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2006 Mercury Montego
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GR Auto Gallery is pleased to present this 2006 low mile, one owner, Mercury Montego Premier for your consideration. The Mercury has only 21,837 miles on it and was well cared for and loved by the only owner it has had. It is dressed in Satellite Silver and presents very well. It sits on Pirelli tires mounted on 18 inch 15...

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1970 Chevrolet C10
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GR Auto Gallery is pleased to offer a recently restored American icon: This stunning 1970 Chevrolet C10 4X4 Long Box Pickup. This truck features a 350 v8 mated to a column shift, automatic transmission. The engine received an Edelbrock aluminum intake and carburetor. The truck also has chrome valve covers and air cleaner. The...

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1963 Ford Thunderbird
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The Thunderbird was redesigned in 1961 with a distinct bullet-like appearance. Along with the big overhaul of the styling, the Thunderbird came with impressive standard features that would be expensive options on other automobiles at the time including the “swing away” steering wheel, power steering, power brakes, back-up...

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2014 Land Rover Range Rover
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Perhaps no other manufacturer has more masterfully combined two ends of an automotive spectrum than Land Rover when it introduced its Range Rover V8 Supercharged. The V8 Supercharged masterfully combines the most rugged off road capability with on road performance that many sports cars wish it had...

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2016 Ford Mustang
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Since 1964 the Mustang has been as important to the USA as Baseball and Apple pie. It has gone thru multiple changes, designs and modification by Ford and many of the aftermarket companies that have put their own twist on this iconic sports car over the past 5+ decades. Presented here is a gently used Mustang GT 5.0L with the...

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2012 Toyota Prius
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One of the more sensible cars, GR Auto Gallery is pleased to offer this 2012 Toyota Prius C 5 Door Hatch Back Model 2 for consideration. Toyota’s Prius is the pioneer in hybrid technology and over the years, has continues to take the lead among hybrid cars. Toyota did not sacrifice form for function, in fact, the Prius' roomy...

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2002 Mercedes Benz SL500 $22,900
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1930 Ford Model A
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Henry Ford spent most his first years fighting off the idea of changing the Model T which produced and sold over 15 million models before his son, Edsel, finally convinced him that some new features and comforts were necessary. On May 25th, 1927, Ford announced the shutdown of the plant and...

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1967 Pontiac Firebird
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It is time to drop the top and get out of Dodge in this very cool 1967 Pontiac Firebird. Unlike his brother from Chevy, Firebird has an integrated front bumper. It is integral to the original grill and chrome plated and in the center is its signature beak. The Firebird came on the scene in 1967 as GM’s upscale version of the...

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1928 Ford Model A
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When Henry Ford brought the production of his successful T to a close, the whole world eagerly awaited the new version to the car that put America on wheels. This was no small task as the T was produced for almost two decades with Americans depending on the reliability and simplicity it offered. The Ford Motor Company worked...

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