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69 Z28 Leaf Springs

Ordered correct leaf springs from guys you recommended in NY. Great Service! Springs came with oil all over to avoid rust. Appear to be a natural grayish metal finish. Car is going in shop tomorrow and Bob is closed today. Do these springs need to be painted to be correct or is the natural gray metal finish correct factory?

Also the shop will determine if clutch bad tomorrow and if yes will order Hays set up you have in stock and recommend. Shop guys have no problem with me supplying my own parts. Thanks

David, just go the Walmart and buy some remoil. It’s a gun barrel lubricant. Use it with a shop rag and wipe them down good. This will keep the springs looking factory new for many years to come. The Remoil has Teflon in it and that is what helps prevent rust.

about 6 hours ago

history of a 1970 Camaro ss

I have a 1970 Camaro ss. Is there any way I can trace back the history of it or find out what dealer it was originally sold from?
It is VIN 124870N541041. I think it was build in may of 1970

Mike, yes you can. the NCRS organization now is offering the original dealer and shipping records on most Chevrolets. Camaros included. Cost is $50.00 so just go to their web site and order your records now.

about 6 hours ago
Herman's hangout Restoration 1969-1969 Plymouth - Belvedere

Kickdown linkage ?

Mr. Richard, thanks…

I have a 1969 Plymouth Belvedere, 818 engine, that I am putting back together. I think I have everything for the carburetor – transmission linkage, but I am not sure how it all goes. Do you offer one of the diagrams from the factory?

Herman in France


Yes, the three-rod kickdown linkage assembly can be daunting if you are just looking at a pile of parts!

The factory assembly drawing clears it right up.

This drawing is the 1969 version, however, ’67-72 are all basically very similar, big and small blocks, 2 and 4-barrel carbs. I am sure you really meant 318 engine and that 818 was a typo. (You can build big blocks pretty big….but…..)

Only the pedal changed (to the suspended type after ’70 on B-bodies, and all A and E-bodies), the actual KD linkage was unaffected.


1 day ago
Twisted Monkey Garage Mechanical 1967-1981 Dodge - Dart

Using a 1981 Slant six in a 1967 Dodge Dart GT

I have been looking for a new slant six for my factory-slant 67 dart GT, and I recently found one on craigslist coming out of a 1981 dodge truck. The seller took all of the smog gear off the engine before he decided to sell it, and he says that it still ran the same as when it had all the gear on it. I would be doing a simple engine swap from a 1967 dodge 225 slant six 1bbl to the 1981 225 slant six 1bbl. I also want to put a 2bbl carb on the new engine, and a friend of mine said that the engine is not only too different to work correctly in a 1967 car, but putting a 2bbl carb on it would make the engine run terribly, and would cause it to eat up plugs like crazy. I was wondering if it makes sense for me to buy the engine and put it in the car, or if there are significant differences between the engines that would make the swap more difficult than it needs to be. All of the replacement parts for the new engine are for a pre-1975 slant six as well, if that makes a difference too.

The ’81 Slant Six has a cast iron crankshaft, which, for yeoman duty really means absolutely noting. The cylinder heads have hardened exhaust seats, which is a big plus — you can run unleaded fuel with no accelerated wear issues.

You’d be well advised to keep the ’81’s mag-triggered distributor and get an ECU and wiring conversion harness. Ditch to points!

As some point in the late ’60s, the crankshaft / torque converter pilot hole was enlarged. If you find yourself attempting to swap a small-hub converter into a large-hold crank, Wildcat Auto Wrecking has adapter rings.

Overall, this swap is a piece of cake. And….no more leaky spark plug tube seals, use the later style spark plugs, of course.

The 2-BBl manifold / carb is a great swap!


1 day ago
Anderson Collectors and Hobbyist General 1967-1967 Ford - Mustang

What paint do you use???

I have a ’67 Hardtop Stang and we are currently remodeling it now, wanting to know what paint you use for the black (B8A1731A and also the red oxide jet spray (EZR27) what can you suggest we use for a great finish to get as close as we can??

We use Ditzler DAR-9000 with 35% DX 265 flattener for a semi-gloss appearance. For the red oxide we also use Ditzler DP 74 epoxy primer.

3 days ago

69 GTX carb update

Was able to make the Edelbrock 750 work. Drilled the secondary jets, took care of the top end bog. Makes good power on the bottom,very cruise friendly. Hopefully a little better on gas. I wonder if an EDL performer would have been a better all around choice? It is closer to the 73 up duel plane intakes.

I am the ford expert might want to resend your question to the dodge expert panel thanks.

3 days ago

69 Z28 Cowl Induction Air Cleaner

Another quick question Jerry. My car is a 08E build date which would make it right at the end of the month of August or early September depending on which day of the week that GM considered to be the start of the week. If Sunday was the start of the week August 31 would be the start of the 5th week of August & the car could have been built in September. The only other way there could be 5 weeks in August 1969 would be if the week started on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Thanks for all your help.


