My Classic Garage

It was a tight race, but the original pony outpaced in the end.

67’ Mustang
68’ coronet
69’ camaro

The next step of our restoration is to decide on the styling of the fastback. Will the fastback build be a sleek restomod , a pro-tourer, or a back-to-basics classic? We have a renowned vehicle designer working non-stop on designs.


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special one rene special one rene

best car ever
is always my car

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Hero Tym Hero Tym

I'll take it.

09/17/14 05:09AM Like 0
terris garage terris garage

Hufflepuff, I finally was able to log in to post this message. I still can sign up for the contest.

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woodie's wonderful laughing place woodie's wonderful laughing place

BF Goodrich tires bronz alloy wheels

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Hufflepuff Commons Hufflepuff Commons

@terris garage no i haven't been able to sign up with email for 3 weeks now. the window pops up to enter my email but the "sign up" button doesn't work

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woods auto woods auto

love the shelby engine

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special one rene special one rene

keep your car nice and clean

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terris garage terris garage

Are you all able to sign in with your email?

08/17/14 09:34AM Like 0

white SS style stripes on a black car just screams class.

08/15/14 11:24PM Like 0
special one rene special one rene

the very best

07/23/14 03:12PM Like 0
tuffstoneshop tuffstoneshop

ok lets try somthing old but way cool white/stripes/on black.why not.kattmandaddyhere.lateronbro's

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Fl.Gulfers Garage Fl.Gulfers Garage

68’ coronet 440 dual quad setup was what I wanted. The mustang was just a fad car. My Mother bought a new 67 black on Black fastback 289 3 speed in the floor. It was Ok but I liked my GTX better.

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king'z kustom'z king'z kustom'z

its going to be one sweet ride. please wave when i drive by in it, okay?

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The Boss Collection The Boss Collection

Loving this contest!

06/19/14 05:20PM Like 0

Love the 67 & 68 Mustang.owned a 68 years ago.

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Dabentleez Dabentleez

Origins look & interior is the best, just updat the radio sound system for CD's & it's Done. 👏😀🎶

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hiness88 hiness88

"yes" the 2967 Mustang is bad to the bone with this new suspension i hope i gives all honors.

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BigMoose Garage BigMoose Garage

I would die to drive elenor from gone in 60 seconds! Go baby Go!

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SonMex JL SonMex JL

67’ Mustang

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phils fix it phils fix it

like the old class style

04/15/14 05:31PM Like 0

Always loved the 60's mustangs, the best!!!!!

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Bushey Custom Hot Rods Bushey Custom Hot Rods

Would love to win a 67. My favorite year by far.

04/05/14 10:47PM Like 0
smoke's repair smoke's repair

how do you vote

04/05/14 08:30PM Like 0
her exhaust tips her exhaust tips

sleek restomod

04/04/14 07:06PM Like 0
Beach Cruisers Beach Cruisers

Steve McQueen in the movie "Bullet" was the all time greatest Mustang driving scene in any movie !!!

04/02/14 10:43AM Like 0