tool ‬ you need, the Multiplaz 3500 rides with you! ‪
Cut to the chase with Multiplaz!
Multiplaz North America at 01/21/15 10:07PM
Cut to the chase with Multiplaz! Did you know the Multiplaz 3500 can cut all of these materials?! Learn more at
"Space-age technology - literally"
Multiplaz North America at 01/06/15 09:13PM
"Space-age technology - literally" still rings true! See why the Multiplaz 3500 won a top 10 new product award at the World Ag Expo here:
Multiplaz and Modern Tools for Public Works Projects
Multiplaz North America at 01/02/15 07:32PM
Did you know Multiplaz services most of the customers and contributing suppliers to #PublicWorks Magazine? Read more at...
Ready for the Holidays with 12 Days of Multiplaz!
Multiplaz North America at 12/18/14 07:49PM
Eddie Paul uses Multiplaz and never looks back! This is THE tool for his shop!
Multiplaz North America at 11/04/14 07:48PM
Hollywood Stunt Car Builder Maestro Eddie Paul brazes with Multiplaz 3500 on a 32 Duesenberg Duel Cowl Phaeton and is so impressed with the system, he shelves his Oxy-Acetylene bottles on display for his museum of antiquated tools. Read the full...