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1970 challenger A66 convertible Historical 1970-1970 Dodge - Challenger

color production of B5 Blue for 1970 challenger convertible 340/4spd

Have a 1 of 66 early production 1970 challenger convertible with an A66 package (340/4spd/sure grip/ bumble bee stripe) . Dying to find out how many of the 66 produced came thru as a B5 Blue. Very rare car as it is however trying to find out how much lower this number (66) is. Any thought would be greatly appreciated .


Nobody knows for sure, this information was simply not compiled. B5 was a fairly popular color, roughly 9-10% of all ‘70 Challengers were this color. You do the math, but this isn’t precise or guaranteed.


about 1 hour ago
Georgetown Restoration My Car 1967-1967 Plymouth - GTX

1967 GTX Convertible 440 4-spd production number

Your name was forwarded to me by Russo-Steele and they said you were the person to ask this question to. I have a 1967 GTX Convertible with a 440 V8 and a 4 speed manual transmission. I am trying to find the production numbers for this vehicle. I can not find any information relating to the 4-speed manual. Also any idea of how many are in existence. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


There was no tally kept by transmission so we have to do some math-based guesstimating.

Total ‘67 GTX 440 ragtop production was 680 cars. Out of all ’67 GTX 440 production (HT and ragtop), 28.3% were four speeds. Applying that factor to the 680, the number 192 appears. That’s the best I can do.

Your car looks great, just a few obvious details separate it from show quality:

> Blackout missing (egregious!)
> Plug wires
> Rad cap
> Battery
> Under-intake-manifold silencer pads


16 days ago
HiPo Hangout General 1971-1972 Dodge - Demon

Dodge Demon VIN question

I have a 1971 (Dart) Demon with an " L " engine code. Disregarding any criminal activity, how can that be since " L " is a 383 code for 1971? The VIN is: LL29L1B Was the 340 the biggest engine offered in that body in 1971?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Basically, it can’t be, it was a typo, 340 was max. for sure. What does the door jamb sticker and data plate say?

Even if some Chrysler employee “commissioned” a one-off car (which has been done, I do know of at least one 340 Valiant sedan), the components to build this would not have been available at the plant in 1971.


19 days ago
Tims resto General 1968-1968 Dodge - Coronet

1968 Coronet Hood

Can i modify a flat 1968 Coronet hood and make it into a Ram Air Hood?


I guess with enough Bondo, and some Pontiac parts….sure!

If you mean make it something like a ‘69 Ramcharger hood…probably do-able. I think (but I’m not sure) than the underhood bracing is the same.


25 days ago
River rats customs General 1968-1970 Plymouth - Road Runner

Quarter panels for satellite

What would it take to put 70 roadrunner tail light pan on a 69 satellite are the quarter panels different also can you tell me I like the 70 tail lights better


If you think about it, the ‘68-’69 Plymouth B-body has NO tallamp panel, the deck lid comes down virtually to bumper-top height.

You’d need quarter panels, extensions, deck lid, bumper, and a slew of smaller structural parts.

Interestingly, the ’70s setup is sounder — more rigidity. The downside is greater lift-over height (when placing items in luggage compartment).

The result, if you went ahead, would be one ugly bastard – the character lines in the fender would not match the quarters.


26 days ago
Tim s shop General 1968-1968 Dodge

69 charger rt 440

I have a 69 charger rt 440 ,it has felt round taillights bumper rockers, and cowl ,it has ac but has non ac controls , 3 speed wipers is this normal or something special


I have no idea what" felt round taillights" are, nor “bumper rockers and cowl”. Sorry.

3-speed wipers were a popular option.

As far as the A/C controls, check the data plate, or firewall stamping (cutouts) to see if it was originally an A/C car or not.


28 days ago
Stayhard Motors General 1968-1970 Plymouth - Road Runner

69 Plymouth ???? something

Hello Richard, Thanks for your last reply. You were correct when you said "it’s not a RR unless it has “RM” in the Vin. It has RH23F9G295994. This makes it a 69 Plymouth Satellite I think and hense why it’s got a 318/904 in the drive train. Couple of points. Is it a Satellite and; other than the Vin, what is the difference between a Satallite and Roadrunner? Thanks again


I’m correct, that’s good to know.

Body and trim-wise, a Satellite is very similar to a Road Runner optioned with the decor group, with the only significant difference being the hood. Mechanically, however, there are loads of differences. The 383-4 hi-po is standard on the RM, with the 426 Hemi optional. Larger drum brakes, beefier suspension, larger tires, a beefier automatic trans (vs. a 318 Satellite), etc.


about 1 month ago
440 convertible General 1965-1965 Dodge - Coronet

How rare is my car?

