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Marcus's Garge General 1971-1973 Ford - Mustang

42000 mile boss 351

My boss is original with 42,000 miles I got some questions about its engine im recently working on. I have seen decal on the air cleaner lid that reads 351 4V Ram Air. My car did not have this decal on it. I need to know if it should one and where could I get one if needed? Secondly the paint on the hood is black and has started to turn gray. I want to know if black paint for 70 is the same for 71. I believe it has some texture to it if im correct and hood has no texture?

The 71 Boss 351 Mustang did not have a decal on the air cleaner lid. I have recently seen the decal you refer to on several Boss 351’s at shows and in various magazines. This decal is definitely a reproduction that was not originally used on Boss 351 Air cleaner. Only decal used on the Boss 351 air cleaner was “Autolite”.

The correct paint on the hood for 71-73 Mustangs with the black-out option is low gloss, non textured black. We personally like Ditzler DDL-9423 use Ditzler DAR 9000 Black with 30-35 percent DX-265 flattening agent.

1 day ago
All american muscle cars General 1969-1969 Ford - Mustang

69 mach1??

I have a ’69 Mach 1 that I want to finish restoring. VIN # 9T02H190116 63C 15 3A 140 16 6X. It is almost original, and has factory tags on rear transmission. The rear wes C8ZA-09ZP700 6A. Fender codes LH433 and RH626D3. My goal is to put the car back to original condition, but the 351W is beyond restoring. Do I need another 351W same date code? What are my options if I cant replace the 351W? And could you also help tell me if codes are correct?

The date on your door tag is 14D. Which means 14th day of April, 1969. The date code for your rear axle is 9DB. This would decode as the 2nd week of April. Your left-handed date code is April 3rd Your RH fender date code is June 26, third shift Dearborn Steel. Your RH fender was made approximately two moths after the cars scheduled production date. The 1969 Windsor engine you need should be relatively easy to locate. I would look for a 69 Cougar or Galaxie for a core engine. I would try to get a black and cylinder heads dated prior to your April schedule date.

1 day ago
scalehawaii General 1972-1972 Plymouth - Road Runner

’72 Roadrunner 440 availability…..

Hi R.E.
I subscribe so your name is familiar. I’m a scale auto collector/builder. Some of my builds are factory stock. I’m doing a ‘72 Roadrunner and am having a hard time with info on engine availability. I know the 440 was available but was it only if you bought into the GTX ’trim level’ or could it be had in the ‘standard’ Roadrunner? So to ask such a ‘mundane’ question but I’m hung up with the build as I will have to get custom waterslide decals made if I model the 400 motor, as oposed to the 440, which I have a Fred Cady decal for. TIA for taking time to help, Walt.


Sorry for the slow reply, I am in the boondocks of Croatia!

When the 440 was optioned the GTX badging was included.

Remember that all 400-4 72 Road Runners had BLANK hood callouuts – no numerals whatsoever.


4 days ago
Brian Steinke's G.R.R. General 1967-1967 Ford - Mustang

standard six cylinder ’67 Convertible

I purchased a standard six cylinder ’67 Convertible about a year ago. When I bought the car, I received its original title and had five bolt wheels and a 9 inch rear-end. Is this a rare build?

The Five Bolt wheels were used on ’67 Mustang with six cylinder engines. The 9 Inch rear axle assembly was not actually not normal for a 6 cylinder. W/o knowing your engine or axle code I cannot give a definite answer. I do think that its possible your engine code should be a V8 rather than 6 cylinder, or the rear-end has been falsely identified or changed by previous owner.

4 days ago
hotrods an harleys General 1967-1967 Buick

67 buick speacial

Hi Joe I have a 67 Buick Speacial V6 according to my vin # that starts with a 433 # . All the badging on the car is gs . 455 with 400 3 spd auto , floor shift with console , 12 bolt posie . Nothing looks like its been fabricated to fit . My question is .Can this car be a gs option car ? Thank you in advance … Vinny

It sounds like someone has modified the car in the past. Regardless, the great thing is that the Sloan Museum should have the original build record for your Buick. Check them out at

6 days ago
Sinji's Toy Box Historical 1968-1968 Buick - GS400

1968 Buick GS 400

Can you tell me how many of these were convertible with a 3 speed manual trans. I am looking at buying one and it is an original owner car with all original drive train.

Also any ideas on a value.

