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1969 Plymouth Road Runner

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General Overview

The 1969 Road Runner retained mostly the same look with a few exceptions like taillights, grille, side marker lights, optional bucket seats, and new Road Runner decals.

The Road Runner added a new model to the lineup for those craving the wind in their hair and sun on their brow with 2128 drop-tops being produced. All were 383s, except for ten 426ci Hemi convetibles. Six of those were autos allotting four to be 4-speed manuals.

The Air Grabber option was introduced and consisted of a fiberglass air duct assembly bolted to the underside of the hood that connected to twin rectangular upward-facing vents in the hood with orange vent screens. When the hood was closed a rubber seal fit over the large, oval, unsilenced air cleaner. A decal with Wile E. Coyote saying, “Coyote Duster” was on the air cleaner lid. The vents could be opened manually via a lever under the dashboard labeled “Carb Air.”

Mid-year a 440ci with 3×2 Holley carbs (A12) was introduced as an option. Several of the cars were ran in Super Stock Eliminator drag race competitions. The wheels were simple black steel wheels with chrome lug nuts, and fiberglass lift-off hood had 4 hood pins and a large functional hood scoop with a red sticker on each side saying “440 6BBL.” This engine was rated at 390 hp and 490 lb-ft of torque.

The 1969 Road Runner was named Motor Trend’s “Car of the Year” and sale stopped at 84,000 total.

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Engine 0 to 60 MPH Quarter Mile Source
426/425 5.3 sec 13.55 sec @ 105 mph n/a
383ci/335hp 5.1 sec 14.7 sec @ 100.6 mph Car Life


Available Engines:
Road Runner 383 383ci 1x4bbl 335 hp 425 lb-ft
426 HEMI 426ci 2x4bbl 425 hp 490 lb-ft
A12 440 V8 440ci 3x2bbl 390 hp 490 lb-ft
Available Transmissions:
  • 4-Speed Manual
  • 3-Speed Torqueflite Auto

Factory Exterior Colors

  • Silver
  • Ice Blue
  • Blue Fire
  • Jamaica Blue
  • Frost Green
  • Limelight
  • Ivy Green
  • Sand Pebble Beige
  • Seafoam Turquoise
  • Barracuda Orange
  • Scorch Red
  • Honey Bronze
  • Bronze Fire
  • Saddle Bronze
  • Alpine White
  • Black Velvet
  • Sunfire Yellow
  • Yellow Gold
  • Spanish Gold
  • Citron Gold
  • Bahama Yellow
  • Orange
  • Rallye Green

Factory Interior Colors

  • Black
  • White
  • Dark Blue
  • Dk Green
  • Red
  • Pewter
  • Saddle

Production Numbers

  • 2D Pillared Coupe
    Total productions 32,717
  • 2D Hardtop Coupe
    Total productions 47,365
  • Convertible
    Total productions 2,027
  • A12 Package (2-Dr Coupe)
    Total productions 615
  • A12 Package (2-Dr Hardtop)
    Total productions 797
  • Total
    Total productions 82,109

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