Hi, I have recently got a 1965 Dodge Coronet convertible 440 with the 3 speed. I am pretty sure when my brother looked it up had the 361 in it. When I looked it up. There was only 127 of my modal made. How rare is my car is it very collectable. I just want as much info as I can get on the car. So I can figure out which way I’m going to restore it. To original or go modern with it. Hope you can help me.


Yes, rare — one of none built! The ’65 Coronet 500 had your choice of the A833 4-speed or TorqueFlite automatic, standard. None were built with the A745 3-speed manual — there was no console “block off plate”, all were console shift, and there was no floor shifter for the A745 in 1965.

Possibly post an in-focus pix of the data plate?


about 1 month ago
Rat Roaster General 1962-1965 Plymouth

Volt meter wiring.

Dr. E-berg,
When switching from an amp meter to volt meter on a ’63 B-body can I wire the volt meter positive to the "Field " side of the voltage regulator??
Enjoy your Tecg & Resto in M.A.
Thank you. Ken Tabb


No, the field side voltage varies all over the map, literally.

Wire the voltmeter to any ignition-on +12v source under the dash, such as the radio power. Voltmeters draw a small current, wiring it to “always on” +12v will result in an IOD that will eventually drain the battery.


about 1 month ago
Rob's IRA garage Restoration 1968-1968 Plymouth - Barracuda

68 Barracuda 340-S hood inserts

Richard, In my Challenger/Barracuda restoration guide by Paul A Herd. It says that my 340-S hood inserts are supposed to be painted red in the center and outlined black around the outside. I’ve only ever seen all black. Which one would be factory correct? Thanks, Rob.


As usual, never say never with Ma Mopar! The factory fact book’s color photograph shows them all black, but in the B&W pix, the inner area is clear a lighter hue.

The part numbers, 2786640 and 641, never superseded.

This question will not be definitively answered until someone finds a known-real survivor car or a NOS part in the factory wrapper.


about 1 month ago
Jasper's cuda General 1969-1975 Plymouth

looking for “mod top”

Want to put a “mod top” on my ‘73 ’cuda.. Its a blue B5. I can’t find anything…


The only place I’m aware of that has (or had) original Mod Top vinyl material is:

The only place I’m aware of that takes said fabric and makes it into ready-to-install roof covers is:

This stuff is far from cheap, I can’t see justification for installing it on a non-platinum-restoration car, but the choice — and money — is yours!


about 1 month ago
Stayhard Motors General 1969-1969 Plymouth - Road Runner

69 Plymouth

Thanks for answering my last request.
On the bonnet of my 69 RR are 2 raised hood dressings i think. It has the chrome emblem on it “Hemi” is this meaning the Mopar thing or is it the motor type? cheers


OK, I’ll take the bait and pretend this is for real….

“Hemi” is a 4-letter word for performance. It is shorthand for “Hemispherical Combustion Chambers”, which, due to the huge valves located on the lateral axis of the domed combustion chambers and correctly-angled exhaust valves results in the highest VE of any 2-valve pushrod engine.

In this case, it specifically references Chrysler’s 1964-’71 426 cubic inch Hemi.


about 1 month ago
Stayhard Motors General 1969-1969 Plymouth - Road Runner

69 Plymouth Roadrunner

Hello Richard, Just purchase a 69 Roadrunner off Ebay (Sight unseen) except for the usual ebay photos. All good there. Question 1; The car is painted Plum crazy purple. Did they actually come out in that colur? Question 2; It’s got a 318 warm motor in it with 904 backing it up. I don’t think that model came out with a 318 enythig. Can i put a 426 in front of the 904 or woud a 727 be better? Thank you


First: Road Runner…never “Roadrunner”!

If it is a real Road Runner, the VIN on the dash, and data plate will start with “RM”, and the last 6-7 digits will be stamped on the radiator yoke. As you guessed, the standard engine was a 383 — a big-block, making me suspect that it isn’t a real RR at all.

As you mentioned, In Violet paint (Plum Crazy on a Dodge) was not available in 1969; 1970 was the first year.

A big-block or Hemi must be mated to an A-727-A transmission, there’s no such thing as an A-904 that will bolt to either engine. To be done correctly, a whole slew of things need to change, esp. to a Hemi.

