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Brian Lopez General 1970-1970 Plymouth - Road Runner

Original Options

I am resoring a 1970 Road runner and want to make it as much original as possible. is there a plave to go to find what a car had on it from its Vin Number?


The VIN will only tell you very basic information, such as body configuration (sedan, HT, or conv), model (price class, (M being Road Runner), engine, model year, assembly plant, and sequence number.

For option, color, and trim info, the fender-apron data plate is the usual source, with the broadcast sheet (under carpet, taped to top of glove box, etc.) being even more comprehensive. If the original owner saved the Monroney label, that’s also a rich source of data.

If neither of these are present, there’s no easy way (on Mopars built after 1967 anyway) to recover this info — Chrysler claims to not have it available.


3 days ago

1971 318

will a 1972 340 intake fit this 318 with out doing a lot of maching? what do you know about a poor mans 340? 318 with 360 heads intake is this true? the other thing is changing 9" drums to disc brakes so many confussing things on the market baffals the S$%%t out of me to make heads or tails. If you can dial me in to the right way to get some modren brakes on my a body(demon) would be great Thanks


The 340 intake manifold will bolt on with no modifications, but there will be a fairly severe port mismatch. The best way to make HP on a budget would be, as you mention, a 360 head swap. Best / cheapest are 360 heads from an ‘89-’92 Dodge truck or van, casting #308.

Great lowbuck disc swap info here:


7 days ago

YH rally

Hi Jerry,
Would a K 1 8 12 (valve stem hole) 18 date code YH rally wheel (December 18, 1968) be correct and acceptable for a 03E (March, 1969) build date? It is alittle over 3 months in terms of the time frame. Or should all the wheels have Jan-Feb dates?
Thanks, Terry

Yes it would, and so would the K19-1-27 and 1-28 wheels too. They would be more common on your build date.

10 days ago
74 dodge General 1962-1984 Dodge

1974 cluster

How can I fix the speedometer on my 1974 dodge charger


I will assume the problem is that the speedometer is totally inoperative, not simply inaccurate.

The troubleshooting for any ‘62-’84 Mopar with a mechanical speedo is identical.

First remove the cable from the speedometer unit (“head”) under the dash and drive the car. Grasp the inner cable with a small pliers (small Vise-Grips best). You should not be able to easily rotate the cable more than 1/2 turn clockwise or counterclockwise. The inner cable should also rotate smoothly while driving, this should be visible easily.

If it fails either of these tests, replace the cable and repeat the above. If it fails again, the problem lies with the plastic speedometer pinion in the transmission. On ’66-up, the pinion mounting adapter can be “clocked” several ways to allow for a wide range of pinion tooth counts, however, if installed incorrectly, the pinion will not rotate. All of this will be obvious when you remove the adapter.

If the cable rotates OK, the “head” is shot. Generally, this means finding another head unit or sending it out for a rebuild. In extreme cases, the “head” will seize up, snapping the cable and/or chewing up the plastic pinion. The head can be tested by spinning CCW with a drill.

A compilation of low-buck tech-tips ‘n’ tricks for Mopars can be had here:


12 days ago


I had a 1968 GTO 400 HO (verdoro green/black vinyl top), 4-speed, hood-mounted tach. My memory is of a windshield embedded antenna. But I got an email a couple of days ago that said it was first used in a ’69 Grand Prix. Is my memory faulty?

Yes to Best of my Knowledge it was 69 First Year, thanks, Rick McLaughln

12 days ago

1990 360 issue

swapping an old 360 for a crate 360 in a 1990 d250 4×4 manual transmission. Got the right pilot bearing, installed engine all bolts lined up & started input shaft splines aligned. Started snugging up bolts and it would not mate up to engine lacked 1/4 to 1/2 an inch & engine stopped being able to turn by hand. pulled transmission & found input shaft bottoming out against crank. after lots of research cut tip off input shaft & installed transmission. bell housing and block are mated and engine turned by hand. Now that everything is bolted up tried to install distributor & it will not turn. What am I missing?

I guess I’m not quite understanding the problem. Are you saying that the distributor rotor does not spin when the engine is cranked? If so, the drive gear tip has snapped off in the oil pump.


23 days ago
marks nuts General 1971-1971 Plymouth - Gran Coupe


how many 1971 4 door fury gran coupes with paisley top and interior were made? thanks,mark


At a glance, most people would think this was a trick question, since “coupe” implies, by definition, a 2-door, but, yes, for ’71 there WAS a “Plymouth Gran Coupe 4-door hardtop”. It even had a “Gran Coupe” badge on the C-pillar/

Unfortunately, however, there were no records kept of production numbers by option.


24 days ago

Best rear end gear

I am rebuilding a 1969 Z/28. I have 3:31 gears in it and it will hardly move without slipping the clutch. It has a M20 transmission in it. What is a good ration for it? 3:73 or 4:10. Thanks

3.31 is the wriong rear for a Z28. Small engine, no torque and big camshaft. 3.73 or 4.10 with the M20 trans is a great combination.

26 days ago
Lorinda's Ride Park General 1970-1970 Dodge - Challenger

What does the T/A stand for on the 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A?

What does the T/A stand for on the 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A?


It was a reference to the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) racing series, Pontiac also had a “Trans Am”, but, to use that name, they had to pay a royalty to the SCCA. Chrysler got around that payment by shortening it to “T/A”

The Current Viper TA’s designation means “Time Attack” (or so FCA says), a reference to its intended purpose of lowering road-course elapsed times.


28 days ago
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