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Rich's Hot Rods Mechanical 1956-1966 Dodge - D100 Pickup

Ignition timing on my 1960 Dodge D100 Poly 318

Where are the timing marks/tab on my 1960 Dodge D100 Poly 318?


You have found them, and also learned the reason for the one offset crank pulley bolt!

Still, on an engine this old, where is is likely that many parts have been swapped over the decades, you’d be well advised to check and calibrate TDC using the “positive stop” method. Once TDC is accurately established, next you should confirm that both the mechanical and vacuum advance are operating as intended. Then temporarily disconnect the vacuum tube and set the timing for about 30 deg. BTDC while keeping engine speed no lower than 2,500 RPM.


about 17 hours ago
TMac 1967 Restoration 1967-1967 Ford - Mustang

Paint Codes and trim

Im restoring my 67 coupe. Has the original Clearwater Aqua paint and interior. What other exterior colors utilized the light/dark aqua interior? I want to change exterior color but keep interior for sentimental reasons. Thanks!

According to the 1967 Ford Mustang facts book it lists that these colors utilized the Aqua Interior Raven Black, Frost Turquoise, Wimbledon White and Clearwater Aqua.

1 day ago
FlagCraig General 1972-1972 Dodge - Challenger

Production numbers by exterior color of car.

Looking to see if this exist for 1972 challengers.



If it does, I’m not privy to it, but I do have the ’72 Barracuda percentages, which should be similar. They are:

TB3 – 12.1%
GB5 – 11.9%
FE5 – 11.5%
EV2 – 9.1%
FY1 – 8.2%
GF7 – 6.3%
GY9 – 5.6%
HB1 – 5.6%
GY8 – 5.1%
HT8 – 4.9%
GY4 – 4.8%
TX9 – 4.2%
GF3 – 3.9%
GA4 – 3.2%
EW1 – 2.4%
HT6 – 0.9%

Hope this helps.


1 day ago

Exterior paint

Jerry, does using current paint technology, including clear coat, have any significant impact on First Gen appraisal value? Thanks. CHPTexas

Today’s paints do NOT have an impact as long as the colors are done correctly and stripes are not clear coated over. You also have to make sure that you get spray out cards to make sure the color and size of the metallic is correct.

2 days ago
C3SPEED General 1969-1969 Chevrolet - Corvette

69 L88 Corvette

You ask me for the transmission numbers on my corvette, they say that it is an M21 (P9C11B) but it feels and sounds to me like an M22. The vin numbers match the cars. I can’t make out the numbers on the differential. I have enclosed pictures of the engine compartment as you ask. There were a couple of other strange things about the car also. Some of the bolt holes for the passenger side seat aren’t there and the restoration shop said the fire wall was slightly different than other 69 corvettes they worked on because the were unable to get the power assisted break booster to fit without modifying it. So they had to leave it off. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Hi Gary,
Need the vin # stamp on Transmission ?

Thanks, Kevin
2 days ago
Dad's Workshop Stop General 1971-1971 Chevrolet - Corvette

Engine code

I have a 1971 corvette with an auto transmission. It has an engine code of CJK. Some books say it has a 330hp, THM. Other books saya it is a 270hp, THM. The label on the console says 270HP. What is corrrect?

Hi Donald,
I look into the NCRS pocket spec guide
they list it as 350-270hp
Hope This Helps,

2 days ago
WW23 General 1970-1970 Ford - Mustang

correct radiator cap

What is the correct radiator cap for a T code 1970 Boss 302. I always see the "Dearborn Cap "for big money on E-Bay. What is assembly line cap for my T code Boss. A picture would be helpful.
Thanks Bill

The correct radiator cap for a Metuchen Built Boss 302 is an Autolite RS-12. The cap is Zinc Plate with Autolite logo and RS-12 stamped in top of cap.

3 days ago
NC Garage General 1970-1970 Ford - Mustang

Screw Protectors

There seems to be some confusion within the judging community and experts on the forums as to the correct screw protectors in the trunk of 1970 Boss 302? In particular Metuchen assembly plant cars. Pictures?

The pictures I’ve enclosed Show the correct Locations and three different style protectors. The Gray protectors are used on the side marker lights. The rubber Vacuum cap is used on the Top inside tail lamp bezel stud on both left and right hand assembly’s. The black hard plastic protectors on package tray screws and lens screw are often missing. All 3 style protectors are available in reproduction.

3 days ago

1969 SS Radiator

Jerry, what is the correct radiator for a Norwood November ’68 1969 SS with a 350 4 speed and air? Width and GM part number. Thanks. CHPTexas

Ken, I am traveling this week. Go to the CRG web site. We have all of the radiator data there with part numbers and broadcast codes. I don’t have the data with me this weekend.

3 days ago
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