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4-Wheel Classics

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1984 Jeep CJ7
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This 1984 Jeep CJ7 spent its entire life in california before coming to Michigan in 2014 as a Summer Toy for a local customer. This is a rust free Jeep and it still has all of its original metal. The original paint looks amazing and it was treated to new seats and new carpet in the last year. The...

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1990 Dodge Ramcharger
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This 1990 Dodge Ramcharger is one of the cleanest unrestored Ramcharger I have seen. Absolutely Beautiful Condition!!!! The last owner searched high and low for the cleanest he could find, and this one he found in Florida around 3 years ago. He had it shipped to his home in Oregon and was very...

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1972 Jeep Commando
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This 1972 Jeep Commando was treated to a frame off restoration around 1 year ago and has only 200 miles on it since being completed. A lot of care and detail went into this build and i will try to list everything. The 304 V8 Engine was completely rebuilt with a Comp Cam, Edelbrock Intake, 4 Barrel...

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1979 Ford Bronco
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This 1979 Ford Bronco XLT came to us from Idaho and is extra clean and has rust free body as is typical for these Idaho trucks and SUV's. This is a 2 Owner Rig that is mostly original with an older repaint in its original colors of Light Medium Blue and Dark Blue Metallic that looks nice. The interior has had the seats...

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1978 Chevrolet K5 Blazer
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This 1978 Chevy K5 Blazer came to us from Arizona. The Blazer is Rust Free, solid, and has only 1 repaint from new. It looks excellent!!! We left the underside all original and there is no rust or patches. The brown on the underside is the many years of clay from Arizona, it is not rust. This looks to be a 3 owner truck with...

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1979 Chevrolet K-20
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This 1979 Chevrolet K20 4x4 Silverado Pickup is another rust free find from the State of Oregon and it is excellent condition! This is a 2 Owner Truck with the last owner owning since 1983. This is an original truck with a quality repaint in its original colors of Custom Blue and Mystic Silver. The front seat was also recovered...

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1970 Ford Bronco
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This 1970 UnCut Ford Bronco spent its entire life in California and has had only 2 Owners. All original sheet metal including floors and rockers. You don't find them like this very often!! It does have 1 Repaint in its original color of reef Aqua that looks excellent and we added new carpet. What a wonderful vehicle this will...

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1984 Chevrolet K-20
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This 1984 Chevy Scottsdale K20 4x4 Pickup came to us from North Dakota and this truck is super clean and straight. It was completely restored and this included beautiful and straight black paint, a new Fuel Injected 502 V8 engine, rebuilt transmission, and new interior. The whole build was...

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1978 Jeep Cherokee
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Hard to find 1978 Jeep Cherokee Chief. This vehicle came out of Washington and has all original metal with no rust and mostly original paint. The Sun Orange original paint shows excellent with only a little patina that is very cool. The 360 V8 has been rebuilt and runs excellent. They added a mild...

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1973 Ford F250
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This 1973 Ford F250 4X4 is a true Highboy. Ford called them Factory High Riders. This particular truck is pretty neat because it has paint with lots of patina and it is a rust free truck from Idaho. Interior recently had new carpet installed and the seat recovered. The engine, we were told, came...

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