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1976 Toyota Land Cruiser
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GR Auto Gallery is excited to offer another high quality Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. This 1976 FJ40 has been professionally restored and selectively upgraded. The truck features its 2F inline 6 cylinder engine that features a new Weber 2-barrel carburetor and linkage, a upgraded DUI performance...

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1955 Ford Crown Victoria
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Named for Henry Ford’s Dearborn estate, Ford’s Premium Fairlane line, the Crown Victoria, debuted alongside the original Thunderbird for 1955. These new top line vehicles bolstered Ford to record its best sales year since 1953. The style and drastic roofline was an instant hit with crowds of people all over the United States....

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1937 Ford Coupe
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The Ford line of cars was updated in 1937 with one major change — the introduction of an entry-level 136 CID (2.2 L) V8 in addition to the popular 221 CID (3.6 L) flathead V8. The model was a refresh of its predecessor, the Model 48 (itself based on the Model 40A), and was the company's main...

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1997 Ford Mustang
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The fourth generation Ford Mustang is an automobile produced by American manufacturer Ford for the 1994 through 2004 model years. For 1994 the Ford Mustang underwent its first major redesign in fifteen years. The design, codenamed "SN-95" by Ford, was based on an updated version of the Fox platform. The Ford SVT Mustang Cobra...

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1965 Ford Thunderbird
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The Ford Thunderbird is a rear wheel drive automobile which was manufactured by Ford in the United States over eleven model generations from 1955 through 2005. The Thunderbird created a market niche that eventually became known as the personal luxury car. For 1964 the Thunderbird was restyled in...

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1927 Ford Model T
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The Model T really needs zero introduction, as any person that has a pulse knows about the importance and significance of the Model T and what it did for the USA and also the global markets. It transformed the way people worked, socialized and saw the vast land from East to West coast. Gone were...

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2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
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Jeep oh my oh my…the accessories and modifications are endless on these wonderful off road machines. The Jeep brand is no secret to the 4x4 clubs around the world of what they are capable of and continue to impress the most picky client. This awesome Wrangler Rubicon is one of our favorite in the...

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1975 Ford Bronco
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Originally designed to be an off road vehicle to compete with the Jeep CJ and International Harvester Scout, the Bronco was Ford's first compact SUV. Introduced in 1966 and offered with a wide range of engines, the Bronco was an instant success. For over 30 years, the Bronco was a staple of Ford's truck lineup. This well documented and historically original...

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1977 Ford Bronco
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The Bronco will forever be cemented into the long history of Ford and their iconic SUV lineups. It carries such a strong following from many different generations and one that will always be sought after and continue to increase in value over the years. The looks, drivability and reliability is unlike any other vehicle on the road. The history is strong and...

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1976 Mini Cooper
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As most can imagine, the Mini came about because of a fuel shortage in 1956. It was being rationed in the UK, so BMC designed the space saving, transverse engine, front-wheel drive layout. It allowed 80% of the floor plan to be occupied by passengers and luggage. It even can occupy two 6’10 driver...

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