As far as what to do with it, check the VIN. If it is, amazingly, a real RR, maximum value is typically obtained by restoring it as close as possible to original. If it is a rebadged Satellite, you may as well do as you wish with it — maybe a 3G Hemi? (5.7L / 6.4L etc.)


about 1 month ago
Thermotech Restoration 1967-1967 Plymouth - GTX

Rear facing fender mounted turn signals

Did all the 1967 GTX models come with these?


That’s a definite maybe! I have the original 1967 Plymouth dealer data book, and in one place it says they were standard, another optional (although it is clear that they were standard on Satellites). If your data plate shows “355”, then for sure it was built with them.

I was a bit older in ‘67, I think they were standard….but my memory’s kinda faded on that bit of minutiae!


about 1 month ago
Danville Historical 1949-1949 Chrysler

Restoration general questions

I picked up a 1949 Chrysler town & country (Woody convertible).
I really like the car!
Some time in its life the flathead 6 was swapped with a 331 HEMI from a 1954 Chrysler (1 X 4BBL). To do this part of the inner fender on the left side was cut away and the exhaust manifold on the right side is extremely close to the frame. The original transmission was provided along with another early “Automatic”.
From a value standpoint side by side with an original restored to the same level which do you think would be worth more?


Easy…the unmolested original (or properly restored) is far more valuable.

Having said that, it sure would be nice to have a modern EFI Hemi (5.7L) and OD automatic….


about 1 month ago
doug's rolling metal bugs shop General 1971-1971 Dodge - Challenger

Prestidge resto 1971 dodge challenger T/A convertible

I have this car it was one of last ordered in 1971 it was ordered with T/A package or option I know cuz antenna hole rear fender it also came with shaker hood, has pierced hole vs cut hole for pull cable where it should be on fire wall plus have a original hood, both holes are pierced can you tell me anything about my car and rarity, sincerely Douglas?


I hate to burst your bubble-

While the T/A was advertised for 1971 (see pix), zero were built. As planned, it was to have a 340 4-Bbl and the same hinged / pinned fiberglass hood as the 1970.Never a shaker hood, never a big block.

The story you were told about shaker vs. fiberglass hood is reversed.

I really have no idea what a “Prestidge” resto is, sorry.

If, somehow, and early prototype ‘71 T/A slipped out, it would have had a very low sequence number and early build date. But, while you can’t prove a negative, I’m here to say there were zero built.


about 1 month ago
deleted user
deleted user General 1967-1969 Plymouth - Barracuda

What To Look For When Buying A ‘67-’69 Barracuda?

Hi Rick, what sort of things should I be mindful for when considering the purchase of a ‘67-’69 Barracuda?

My interest would be 340/4-spd/fastback – disk brakes would be a bonus. I would consider a 318, automatic, or coupe for the right car.

My driving would be on the twisty backroads of New England (look up “Kancamagus Highway”) were torque is invariably more an asset than horsepower. Any recommendations on upgrades would also be appreciated.


Absolutely without question, choose a car that has (and has has) a little rust as possible. Both rustbuckets (“pre-op”) and Bondo-buckets (“post-op”) are bad news.

Since it sounds like you’re not after a matching-numbers show car, but rather a resto-mod performance car, not much else matters. A 340 swap (360 better, 3G Hemi best), as well as several modern transmissions, suspension upgrades (but stay with T-bars!), wheels, tires, brakes, interior, etc. all contribute to an excellent outcome. This is is all well documented, but all the details would take a book, or the thousands of magazine articles and Q&As penned by your truly.


about 1 month ago
GOT TORQUE General 1968-1972 Plymouth - Road Runner

Disc’s verses Drum

I have a 68 Road Runner, with standard manual brakes and power steering, I’m considering upgrading to power Disc Brakes on all four corners,and adding rack and pinion steering, my question is with this upgrade will it deter from the value of the car being that it is a numbers matching car?
Thank you for your time.

Mr. Mania-

The short answer: YES.

In more detail: if you’re gonna actually DRIVE the car, a front disc swap is virtually mandatory. See this link for a lowbuck, excellent-performing, stock-component swap:

Of course, any mod on a numbers-matching car without stashing all the original parts safely away is lunacy.

A rear disc swap is much more complex, both because of the tapered roller rear wheel bearings and the parking brake setup.

A good rack and pinion swap kit has yet to be engineered. If you want rack-like steering that bolts in in 2 hours, check the Borgeson steering box swap available from:


2 months ago
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