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Indynoplac Restoration 1970-1970 Plymouth - 'Cuda

Luggage Rack on 70 Cuda?

I have a V-code 70 Cuda that has M-91 on the fender tag. The prior owner stated that a Mopar expert said Luggage Racks were not factory options on 70 Cudas. Where Luggage Racks factory options?


Code M91, deck lid luggage rack, was a factory option ($32.35 list) on all 1970 Barracuda models, including the BS (’Cuda), excluding only the AAR, and, obviously, it could not co-exist with the mid-year go-wing option.


about 21 hours ago
warrens autosports General 1970-1970 Plymouth - Barracuda

my 70 barracuda grand coupe

this car seems to have came w/a 6 cylinder and column shifter. I was wondering if some automatic cars came w column shift,or this was possibly a 3speed car?


On 1970 BH (Barracuda) and BS (‘Cuda) models a split-backrest bench seat was optional, this came with a column shift if the TorqueFlite automatic was ordered. BP models (Gran Coupe), however, were 100% bucket seats, but the console was optional, so if a Gran Coupe was ordered without a console, but with automatic, it’d be on the column.

The manual transmissions were all floor shifted, both 3 and 4 speeds, on all three price classes (BH, PB, and BS), with and without consoles.

One look at the data plate (fender tag) should put this to rest!


1 day ago
Don'sDart Restoration 1963-1976 Dodge - Dart

Southern CA Restoration Shop

I have a 1964 4-door Dodge Dart 270 with a slant six engine. My wife and I have had it for 46 years, it has 440,000 miles and is showing its age. We are sentimental about this car and are looking for a restoration shop for it in southern CA. As a start I have gone to car shows and received recommendations from other Dodge owners, have used the recommended shops for small jobs to try to establish a track record with those shops, but have had bad luck with the finished work.
Do you have any recommendations for restoration shops in southern California?


In SoCal, there’s really only one true Mopar-specific restoration shop that I’m aware of, and it is first-tier, one of the best in the country:

Restorations by Julius in Chatsworth.

Owner Julius Steuer has done innumerable platinum-level Mopars, including many for well-known Hollywood personalities.

Keep in mind, however, that while I have zero doubt that Julius can turn your Dart back to day one, the cost for doing a slant-six Dart can be nearly as much as a Hemi’Cuda, maybe even more, since there’s a dearth of reproduced sheet metal (if any is needed).

Roll by Julius and get a quote. Mention that RIck Ehrenberg sent ya, he’ll instantly jack up the price by 10%!


3 days ago
Dennis's Shelby Garage Mechanical 1968-1968 Ford - Shelby

temp gauge doesn’t work

temp gauge does not read correctly or at all on a 1968 Mustang GT 350

If the gauge does not register at all it may be the gauge itself. If the gauge registers inaccurately it may be the sending unit in the intake or the constant voltage regulator behind the dash. Remove the wire on the sending unit. With the ignition switch on test the wire with test light. The light should blink if the constant voltage regulator is functioning correctly. Best of luck!
Bob Perkins

3 days ago
Balu advid car collectors General 1968-1968 Ford - Shelby

flapper color?

I have a unique story not to get into full details but I bought this Mustang years back starting to put together the ram-air assembly! I need to know what color a 68 1/2 r code air assembly is painted? I have seen the blue and black?

The correct color for top of the air assembly is semi-gloss black. The air cleaner base and lid are Ford Corporate Blue.

3 days ago
Dennis's Shelby Garage Mechanical 1968-1968 Ford - Shelby

Replacing leaf springs on 1968 GT350

I lowered the front end 1" with shorter springs. i need to replace those tired probably original, stock leaf springs. I am afraid putting new stock leaf springs is going to raise the rear end. I see there are mid bushing leaf springs available that are 1: lower than stock. The vendors are no help. Any thoughts?

It will be difficult to know how the car will sit with new springs. You will need to install and put a few miles on the car to check the height. If the car is too high in the back you can buy or make lowering blocks to go in between the rear spring and axle housing. You can also have the springs de-arched to lower also. It will take some work to get the right height to your specs.

3 days ago
Marvelous Machinery General 1970-1970 Ford - Mustang

Booster hose clamps

Sorry to bother you again Mr. Perkins, one last meaningful question that will help restore my car to Concours correct, What color should Boss 1970 Booster hose clamps be painted?

The correct clamp for brake booster hose are black or magnesium phosphate. The clamps should also not have rounded corners but tabs and square corners.

4 days ago
WRE KARS General 1967-1967 Ford - Shelby



C7AZ-6766-A is the ford part # you are looking for.

4 days ago

1970 Chevelle SS

Hi Jerry,

I have a 1970 chevelle ss matching numbers with buildsheet and protecto plate. It is an L34 350 HP Atlanta built car and has ZL3 ss 396 conversion on the buildsheet. My friend has a 1970 Chevelle SS Van Nuys built and he too also has ZL3 SS396 conversion. Most of the books and information on chevelles say Z25 SS 396. Just wondering why some SS 396 buildsheets have ZL3 and some have Z25? I do know that canadian cars built in Oshawa all have Z25.

Blair, to my knowledge the ZL3 conversion meant converting the car to either L34 or L78 specs. It’s not totally clear but this code also shows up on Baltimore build sheets too. And it only appears in my data base for 396 Chevelles.

6 days ago
Valiant69 Historical 1967-1976 Plymouth - Valiant

Plymouth Valiant powertrain combos

Hello Richard,

I have a 4 door Valiant and am kind of interested in this type of little Mopars. I wonder on the factory combinations of the engines you could normally get in theese. And especially if there were any limittations for a 4 door versions. It intrigues me, if you could make a 67+ Valiant into kind of factory hot rod? How about 4 speeds in those 4 doors?
thanks upfront for your insight.


For 1967, you could virtually order a Formula S Barracuda, 273-4, wrapped in any Valiant body shell you desired, even a 4-door, even a 4-speed. Included was the “Commando V8” badge.

1967 was, however, the last year that was true. While you could still get 4-speeds in 4-doors for ’68 and ’69, the top engine in those years was the 318-2.

Starting in ’70, the fastback Valiant Duster was introduced, including the Duster 340 with all the toys. This continued until 1974, when the 360-4 replaced the 340. Through 1976, this was one of the quickest American cars you could buy, if not THE quickest.

1976 saw a return to performance 4-door Valiants, as the one-year-only Valiant cop car appeared, with suspension that set a high water mark for A-bodies (rear sway bar, firm feel steering, etc.)

Of course, virtually all mechanical parts can be swapped from any ‘67-’76 A-body, be it Valiant, Dart, ‘67-’69 Barracuda, etc, for example, if you pull the rear seat out of your Valiant, you’ll find that the floor pan is dimpled for the second (dual) exhaust hanger bracket studs.

Of course, the aftermarket has a wide selection of go-fast goodies. The sky (and your wallet) is the limit!


7 days ago
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