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1946 Cadillac Fleetwood
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Cadillac’s Fleetwood Long Wheelbase Line Used Totally Distinctive Bodies That Were Not Shared With Other General Motors Divisions And Generally Characterized By A Prewar Appearance. Large Wheel Discs, Fender Skirts, Hood, Side And Lower Beltline Moldings Were Standard As Were Stainless Steel...

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1967 Ford Galaxie 500
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1965 Ford Econoline
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Shorter, lighter, and easier to maneuver, the Ford Econoline pickup was also less expensive than a conventional pickup. With a cargo box measuring over seven feet, it was a perfect choice for running local deliveries, errands around the farm, or weekend swap-meets. The cab-over design required...

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1965 Chevrolet Malibu
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For 1965 The Malibu Series Had The Following Features Consisting Of Color Accented Body Side Moldings, Bright Wheelhouse Moldings, Malibu Rear Fender Script (With Chevelle Emblems), Hood Windsplit Moldings, Ribbed Upper And Lower Cove Trim Panels And Back Up Lights In Rear Bumper. This Car Has...

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1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1
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Real 'S' Code 390 V8 !! For Ford Mustang, 1969 Was A Year Of Radical Styling Changes. Probably More Sheet Metal Changed Between 1968 And 1969 Than In All Of The Preceding Years. The Cars Grew In Length As Well As In Performance. By Adding 4 Inches To The Body, It Was The Longest Mustang Built Up To That Time. The Front-End...

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1975 Buick Century
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Century Specials Had A Horizontal Double-Deck Look, With A Vertical=DashType Insert And Vertically Mounted Rectangular Parking Lamps Housed, Within The Grille, At Its Outboard Ends And Was Marketed As An Economy Model In Its Day. Features Include: 231 V6 Engine Automatic Transmission Power...

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1976 Pontiac Bonneville
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Bonneville Brougham Was The Newest Model This Year In The Line. A New Front End Look With Quad Rectangular Headlamps, A Wrap-Around 'Waterfall' Grille Which Looked Like A Set Of Many 'Fins' On Each Side Of The Divider Bar Which Held Pontiacs Emblem. Very Nice Documentation Includes, Original...

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1995 Chevrolet Caprice
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