I believe I answered the production number question in a prior post. Value on a completely original, numbers matching, one owner car would be $30-35K, depending on color combination & options. As always, the devil is in the details. Sounds like a very cool car (and rare).

6 days ago
Shark Den My Car 1968-1968 Chevrolet - Impala

1968 Chev. Impala Convertable

Hey Joseph
I’ve just taken my Impala out of the garage where it sat for 15 years immobile
I am trying to get it to a reliable driver
It is not original but it is a beautiful art form and I would like to get it back on the road.
My question is trying to get a set of tires on it that resemble the look and smooth drive it came of the factory with. I know it came with G70 but I would like to get some radial on it. I’m running in to a size conflict and whitewall issue. I’m being told that a comperable radial would be a 225/75/15 with a 3/4" strip. What in your opinion was the car intended to sit like by design. It has 205’s on it now and they don’t look right. Others suggest 215"s.
I’m just trying to get the car to the right look and smoothest ride.
I hope this all makes sense and I look forward to your insight so I can get them ordered. Looks like Coker might be the only source since that large size is impossible to locate.
Thank you

Alan, sorry to pass the buck here, but the right guy for this question would be Jerry MacNeish on this Expert Panel. He probably has a set of NOS tires for your car! Thanks for the question.

6 days ago
Mike L.'s Garage Historical 1987-1987 Buick - Regal

Buick Turbo T-Type 1942 miles

Joe, I have had since new a 1987 Buick T-Type Turbo which now has 1942 miles. I ordered it from the dealer. It has a build date of 07 E. July fifth week. How close is it to being the last Turbo T-Type produced? Thanks in advance. Mike L.

According to a friend of mine who is a bit of a nut on these cars, they were producing them through December, 1987, so the answer would be not very close! Very cool car and it’s nice to see one owner cars. Thanks for the question.

6 days ago
SXW32 My Car 1970-1970 Oldsmobile - Cutlass

70SX W32 Conv

Would the rarity of the car add any more value? Only 872 W 32’s were made. No idea how many were convertibles? They were all automatics.

To answer your basic question, yes, rarity adds value—most of the time. If you have the only pink car with a green stripe and yellow interior, it’s probably a 1 of 1 and VERY rare. But rare doesn’t always mean desirable. In this specific case, the car is a 1 of 1 because there was only 1 person who wanted this particular combination. Rare? Yes. Desirable? No Out of the 872 W32s which were produced in 1970, only 25 convertibles were built. This makes it a VERY rare car and very desirable. This car would command a serious premium over the hardtop version of the car. Thanks for the question.

6 days ago
Ron B's Chevy Garage Restoration 1955-1955 Chevrolet - Bel Air

colors to restore a 1955 chevy bel-air hood emblem

I am restoring my 55 bel-air and I need the colors for the hood emblem, I can see the dark blue and the red, but what is the lite color? Mine looks like an off white. I see pictures, some with a bright white???

The correct answer would be silver. See the attached picture for what a correct emblem looks like. There are reproductions out there that are not correct.

6 days ago
Sinji's Toy Box General 1968-1968 Buick - GS400

1968 Buick GS400 Convertible w/3 Speed manual

Can you tell me how many of these cars were built with the setup and where I can get more option/production info

Dan, you are talking about a pretty rare car. Only 79 GS400 Convertibles were built in 1968 equipped with the 3 speed manual transmission. The best source of information on these cars is the Buick GS Club of America: Thanks for the question.

6 days ago
aeb's General 1955-1955 Ford - Thunderbird

Why am I wearing out speedometer gears?

Any idea why my 55 t-bird with FM two speed transmission keeps wearing out my 19 tooth gear? I get about 80 miles out of one and the speedometer quits working. Could it be the angle drive?

Assuming the rest of your drive-train is stock, it sounds like you are either buying the same defective part over and over again or the installation process is faulty. My bet would be on the identical defective part. How are you sourcing the part?

6 days ago
old car warehouse My Car 1970-1970 Oldsmobile - 442

1970 Olds 442 Production numbers

Hello Joe.
Would you know roughly how many of the 2,900 70 Olds 442 convertibles were 4 spd?

Bill, no one knows the exact number, but typically, a GM convertible from that area was targeted at the luxury buyer and only 13-15% of them were 4 speed manual equipped cars. A safe guestimate would be 350-450. A rare car for sure. Thanks for the question.

6 days ago
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