72 dodge 340 4spd demon

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72 dodge 340 4spd demon

Richard, I read your great article on the 11.75 brakes, dynalite wilwood rotors, big spindle a arms, etc. My demon is largely done with the exception of all original worn out suspension. I'd love to rebuild and upgrade per your ideas. My question: Doesn't someone just sell all the necessary parts? I don't have the time or desire to go junkyarding. anyone sell the parts or even better a kit to accomplish this? would appreciate your input. thanks, Craig

My 72 Demon is original disc/drum car non-power brakes. 340 4spd

There’s no shortage of kits that duplicate the 10.875" rotor setup, including knuckles. Master Power Brakes is one.

Beware, though: Some of the knuckles sold are simple grey iron castings (LOEM was drop-forged steel), there have been crashes attributed to snapped spindles.

If you want larger brakes, there’s no shortage of vendors:

Dr. Diff (MT)
AR Engineering (WA)

…and so on.

The engineering and fabrication quality of these is seemingly generally good, I cannot, however, vouch personally for anything I have not had my hands on and tested.


over 4 years ago

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