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I'm Gona General 1971-1974 Dodge - Charger

71 Charger od swap

Thank you for the information. I am going to try the 833od. Will my currant 4speed shifter and linkage work? B body console, “rear transmission mount” I know i will have to drill and tap the mounting bolts "833od has the mounting boss cast " but no holes. Besides swapping the bell housing, looks like a direct fit. Will let you know how it performs on the open road.


You can use your shifter, but the external 3-4 lever must be inverted – remember that on an OD A833, 3rd gear is actually the OD, the flipped lever “fools” the driver!

Pretty easy swap, esp. if you are willing to swap the clutch housing.


about 4 hours ago

Seat covers

Hi Jerry. I’m looking at purchasing NOS seat covers for my 1969 z/28. Were they originally made by Colamco?
Thanks Peter

Peter, no they were not. Colamco was an older reproduction seat cover company that has since gone out of business. I think the best available today is Legendary. One issue I have with their door panels is the door lock knob stainless bezel is too large in diameter. 1". It should be .875" in diameter. Check with them before you order and tell them about this issue. I have given this data back to them in Master Judges feedback.

about 9 hours ago
Clifft Automotive General 1965-1965 Ford - Mustang

289 vibration

Have a 65 mustang, we put 289 with c4 in it
We have a bad vibration at about 2000 rpms and up
Don’t know if wrong flex plate or what. Please help

I could use some additional information. Did the car originally come equipped with a 289? Was the transmission original to the car? Did you change drive shafts? Do you have any history on the 289 you installed? Give me some more details
Thanks, Bob

about 11 hours ago
Anthony's auto macanics General 1971-1971 Ford - Mustang

Engine size concerns

I’m looking to find a 71 mustang mach1. I was looking for a 429 because of the oh and torque but then I saw the stats of the 351 Cleveland and it had a better o-60 and better 1/4 mile so now I’m not sure wich one I should get. What would you recommend I do?

The 351 Cleveland is a great motor. The 351 is very common in a 71 Mustang. The 429 on the hand was a rare option. With the 429 you will have additional items to contend with like motor mounts, radiator, suspension etc. The 351 Cleveland is well represented in the aftermarket world. Performance parts are readily available. The 429 Cobra Jet is a great motor, however it is not an easy swap into a 71 Mustang like the 351 Cleveland.

about 11 hours ago
I'm Gona General 1971-1974 Dodge - Charger

Wont to put a manual overdrive transmission in my 71 Charger

It came with a 3 speed a230 had a 3.09 first gear,with the 2.94 axle, final drive was 9.085. Put in a833 4 speed, first gear “i later found out was 2.47” giving me a final drive of 7.262. I’ts a bit lazy starting off now. Have a 833 overdrive, it has the 3.09 first gear. But, the overdrive is .7 giving me a 2.08 “high gear” final drive . Will i be stretching it with this set up? Would like to see what fuel mileage it could get


Semantics first: When you say “final drive”, I assume you’re talking about overall first gear ratio, and the 2.08:1 quoted would refer to OTGR. “Final drive” generally refers to, in our Mopars, the ring and pinion gearset ratio.

Will a 318 2-BBl pull such a tall OTGR? Sure. At highway speeds, you’d probably be close to the engine’s peak-torque RPM (1600) so fuel economy would be excellent.

Still, this will be far from a hot rod. You want more, no doubt. There are almost infinite ways to approach this. You could swap in a torquier 318 (think: ’92-01 318 Magnum SMPI), “stroke it” by swapping a 360 (or even a true stroker, typically 408 CID).

You could also work on the transmission first. The stock OD A833, as you noted, has very wide ratio spreads. This is actually well suited to a stock 2-Bbl engine, but if you “power up”, the huge RPM drops at every shift become very aggravating.

What I did for decades was to use a 3.09:1 low gear 64-66 tranny gearset (non overdrive), coupled with a 2.94 or 3.23 axle. This is a reasonable compromise, but still not ideal (too much highway RPM and too much RPM drop on the 1-2 shift).