Contact the NCRS document service. For $50.00, they will give you the shipping records on your car and the build date. It’s worth every penny!

3 days ago

69 Z28 Cowl induction air cleaner

Hello Jerry
I have a 69 Z28 (August build) that has a grooved base on the air cleaner which I have been told is incorrect. My research indicates that the correct base had a flat bottom until May of 1969 but have found no information on what the base looked like after May. I would like to correct this issue but want to make sure that I replace it with the correct piece. You assistance would be appreciated.

Ervin, the change over to the “grooved bottom” was Sept of 1969. Here is an original ZL-2 air cleaner bottom with flat bottom. All ZL-2 hood cars built from Jan 1969 through August 1969 received this air cleaner base.

4 days ago

SBC Harmonic balancer

My L48 69 Camaro crankshaft harmonic balancer has developed a “wobble.” After removing it I can see the rubber between the outer ring and core is coming loose. Are harmonic balancers fit to a specific engine or can any L48 balancer fit any L48. Can a balancer be rebuilt? and does Camaro High Performance offer that service? Thanks, Fred

Fred, we do offer this serviced. The balancer can be rebuilt. We’ll set up a time to bring it by my shop.

4 days ago
S Mobiles My Car 1964-1964 Dodge - Dart

How many convertible Dart GTs?

Can you tell me how many Dodge Dart GT convertible Golden Anniversary models were made in 1964?


Unfortunately there was no breakout by body style recorded (or at least known). All I can tell you with any degree of accuracy is that there were 37,660 6-cyl GTs built, and 12,170 with V8s (273-2).

Based on later years, I’d expect a bit less than 10% of those to be ragtops.

All 1964 Dodges – ALL – were “Golden Anniversary”. Dodge started in 1914, 2014 marks 100 years.


4 days ago
Jack's Dream Shop General 2015-2015 Ford - Mustang

2015 Mustang GT 50th Anniversary Special Edition

Hi Bob,
Do you think the 2015 Mustang GT 50th Anniversary Edition with only 1964 copies will be a collectors car?

The Anniversary edition should be the most collectible edition of the 2015 Mustang due to the limited production. Only time will tell how collectable they will be in 25 years. I think it will be as good an investment as any new car currently available.

4 days ago
Marcus's Garge General 1967-1967 Ford - Mustang

Mr. Perkins…

I bought a ‘67 hardtop with a 289 V-8. The Vin # is 7T01C162252 with this information what can you provide, I’m wanting to restore it correctly to make it a show car.

Sounds like a great project, From what I read your Mustang was assembled in Metuchen, NJ plant. I would suggest Marti-report for complete information and details about your Mustang.

4 days ago
Bigg Collections' General 1970-1970 Ford - Mustang

C9ZX Shocks

What Identification codes were used on 1970 Boss 429 C9ZX shocks?

Front and back Boss 429 shocks are orange half dollar sized daub at the base of the front and 1 half dollar sized daub at the base of the back shock. Hope this helps good luck!!

4 days ago
James' Junkers Historical 1956-2003 Plymouth

Chrysler engines types?

Mr. Ehrenberg,

We have a wide-block 318 in a ’65 Satellite, which I know is an A-engine, and the later, smaller (lower) 318s were called LA engines. I also know that 440s are RBs, so, presumably, the shorter 383s are LBs? Is that correct?



Not quite!

First we’ll analyze smallblocks:

From the mid-’50s, right through the last 360 in 2003, the basic block overall dimensions were unchanged, and that includes deck height. Wedge smallblocks were designated “LA” because they were LIGHTER, not smaller, this was due to thinwall casting technology, not any dimensional change. LA engines include:

> All 273
> 1967-91 318
> All 340
> 1971-’92 360

Later smallblocks were designated “Magnum” (SMPI), but the deck height did not change.

There’s no such thing as a “wideblock” 318. The ‘pre-’67 polyspherical heads (see pix) appear larger, and gave rise to that misnomer.

Now on to big-blocks:

The first B-engine was released in 1958 in 350 and 361 CID displacements. The following year, 1959, a raised-deck block was released to accommodate a stroke increase from 3-3/8" to 3-3/4", displacements were (for 1959) 383 and 413 CID. This block was designated the RB. Adding to the confusion, for 1959, there was also a low-deck 383 (short stroke), this, in fact, was the version that persisted.

While I can’t recall ever seeing factory publications referring to the the short-deck big-block as an “LB”, that is, at least, logical, but bear in mind this recap:

> LA = Lightweight A-engine
> LB = Low-deck big-block engine

Trivia: the LA was lightened even more in the ’80s, to the extent of even having the cylinder head capscrews (“bolts”) screw into water — literally!


5 days ago
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