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1973 Plymouth Barracuda

General Overview

In 1973 the Muscle Car world was fading, and that year’s Arab oil embargo didn’t help.

The 73 Model was almost an exact clone of the 72 except for the use of 5 MPH bumper reinforcements on front and rear. Plymouth decided to do away with the Slant Six to make it seem as if their Barracuda was a complete muscle car to the bone. The Barracuda was sadly enough last in number of sales for this year compared to all the other pony cars.

There were few visible differences between 1972 and 1973 Barracudas: the side marker light positions were slightly changed, a ‘Cuda body-side stripe had a flat bottom edge, and there were impact-absorbing black rubber bumper guards. The latter didn’t detract much from the lines of the original thin-line bumpers. But then, they didn’t offer much extra protection either, except in head (or tail-) on situations.

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Engine 0 to 60 MPH Quarter Mile Source
340 ci 8.4 sec 15.8 @ 100.3 mph Estimate


Available Engines:
Base V8 318 ci 1x2 bbl 150 hp @ 3600 265 lb-ft @ 2000
340 V8 340 ci 1x4 bbl 240 hp @ 4800 295 lb-ft @ 3600
Available Transmissions:
  • 3-Speed Manual
  • 4-Speed Manual
  • TorqueFlite

Factory Exterior Colors

  • Silver Frost Metallic
  • Blue Sky
  • Basin Street Blue
  • True Blue Metallic
  • Rallye Red
  • Mist Green
  • Amber Sherwood Metallic
  • Forest Green Metallic
  • Autumn Bronze Metallic
  • Sahara Beige
  • Lemon Twist
  • Honey Gold
  • Golden Haze Metallic
  • Tahitian Gold Metallic
  • Spinnaker White
  • Formal Black

Factory Interior Colors

  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Dark Green

Production Numbers

  • Barracuda: 2-Dr Hardtop Coupe
    Total productions 11,578
  • 'Cuda: 2-Dr Hardtop
    Total productions 10,626

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