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Kestys garage Mechanical 1969-1978 Dodge - 1/2-Ton Pickup

How to check transmission fluid on 1974 dodge custom 100?

I am wondering how to check the transmission fluid on my 1974 dodge custom 100 pickup truck? It has a 318 motor with a 3 speed manual transmission. I always thought it was located near the distributor but I cannot find it.


There is actually no way to ’"check" the fluid level. You remove the fill plug (a pipe-thread plug on the side of the case), and stick your pinky in (and down). If it comes out oil-covered, it is OK! If you need to add fluid, do so until it overflows out of the same threaded hole.

Check and fill with the truck level, not on sloping ground.


about 6 hours ago
Joe's Classic Car Garage General 1972-1972 Plymouth - Fury III

72 Plymouth Fury III with 140 mph speedometer

Thank you for your quick response, Rick. I remember the seats were vinyl and had the headrests that could be pulled up. The car also had air conditioning. And my grandfather used to buy whatever they had on the lot. This has been bothering me for years, as i now have a 72 Fury Gran Coupe. I’ve never seen a Fury III with a 140 mph speedometer, and even the 71 Fury GT’s with the 440s only had a 120 mph speedometer from the research that I’ve done. I wish I could find the answer.


As I said, without either the broadcast sheet, data plate, window sticker, bill of sale, dealer invoice — or even the CAR — (and do you even have the VIN?) there’s nothing whatsoever to go on, except your memories.

All the possibilities I outlined remain viable. In all likelihood, however, you’ll never know.


about 14 hours ago
Jorge's classic cars General 1965-1965 Chrysler

1965 Chrysler 300 convertible

Hi Mr Ehrenberg,
Thank you for answering back, the problem is I can’t slide both rollers in to the channel, if one is inserted the other roller seems far from the channel opening, I removed the pivot track to give more arm play, but there is very little space to work with.


I wish I had an easy way out, but this is simply a tight spot, you just need to take out as much as necessary, possibly remove the lower track from the glass. If it were easy, anybody could do it.

The service manual always makes it seem like a cinch. It usually isn’t’, as you’re learning the hard way.


1 day ago

Proper finish for coil springs


As I understand it, coil springs were bare metal from the factory. Is this correct? What is the best way to protect them?



We usually spray the coils with cast blast. The front coils did have a natural metal finish so if you’re drving the car this is the best way to go. Cast Blast is carried with just about all of the restoration shops. Seymour makes this product.

1 day ago

Upper Control Arm Shaft Finish


I have seen a debate on-line about the correct finish for the upper control arm shaft on a 1969 Camaro Z/28. Should it be bare metal or painted black? Also, how about the bushing sleeves? If natural, how should I protect them from rust?



John, A-arm shafts were painted black along with the control arm. We use Rem Oil which is a gun barrel lubricant with Teflon on the bushing sleeves, it does a good job. Walmart stocks the Rem Oil.

1 day ago

VIN – 6cyl Camaro has 8cyl VIN

Jerry, a Club member has raised this question. “I have a 6 Cyl (123379N….) VIN car with a V8 (12437NOR…) Cowl tag. Has anyone ever seen this? I looked at the Hidden VIN’s and they match & the cowl tag looks original; not tampered with. Is this an anomaly?” Thanks.

Ken, the 6 cyl number is only coded in the vin number in the dash. Not the trim tag or the hidden vin number stamped in the body.

1 day ago

Best source for replacement coil springs


I understand that there were different coil springs installed at the factory depending upon the options ordered. What is the best source for coil springs for a 1969 Camaro Z/28 RS that will result in the proper stance?



John, tough question. Most of the original GM coil springs are long gone. What is left are a few numbers through Moog or TRW. Many are generic replacements and that’s about it. Most cars will not sit properly with the generic replacement springs. I have a special coded EE spring that I get from TRW Engineering directly. They work well in a Z28 Camaro. Many of the springs that books call for in today’s world have the car sitting up in the air like a 4-wheel drive Camaro. I have the right springs in stock if you need them. Thanks.

1 day ago

454 big block or 400 small block

454 bored 30 over or 400 bored 30 over for 1968 nova witch do you thank would be best for all around performance it will have 350 auto transmission 373 postivetraction rear end

Terry, the 454 would be better as you have much more torque and torque is important on the street. You won’t have to worry as much about the gearing in the car and other issues that need to be addressed running a small block engine.

1 day ago
Joe's Classic Car Garage General 1974-1965 Plymouth - Fury III

1972 Fury III with a 140-mph speedometer?

My grandfather had a 1972 Plymouth Fury III sedan with hidden headlights and, if I remember correctly, a 140-mph speedometer. To the best of my recollection (I was just a kid), it was not a police car. I’ve never seen another ’72 Fury III with a 140-mph speedometer. Can you provide me with an explanation as to if and how this was possible? Thanks!!


There are several plausible explanations:

> Someone got the fleet option code list and simply ordered it

> It was an undercover cop car

> Someone swapped it

> It was a factory goof

If we had the broadcast sheet, we might be able to find out (unless it was the last possibility)…but it sounds like we’ll never know!

The ’72 Fury II had a bench seat with pull-up headrests.


