HP for 1968 4-Speed Equipped 340 Dart?

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HP for 1968 4-Speed Equipped 340 Dart?

I have heard that a different cam grind was available for 1968 340 Darts equipped with 4 speed transmissions (supposedly the idle was considered too rough for the auto trans cars.) If this is true, what was the horsepower for that version of the 340?


Your information is basically correct, although the cam was “toned down” a bit before production, and it wasn’t available after mid-’68 as a replacement part — the part number superseded to the automatic bumpstick.


pre-into MT, believed none sold:
282/292 deg., 0.455" lift

Production MT (#205):
276/284 deg., 0.455" lift

Production AT (#206):
268/276 deg., 0.445" lift

All 4-bbl 340s, though 1971, were factory rated the same 275 BHp, even though everyone, including NHRA, thought they made more. For at least 40 years, exactly how much more has been conjecture — was the MT ’68 the hottest, even though saddled with a small AVS carb, or was the 800 CFM T-Q equipped ’71 stronger, even though it had a much lousier R/S exhaust manifold?

My guesstimate? A dead-stock ’68 manual trans 340 probably made in the vicinity of 310-320HP, SAE cold bare gross (which was the measurement system used by Detroit manufacturers though 1971). All of ’em engaged in quite a bit of fudging — up AND down.


about 4 years ago

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