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4-Wheel Classics

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1930 Ford Model A
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This 1930 Ford Model A Coupe is an Excellent Color Combination and a great driving car. The previous owner of this vehicle won numerous trophies with this car, but it is now considered an older restoration and is showing its age a little as you can see in the pictures. He owned the car since the...

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1979 Ford Bronco
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This 1979 Ford Bronco is very unique and we have the Marti Report to back it up (see picture). This Bronco was purchased new in Idaho where it spent its whole life. It was ordered with the Free Wheeling Emblems, Bright Grille, and painted Low Mount Mirrors. I'm not sure if this is still considered a Free Wheeling Edition...

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1979 Chevrolet K-10 Silverado
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This 1979 Chevrolet Silverado K10 Pickup came to us from the State of Virginia, but it was originally a North Carolina Truck for most of it's life. This truck was treated to a body off restoration where the frame was completely painted and the truck was taken down to bare metal and painted its original color of Hawaiian Blue...

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1972 International Scout II
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This 1972 International Scout II spent its whole life in Tennessee. This Scout was selectively restored around 3 years and 3200 miles ago. This included new floors, new paint, seats recovered, and the floors were rhino lined when they were put in. They also put in all new gauges. The previous owner had the engine pulled and had...

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1966 Ford Bronco
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This 1966 Ford Bronco is an uncut gem with low original miles and all original sheet metal. This was a phenomenal find out of South Carolina as none of the sheet metal has been replaced and the frame and all metal underneath is clean and solid as well. It was treated to new paint, new interior, and new weathers stripping; but...

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1953 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
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Gorgeous 1953 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Holiday Coupe. This is an approximately 5 year old restoration that still looks amazing. The paint is spectacular with only a couple of minor paint chips. The engine is quiet and runs like a top and the car floats down the road and is wonderful to drive!! This...

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1987 Chevrolet K-10
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Hard to find 1987 Chevrolet K10 Short Box Pickup! Last year for the square body and first year fuel injection. What a cool truck!!! Always stored in the winters, this truck has been in Michigan and owned by 2 caring owners its whole life (purchased from 2nd owner). It is clear looking at the...

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1971 Chevrolet K5 Blazer
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This 1971 Chevy K-5 Blazer came from idaho where it spent most of its life. It looks like it would have in 1971 and is pretty stock. It has had new paint and a new interior in the last 1-2 years along with new tires and an overall freshening up. This is a solid all steel Blazer and it runs and...

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1979 Ford F150
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Very cool and Rare 1979 Ford F150 Short Bed Ranger XLT. This truck is from Arkansas and has all of the original metal. It is extremely difficult to find a truck in this condition and we are very excited about this truck. It sports new paint in its original color combination and the paint is...

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1979 Ford Bronco
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This 1979 Ford Bronco is going to be a great Driver for someone. It came out of Colorado and was repainted 3-4 years ago. It is solid underneath and has some pretty nice additions to it. It has seats from a mid 90's Bronco, it has a rebuilt C6 Transmission to handle the Built 429 Engine that was put in this rig. The 429 V8 came...

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