2 days ago
Jorge's classic cars General 1965-1966 Chrysler

1965 Chrysler 300 convertible – Richard Ehrenberg

Hi Mr Ehrenberg,
Ineed help on how to install right rear power window regulator and motor


It is really pretty simple — the regulator and motor assembly bolt to the inner panel (3 screws), the two upper-arm rollers slide into the channel (well greased), and the pivot arm slides into the pivot track. See graphics, one from the FSM and one from the parts catalog.

The right and left side are mirror images.


2 days ago

Formula 455

Hey Rick
I just bought a 1975 formula 455 and I can’t seem to get a good value estimite since it doesn’t even seem to be listed as an model option for 75….I know that 74 was the last year for the SD 455… But this bird doesn’t even have the original motor. Not sure yet what it has. I was wondering how I can find out how many were produced that year. …It is rough…but it was cheap I am hoping it was a good buy. Any info would be a help.

455 not available in 75 Formula , 75 not a good year for value , production # s contact PHS and give your VIN , thank you , Rick McLaughlin

2 days ago

1969 judge info

I know of a 1969 judge, it has a factory build sheet on the tank, the engine code on the block stamp is YD, on the factory build sheet it said in block 34 YD, yet PHS said it was a WS. The block casting date is A289, the body was build was Jan. 3rd week 1969. the car was assembled 02/03/69…. The car is a one owner car, with 30k on it. The last time it was on the road was 1985. The car is all factory. It has a poss. And a 4 speed. Hood tach, ram air. Title said it is a one owner car, I know the person, the car. It was ordered in fall of 1968 1/2. It’s funny that the sheet I got from PHS sheet doesn’t match the factory build sheet on the tank…. So what’s with it?

You have sure done your homework , please call Jim
Matison at PHS. , tell him I said for you to call , he will straighten it out for you , thanks , Rick McLaughlin

2 days ago

Red bird rims

When I bought my car (a red firebird formula ) the owner I bought it from said that it was ordered with red bird rims. I was wondering if this was even an option when ordering Firebirds. I’ve seen pictures of real red bird rims and my shade of red seems nothing like those. I was also wondering if you knew the type and color of the paint used for red bird rims

Yes they were available with color keyed rally’s , but not color keyed snowflakes , the red in snowflake wheels is same paint code as 1980 TA Mayan Red , thanks , Rick Mclaughlin

2 days ago
Turquoise65 General 1965-1965 Ford - Mustang

65 shock absorber restoration

Hello Bob
I am restoring what I think is a set of original shocks for my June built 65 SJ GT fastback
Could you tell me what the correct paint daubs or markings should be
I have painted them semi gloss black a little more on the glossy side
I also have correct hardware from other ford nos shocks to complete them

The paint daub for 1965 Mustang original shocks is light green. Enclosed is a picture of two original shocks. You’re correct the shocks are painted semi gloss black.

2 days ago

Restoring a UNI BODY?

My original GT convertible body is rough and I wanted to get your opinion if I should try and use my original or a reproduction. I do have most if not all the rights replacements just time is the question? List of things I have replacement quarter panels, trunk floor side panels, inner wheel housings and rear taillight panel and left inner front fender.

I would suggest restoring the original unibody. You listed many key components as NOS Ford parts. You would feel much more rewarded to know you restored your original body then reproduction.

2 days ago
Outer Space Plymouth Performance 1966-1967 Plymouth - Belvedere

Satellite vs. GTX

Mr. Ehrenberg-

I have a 1966 Satellite 2-door hardtop. I have cloned the exterior to look like a ’67 GTX. The car currently has a 383. What, exactly, was different about the GTX, suspension and powertrain?

David Berkman


We’ll start with the engine, and assume you are referring to the 440 Super Commando (not Hemi) The ’67 engine was one-year-only, having unique pistons, heads (915), carb (AFB), and manifolds. Later 440s were similar, but not the same. It was internally balanced, con rods and crankshaft were drop-forgings. Oil pan was 4-quart, unbaffled, and a “sandwich” type windage tray was fitted. A one-year-only dual-snorkel air cleaner was used, with a silkscreened-aluminum “440 Super Commando” nameplate (“pie tin”). The engine was painted turquoise, valve covers were chromium-plated.

Automatics used a Chrysler-Indy built aluminum single-point distributor, 4-speeds had the Prestolite ball-bearing-braker, iron-case dual point sparker. Ignition wires were hypalon insulated.

A standard fuel pump and pushrod (same as 383) and 5/16" fuel line was used, there was no vapor return line.

Automatics used a beefed (4-pinion planetaries, etc.) A727, 4-speeds used the “Hemi” (18-spline) A833. Automatics use an 8-3/4" rear axle (3.23:1) while 4-speeds were 3.54-cogged Dana 60s (9-3/4" ring gear)

Exhaust was 2-1/2" headpipes with “H” crossover, dual reverse-flow mufflers, bright angled exhaust tips which doubled as the tail pipe hangers.

Brakes were 11" HD drums, front discs (Bendix, 4-piston) were optional.

Suspension (and shocks) were HD, with special biased rear leafs designed for windup torque control. A front sway bar was standard.


2 days ago
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