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Madden's Classic Chevy Muscle General 1963-1974 Plymouth - Barracuda

1966 Barracuda

I bought a 1966 Barracuda and it has Cragar SS wheels with to much positive offset and the tires rub the inside of the fenderwells. I read your earlier answer and I have a followup question. My car is a 273 V8 with automatic. I need to get a set of wheels with a more neutral offset, somewhere around 3.5 inch backspacing, but my question is are all Barracudas 5×4 bolt pattern. Did they make a 5×4.5 for the V8 cars? They parts houses like Summit seem to offer 2 different bolt pattern options. I’m confused. If I go out to measure mine, what exactly am I measuring, between studs or across the faces to opposite studs? I know I should already know this but please help me clear this up in my head. Also, does the 1966 Barracuda have both left and right hand lug nuts?


Here’s some basic facts on Mopar wheels:

> Through 1970, all Mopars had LHT lugs on the left side of the car.

> Through 1972, all A-bodies, even big-blocks, had the 5-on-4" bolt circle

> Through 1972, all A-bodies, even big-blocks, had 7/16" lug studs / nuts

> Starting in 1973, some A-bodies went to the “big car” pattern: 5-on-4.5", 1/2" studs

> Starting in 1969, most Mopars went to “ring mounted” wheels, which distorted brake rotors and drums less. One exception: Magnum 500s.

Measuring wheel stud (“bolt”) patterns on 5-lug wheels has always been troublesome — you can’t just measure between two opposite holes, opposite doesn’t exist!The attached diagram shows one way to do it using a ruler or caliper. There are also available all manner of tools, mostly inexpensive, from a slick caliper-like setup, to plastic discs with punched holes in every pattern, to plastic “dumbbell” sets.

Don’t forget: Any wheel worth a darn will be “hubcentric”, meaning that the center register (or “pilot”) will fit snugly on your brake or axle hubs. Don’t accept any that are not hubcentric!

Measuring back spacing is a slippery slope. The +/- offset system is much more reliable. Almost all Mopar wheels were something close to zero offset. Wildly incorrect offsets lead to fast tire wear from scrub-radius problems, this also makes the car handle poorly. Watch any ricer with a Honda, 10" wide wheels, 8" negative offset. See how slowly he drives?

The cheapest decent factory wheel for your car would be 1970-’72 A-body 14X5.5" rallyes.

What most pre-‘72 A-body guys do it bite the bullet and go big bolt pattern and updated disc brakes. Ask if you’d like to know more about that.


about 16 hours ago
Bergstaten store General 1970-1970 Plymouth - 'Cuda

Production numbers

How many, 1970 Cuda 2dr ht 440 sixpack, 4-speed pistol grip, Dana 60 4:10, yellow with black top were built?


All that is known is that 902 440-6 4-speed ‘Cudas were built, all had Dana 60 rear axles. No records, however, were kept regarding individual option numbers. If you are asking for a guess, I’d say maybe a dozen or so with the combination you have described.

To track down a particular car, you need to start with at least one of two bits of information: The VIN, or the name of the person you sold it to. With the VIN, you might be able to find the export data (from Swedish customs), or import (US Customs, now known as “US Customs and Border Protection”) and go from there. Or, sometimes, a simple Google search of a VIN can turn up surprising results.

The second approach would involve tracking down your buyer and then following wherever that leads. You have to play detective, there’s no shortcuts, sorry.


3 days ago
TiKa's Restoration 1960-1961 Dodge - Dart

Changing the window sweeper 1960 Dodge Dart

How to remove the indoor frame


This is a bit before my time, but I did look in the factory service manual – which says nothing! I fared only slight better in the parts book, which shows the door’s mechanisms OK but contains no graphics concerning trim.

From memory (and using logic), I believe it slides up. Try tapping gently using a small block of wood.


3 days ago
I'm Gona General 1962-1978 Plymouth

69 GTX carburetor size

Rebuilt 71 HP 440 .060 over 452 c.i. 2355f piston 9.8:1 compression 947ccdiv by96.70cc. Comp cam .477/.480 lift 268/280 duration 1600/5800 rpm. Edelbrock performer rpm 1600/6500. TTI 1"3/4 headers.346 head casting. 2400 stall,3.55 gear 3800# car. Tried EDL 750 ,not enough power top end. Tried holley 850 vacuum sec, was better ,butt, if i lock the back throttle blades " place screw in the lever" BIG POWER. Butt with no rear acel.pump bogs untill rpm rises. So would a 850 dbl pumper do the trick,are should i try to adjust the vacuum secondaries spring “lighter”


Since you’ve also mentioned that you’ll be using the car on the street and dragstrip, you definitely need some type of demand carburetor, be it a properly tuned Holley vacuum secondary, or an Edelbrock 750 AVS. (Even better would be a properly dialed-in T-Q!)

