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1963 Chevrolet Impala

General Overview

The 1963 Impala is the most popular for collectors, although almost identical mechanically to the previous year, and featured new lines.

It sported pointier front and rear fenders that emphasize the long, low, sleek designs of popular 60s cars.

The sport sedan featured a new, creased roof line that proved popular. A new “coved” instrument panel was sleeker with the replacement of the temperature gauge with ‘idiot lights’ for hot and cold engine conditions.

The SS package continued to increase in sales as the muscle car craze began to develop.

Engine choices remained fairly similar to ’62, and production was up yet again at 832,600.

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Engine 0 to 60 MPH Quarter Mile Source
409 Turbo-Fire V8 340 hp 7.7 sec 15.9 sec @ 88 mph Motor Trend


Available Engines:
Turbo-Fire 327 327ci n/a 300 hp n/a
Turbo-Fire 327 327ci n/a 250 hp n/a
Turbo-Fire V8 283ci 1x2bbl 195 hp n/a
Turbo-Thrift 230 230ci 1x1bbl 140 hp n/a
Turbo-Fire 409 409ci n/a 340hp n/a
Turbo-Fire 409 409ci n/a 400 hp n/a
Turbo-Fire 409 409ci n/a 425 hp n/a
Available Transmissions:
  • Powerglide
  • Overdrive
  • 4-Speed Synchromesh
  • 3-Speed Synchromesh

Factory Exterior Colors

  • Tuxedo Black
  • Laurel Green
  • Ivy Green
  • Silver Blue
  • Monaco Blue
  • Azure Aqua
  • Marina Aqua
  • Autumn Gold
  • Ember Red
  • Saddle Tan
  • Cordovan Brown
  • Ermine White
  • Adobe Beige
  • Satin Silver
  • Palomar Red

Factory Interior Colors

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Fawn
  • Aqua
  • Black
  • White
  • Saddle

Production Numbers

  • 4-Dr Sedan
    Total productions n/a
  • Hardtop Coupe
    Total productions n/a
  • Hardtop Sedan
    Total productions n/a
  • Convertible Coupe
    Total productions n/a
  • 4-Dr Wagaon 6-Passenger
    Total productions n/a
  • 4-Dr Wagon 9-Passenger
    Total productions n/a
  • Total Production
    Total productions 832,600

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