Beyond that, the aftermarket stands ready. You could go for Passon’s 4-speed OD (2.66 low, 0.80 OD), his 5 -speed (2.64 / 0.70, and it bolts in), on a Tremec 5-speed (several gearsets available) from American Powertrain or Silver Sport).


about 12 hours ago

Striping Info

You told me where to get replacement striping but the ones offered there are under 5" this one is over 9" can you tell me was this some sort of special striping? Pace? Custom? I am told this car was a special factory order. How do I find out more about it???

Leslie, I am not sure. You may want to pick up an assembly manual for your car. That will tell you exactly what striping was available during the model year for your car.

2 days ago
Lake Shop Restoration 1964-1964 Ford - Mustang

Restore or sell as is?

In July, 1964 we purchased new a mustang convertible. It has 89,000 original miles, needs exterior work(paint, etc), never been wrecked and interior is is great condition. It’s all original, 289 3 speed and runs. Would you recommend restoration or selling as is. We would also like to know how many mustangs were manufactured before ours (what our number is)—where would we get that information?

If you are certain you want to sell your car I would not invest a lot of money for a restoration. Many potential buyers would prefer to restore the car themselves or under their supervision. If the car is as nice and original as you state that is a positive selling point. I would suggest you make sure the car is functional and everything works without spending a bunch of money. It seems the car is running etc.

If your car has a July 1964 build date it would be a late 64 1/2 generator car. The door tag will give you the scheduled build date. Ford Motor Company did not keep production records like you are searching until 1967 model year. Sounds like a neat car, how about a few pictures?
3 days ago

Hi Jerry here are the numbers

Ok Jerry the numbers you needed from me are.The build date is 03D &Block plate # is 19n62001. The plate on fire wall says body by fisher ST69 12437 NOR291389BDY TR711 72 72PNT 03D X11 . Do all these numbers help determine if my 69 camaro is all original and a ball park price on how much it is worth thanks again Jerry you have bin a big help this is part 2 of my first blog

Sounds like it’s stock to me. The X11 code tells us that it’s a base V-8 or SS350 with exterior style trim group meaning added chrome accents to the car. Check the left side rear frame rail for the tail pipe adapter plate. If your car has it, then it’s an L48 SS350. I have photos of this plate in my Camaro fact book.

4 days ago
Steve's Rock n Blues Garage General 1968-1970 Dodge - Charger

2G Charger Car Covers

Dear Richard,
Just finished a resto on my 69 Charger R/T and am looking for a good fitting cover. Preferably one with a cutout for the antenna. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! BTW, as a Mopar Action subscriber I really love your articles. Please keep them coming!
Stephen Smith


There are many companies sewing these up, there’s no way I can tell who has the most accurate patterns, I don’t think it is all that critical.

The most respected fabric, however, is surely 3M’s “Evolution” material. (it is possible that 3M has sold this business, I can find no reference to it on their site, but, even if now manufactured by another vendor, it is still the “stuff to have” — excellent combination of water repellency, softness, and breathability).

The other potentially good fabric is Gore-Tex.

Whatever you choose, make sure it will allow the car to dry thoroughly. Trapped moisture is much worse than no cover at all.


5 days ago
Scott's Superbird 70 General 1970-1970 Plymouth - Superbird

Appraisal Needed

Julie Hermann-
Sent from my iPad

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Fwd: Auto Appraisal- 1970 Plymouth Superbird-Vin# RM23U0A158582

Mr. Ehrenberg,

We’re looking for an Appraisal for the above car. It was Authenticated by Great Old Cars Inc. on 8/11/06. We have all the specs from this authentication along with the actual copy of this car’s production broadcast, car 30. My husband is contemplating selling this car. Would you have an Appraiser in the CT or in the vicinity that specializes in Plymouth high performance and muscle cars? If so, would you be able to direct me to this resource? My information is on my profile for contact. Thank You.


I don’t know anyone who has “status” and does this for a living in CT, so if you’re looking for some kind of “take it court” type of papers, you’re on your own. I do know one guy in Connecticut who is more “into” wing cars than almost anybody I know, for sure he’s able to document the car, check all numbers, appraise the condition, tell you what it is worth, etc. I will send you his name via a direct e-mail.


5 days ago
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