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71.5 gold on gold all original Gran Pix J car

long time friend and mentor is really behind on rent ,and is considering selling one of his powerful surviving Pontiac’s.I suggested minor body filler flat black ,Craig er SS/T, ladder bars,fiber glass hood. he said hell no it would ruin the value. So what i`m asking is what is the value of an untouched all original 38000 mi. VS. a Saturday night hot rod? and if you might know somebody with the love and cash to risque this car and my buddy?

Based upon the General Description, I would say. $10-$15,000,, Best of Luck in Selling , thanks. , Rick

about 22 hours ago
My Mussel General 1966-1967 Dodge

1966 Coronet Hemi

I’m looking at a 66 Hemi and trying to verify the engine is numbers matching. Apparently, pre 1968 hemis do not have numbers on the block that correspond to the VIN. For the early cars, I have been told the only verification is that the engine build date should proceed the car production date. Are there any other ways to ensure that the engine is original to the car for 1966.


You should also confirm that the large casting date (on the side of the block) is at least a few weeks earlier than the car’s build date.

As you mentioned, prior to 1968, there’s no actual “matching numbers” to prove or disprove originality.


3 days ago
Whadyabreaknow Auto General 1966-1966 Plymouth

Production figure question.

I have a 1966 Plymouth fury III convertible that was originally fire engine red with a 383 and a manual transmission. Assuming four speed since not on the column. Any idea how many of these were made. Thanks.


The only production number I have is 4,023, all engines, all transmissions, all colors.

If I were a betting man, I’d say your option / color mix reduces it to low single digits, maximum.


10 days ago
Dudes Restorations Historical 1964-1969 Plymouth - Barracuda

Build Sheets

Rick, I have a 66 Cuda with a 273-2 bbl. Ive heard Chrysler put build sheets in their cars. Would you happen to know where they put these on this model? I heard they put them under seats, carpets, etc. Id hate to have to pull everything out to maybe find them. It would help if you could narrow it down. Thanks. Jeff


Seat springs, under carpet, trunk mat, and taped to the top of the glove box are the most common locations for broadcast sheets, but there’s no hard-and-fast rule unfortunately. You have to dig for treasure!


16 days ago
hangtown mopars My Car 1974-1974 Plymouth - 'Cuda

74 cuda originality

How many 318 "Cuda’s were made for 1974. Also, as tempting as it is to drop a hemi in the 74 cuda, would it not be smarter to retain originality and rebuild the 318? My car is all original except for the new vinyl top and carpet. Thanks-


As it sounds like you know, the 360-4 was dropped as standard equipment on the ’Cuda mid-1974, leaving the 318-2 to soldier on as the standard engine (the 360 continued to be optional). 2,748 318 ’74 ’Cudas were built.

As far as how to proceed, that’s a personal choice. Personally, I’d not do a big-block or 2G Hemi, if anything, I’d go 360 or 3G Hemi, not from any kind of future-value standpoint, but because I’m a “handling” type of guy.


16 days ago
nfcsmancave General 1964-1965 Plymouth

426 street wedge

hi rich can you tell me the years Chrysler offered the 426 street wedge was it just 64-65 thanks nick


That is correct. Chrysler was simply trying to capitalize on “Max Wedge Maria”, but, performance-wise, it was little better than the 383-4; it shared virtually nothing with the S/S engine, except bore and stroke.


16 days ago
McCabe's General 1964-1966 Plymouth - Barracuda

Engine Option

Was the 383 engine ever offered in the first generation ’64 – ’66 Barracuda?


No, as you say, this claim is just so much smelly manure. The largest, and the only, V8 was the 273 LA engine. The ’67-up A-body was widened (at T-bars) specifically to accept larger engines.


19 days ago
davids on the fly General 1992-2001 Dodge

318 hp

how would you build a318 to get around 400hp


I’d start with a ‘92-up 318 for sure. The shortblock can remain stock. I’d use EQ heads w/ 2.20" intake valves, a cam with at least 284 deg. advt duration and at least 0.480," lift, any good single plane and 750 CFM carb, and headers with at least 1-3/4" primaries.

Should be pie.


19 days ago
davids on the fly General 1956-2001 Plymouth

318 motor

what kind of horsepower can I get with mainly bolt on ,like carb cam ect


That depends!

’66-down, poly heads, 275-300 is about it.

’67-91, orig. 2-bbl heads, 325. With factory 4-Bbl heads, 350.

‘92-up, 350+ isn’t all that difficult. Magnums can make real power!

Of course, there are bolt-ons and there are bolt-ons! If you still want a smooth 750 RPM idle, you’re kinda limited. If a lumpy idle and a big reduction on low-end torque is OK, then you can likely exceed the numbers above.

As I said – it depends!


19 days ago
davids on the fly General 1965-1970 Dodge - Coronet

1968 dodge cocronet

how to remove body from frame


I’m not sure if you are pulling my leg or not. One of the big Chrysler advantages “back in the day” was unibody construction. There is no removable frame, it is one welded unit, even the quarter panels, fender aprons, etc. are structural members.


20 days ago
Bustid Nuts Garage General 1964-1964 Plymouth - Fury

production options

How many 64 fury convertibles were equipped with power seat, power windows, power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning?


Unfortunately, no data such as this was compiled or kept, so NOBODY knows. One thing’s sure, though, based on firsthand knowledge: VERY few. Could easily be one of one, but, as I said, there’s no way to prove or disprove.


20 days ago
62 chevy shed General 1968-1968 Dodge - Coronet

68 coronet

would you have a idea what a 68 coronet rt convert.would be worth, car needs complete restoration 95% complete, body is solid except for bottom of rear quarter panels behind rear wheels. has 440 hp motor and automatic trans.
thank you for you time.

Without pix, and more info (matching numbers? Options?) my guess will be pretty wild: $15-25K.


21 days ago
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