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1972 Chevrolet C10
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1972 Chevrolet C10 Cheyenne Custom 1/2 Ton Pickup Check this ad at MCG Marketplace: View on marketplace @Chevrolet

1972 Chevrolet Suburban
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The Chevy Suburban is the longest continuous nameplate in auto history spanning from 1935 to the present day. Beginning strictly as a utility vehicle, the Suburban was instantly popular with tradesmen and cargo carriers in its early years evolving to the most utility of the sport utility vehicles. Since its inception, the...

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1968 Ford Bronco
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The original style Ford Bronco has always been the first choice among 4X4 enthusiasts for recreation, competition, and modification. Their smaller size, iconic design, overall ruggedness, reliability and utility continue to capture the attention of collector car purists as well as being the first choice among 4 X 4 performance builders. At the golden age of...

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1995 Pontiac Firebird
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The Pontiac Firebird is an American automobile that was built by Pontiac from the 1967 to the 2002 model years. The Firebird was introduced 23 February 1967, the same model year as the automaker's platform-sharing model, the Chevrolet Camaro. This coincided with the release of the 1967 Mercury...

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1967 Ford Mustang
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Extremely Clean 1967 Ford Mustang 289 Automatic Finished in Hawaiian Orchid Your going to have a tough time finding a classic that encompasses the American Muscle Car feel more than a vintage Mustang. These cars are one of the most popular makes ever created The 1967 model year Mustang was the first redesign of the original model. Ford's designers began...

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1966 Ford Mustang gt
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2 Door Hardtop 289 CID Engine 4 Speed Manual Transmission Power Steering Air Conditioner Tinted Glass Radio and Antenna Console GT Equipment Package Dual Exhaust System Fog Lamps Grille Bar Special Ornamentation Front Disc Brakes Special Handling Package GT Stripe Rally – Pac Styled Steel Wheels Check this ad at MCG Marketplace: ...

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1972 Pontiac Trans Am
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If you are into rare pieces, look at this super collectible 1972 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird Trans Am Automatic with A/C car, Ls5 (455 H.O.)engine matching numbers rated 300 HP, solid original panel car as you will see, is important to point that 1972 was the lowest production of Trans Am in history...

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1958 Porsche 356A Speedster
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History It’s hard to believe, but Porsche design and the Germans in general were able to reboot and go from thinking about Tiger tanks to sports cars in the span of just three years. In 1948, the first Porsche 356 emerged from a converted sawmill in Gmund, Austria (the Allied occupation forces...

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2014 Porsche Cayenne GTS
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Porsche entered the SUV market in 2004 with the Cayenne and many people thought they were off their rocker as they deviated from the coveted sports car to a family size SUV. However, very few people realize that this vehicle saved the company from its demise or being bought up by VW. The sales volume of the Cayenne and now also...

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