Double pumpers are great for dragstrip launch, but so much extra fuel is literally pumped into the engine under many other conditions that it isn’t a great street carb. Sure, guys will say “I don’t care about the fuel economy”, but think about where all that unburned fuel winds up:

1. Out the tailpipes.
2. Washing the oil off the cylinder walls , wearing out the rings quickly
3. Diluting the oil

Similarly, I have three suggestions:

1. Tune
2. Tune
3. Tune!

Don’t throw parts at it, there’s no combination of parts you can buy that will be dialed-in out-of-the-box! Spark and fuel curves must be matched to the engine’s specs and demands.


4 days ago
steves stangs General 1966-1966 Ford - Mustang

washer hose clips

Hi Bob. Looking for the correct location for the washer hose clips and how many were used on a 66 convertible built in June at Dearborn.Hope you can find some pics. Thanks. Keep up the great work.

My unrestored 66 convertible has 2 clips as shown in the pictures. My car was built in February 1966 at Dearborn Assembly. I checked 3 other Dearborn 66’s and they also had 2 clips but were not convertibles. I believe 2 clips is typical for 66 Dearborn Mustang.

5 days ago

Air filter riser

Jerry, is the 1" riser at the air cleaner required for certain model Camaro’s with cowl induction? Asking in regards to 69 Z28’s. Some cars at Nationals had them and some didn’t. Thanks, Fred

Fred, typically the Q-jet carb Camaros will have the spacer. It was needed to connect the carb and air cleaner to the hood. The high rise aluminum manifolds don’t require it.

6 days ago

What is the difference between 1969 and 1970 Camaro Big Block Oil pan?

What is the difference between 1969 and 1970 Camaro Big Block Oil pans? (L78 Engine option). I am trying to buy an original 1970 Camaro oil pan for my L78 restoration, which had a Morso oil pan on it.
I see lots of big block oil pans, but need to buy the right one. If no difference let me know. Thanks very much.

Original pans for ‘69 and 70 should be the same. It has one sump with two matching tear drop indentations on both sides where the pan tapers into the sump. I don’t have any photos to post. Sorry.

6 days ago
Steve Resto Shop General 1965-1965 Ford - Mustang

65 Mustang GT

I got a ’65 Mustang GT A CODE. This car has AC and pony interior. I double checked all the features to ensure my car is original GT. One thing kept me thinking and it says my car was built on 3/29.

The marketing release date for ‘65 Mustang GT’s option was 4/17/65. To me your build date of 3/29 would be correct for an early Mustang GT which would had to be built late March to ready for April’s release date.

8 days ago
MCG Garage 797624 General 1969-1969 Ford - Mustang

mach one or gt?

bought a 69 “mach one” vin 9f02s193775 ran it on classic mustang decoder it comes up as a gt is it a gt or mach one

There is no information in the VIN # for 1969 that would tell you if the car is a Mach 1 or GT. You would need to order a Marti Report to find out this information! GO HERE to contact them and get your correct report on your Mustang. The confusion with this issue is that the Mach 1 came with the GT suspension package.

8 days ago

pushrod length

Jerry received new pushrods . They are really noticeably longer.I guess i am concerned about valve to piston clearance,will it put more stress on pressed in rocker studs,coil bind?Went from 7.800 length to 7.900.It is a stock DZ 302.I This car is a late late build 1st week nov. 69. I will be sending you the distributor from this car for restoration soon it is a111003 its dated perfect for engine,hash mark lines up on base perfect.Have you ever ran across any of these in late build Z"S?

Solid lifters are deeper and these push rods work better with the rocker arm geometry. I have never seen one of the #003 distributors in an original car. I believe them to be service replacements from GM. I have documented August ‘69 480 distributors that exist. There is no GM memo anywhere that anyone can find on the 003 replacing the 480. There was a GM memo on the 266 distributor being used in early ’68 Z28’s and I believe that GM would have sent out one for the ’69’s as well if the 003 was a factory installation.

9 days ago

Grand prix deck lid

Did 69-72 Pontiac Grand Prix ever offer any type of option for a specific type of deck lid? I found one with a “hump” in the deck lid similar to some of the Lincolns. I’ve never seen one before and assume this is a custom. I did not get to look at this in person. Just curious. Thanks!

You are Correct, its Custom, thanks, Rick McLaughlin

9 days ago

Correct interior trim colors for 1968 firebird vert.

Hi Rick, I want to restore my ‘68 vert to original parchment comfortweave custom interior. Did all the parchment trims have black carpet, or was blue carpet an option with parchment? The black carpet is just very strongly contrasting with the light parchment and i was thinking maybe of a softer look. The body is Alpine Blue with black dash and burl wood console.
Another possibility would be to forget the body tag code and go with a solid blue trim, if that had blue carpet?.
Second Q is that I can’t seem to find genuine comfort-weave seat trim. It all seems to be lookalike stamped vinyl. Does anyone make the real thing?
Finally, my ‘68 car has headrests. I presume they’re ’68 seats with the headrest option, but if they are actually ’69 seats fitted later, is there a structural difference between the 68 and 69 seats? And which year trim kit would be best to order? Photos attached of car and interior.
Thanks so much for taking the time to look at this email.

Black carpet only with the Parchment, But with Blue Seats yes it had Blue Carpet, 68-69 seats are the same, Ames , Firebird Central, Year One for the Covers, thanks for the question, Rick McLaughlin

9 days ago
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