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Can an original engine NOT be completely blue?

I have an early 1970 Mach1 351w2b w shaker. It was built in Metucheon NJ. I pulled my engine and found an engine whereas the intake and block are a gun metalish silver and the freeze plugs are brass NOT PAINTED and most everything else is blue with exception for some timing cover and brackets which is just shy of being gloss black. Could my engine be leftover parts and that is why it is all NOT blue like all the ones i see or a sure sign of a rebuild or built from stray parts?

Mike – I’m not 100% sure on this either. Might want to check with Bob Perkins.

1 day ago


Im gettin ready to buy a 1965 impala coupe, but not sure if the seats it has are for the coupe model, was wondering if they are bench seats or 2 seperate seates?

Take a look at the brochure here:

1 day ago

Mustang History

I am restoring a 1970 mustang which was built for export and shipped here in the uk, i was told that this car was specially built for henry Ford 11 for use whilst taking a vacation in uk, his trip was cancelled and the car was sold here. Could you please tell me where would be the best place i could contact to see wether this was in fact the case. I am trying to obtain as much history as i can for the car.
Many Thanks

Hey Paul – unfortunately we don’t know this info, good luck!

1 day ago
Rooker Racing Mechanical 1968-1975 Plymouth - Road Runner

What Clutch set up?

Thanks Richard for the transmission answer. Now that you got me looking into it, what flywheel do I need to use? I noticed a couple different sizes. My set up will be a 1969 440 built pretty good (13 to 1 compression). It is actually an HP block. The car is a 1974 Roadrunner currently with a 360 4 speed. Any other issues I need to consider would be helpful. I plan to use the Shumacher engine mount adapters. Thanks!


You’ll want a 130-tooth ’wheel and a ’70-up aluminum clutch housing.

For the clutch setup, you can take your pick of a 10.95" scalloped Borg and Beck style (3-finger, lots of pedal pressure) or a 10.5" diaphragm such as Centerforce, etc.

If it were my build, I’d swap to the thickest Cometic MLS gaskets and get the CR under control. As it stands, you’ll be looking at 100% 110 octane or severely retarded timing. They both suck!



Old wive’s tale – no such thing as an “HP block”

4 days ago

Production Info for 1965 Ford Fairlane

I am interested in finding production numbers for a 1965 Ford Fairlane.
My father had a 500 Hardtop coupe, Single 2 Barrel 289 v8, C4 3-speed automatic, Rangoon Red exterior, white top, red interior, with red roof liner, bucket seats in the rear. I am trying to help him get a clear idea of production numbers but Marti only goes back to 67. Because of the awkwardness of this color combo (Rangoon red with white top and a red interior), he feels their would be few produced – but I am unsure.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank ou so much!

Hey Dustin, take a look here:

5 days ago
hemi dayz General 1970-1971 Plymouth - Barracuda

1970 barracuda Convertible

Looking at purchasing a 1970 barracuda convertible (Hemi Tribute). How do I know that this wasn’t a coupe that was cut down?


I’ll assume that all visible numbers have “27” in positions 3 and 4. I’ll also ignore that fact that “cutting down” is a huge job on a unibody car, you would not believe how may sheet metal components differ. I’d look for front and rear torque boxes and the B-pillar ’wedges" for starters. The most striking difference is the reinforcements inside the rockers, but this is nearly impossible to see.

There is no rad yoke stamping on a B-body.


8 days ago
Rooker Racing Mechanical 1970-1980 Dodge

Small block to big block

I have a 360 4 speed and want to drop a 440 in. Can I use the same 4 speed with just a bellhousing switch?



As long as the clutch housing has the same pilot hole diameter as the trans, the swap will work, but remember that all 440s came with the coarse-pitch 18-spline tranny, which is considerably beefier.


8 days ago

1974 plymouth scamp question on horsepower and tourque

Hi Richard , I have a 1974 plymouth scamp. I put a 1984 360 in it. I bored it 60 over,put flat top pistons in it. I also put 340 heads on it with the 2" valves. A stage 3 cam with matching rpm performer intake with a 1 inch spacer and a 750 carb. I have headers, accel plugs and 8 mm wires with a super coil… I was wondering what you thought the horse power I was pushing May be?. I put a 410 gear in it an it is an automatic… I would like to know whAt it would do in a 1/8 mile. We have no place here to check that. I have video taped it going 0 to 60 in 3 seconds.. What are your thoughts?.
Thank you for your help
David ratliff
Dratliff1163@hotmail. Com


Polishing up the ol’ crystal ball….waving the magic wand….sprinkling the pixie dust….I come up with 350 SAE gross HP.

On the elapsed time, that’s much tougher, because ET has much more to do with the 60-foot time (the “launch”) than anything else. Also, at my age, and with my experience on only 1/4-mile tracks, I have a hard time conceptualizing 1/8-mile runs. If it hooks, say drag radials and some kind of axle/spring windup control, it should run mid to low 13s at 105-108 MPH in the 1320. Again, those are pure crystal ball numbers!


9 days ago
Joes Hemi Garage General 1967-1976 Dodge - Dart

68 Dart Console

Putting a console in a 68 Dart, I can buy the mounting brackets (for the console) to the floor tunnel, but any idea where they go….tamplate or measurements ?


I’m sure there were blueprints, but my collection doesn’t include A-body.

Your options are:

> Find a junk or disassembled car and measure

> Install as a mock-up with double-sided tape.


12 days ago
Gil's Cuda Garage General 1960-1969 Plymouth

Assembly Manual

Richard did Plymouth publish an Assembly Manual for 1960’s car?


Publish? As in: make available outside the company? No. There were reams of assembly / procedure blueprints that you could call, if taken together, an “assembly manual”, I have thousands of these (thanks to some retired engineers), but none were ever intended to leave the corporation.


14 days ago
Dana's MCG Garage e30cb4 General 1964-1966 Plymouth - Barracuda


What is the correct wheel size for my 66 Barracuda?


All 1960-’72 A-bodies were 5 lug, 4.00" bolt circle.

the ’66 Barracuda came with three different wheel sizes:

> Base 6-cyl models wore 13 X 4.50"
> Base V8 models used 14 X 4.50"
> Formula S models used 14 X 5.50", this was optional on other models.

The center register size on all of thew above wheels were smaller than all other Chrysler wheels, these also used spindly 7/16" lugs. Through 1970, the left side of the car was fitted with LH thread studs and nuts.

Many folks will update their A-bodies to more modern disc brakes and wheels by using, essentially, ‘73-up A-body components. This is a great upgrade, but isn’t a 15-minute project, and not what you’d want to do for a pure restoration, either.


16 days ago
The Garage 2 General 1964-1964 Cadillac

Seat belts

Did the 64 de ville convertible have seat belts? Did it have a power antenna?


I’m the Chrysler guy!

About all I can say is that all 1964 cars sold in the US were required to have belt anchor point. The belts themselves (front, lap only) were not mandatory until 1965.

Many automakers offered them as an option prior to 1964.


23 days ago
Tyler's Toys Mechanical 1970-1974 Plymouth - Barracuda


It’s me again, and I was wondering what kind of suspension is in the rear of a 70 barracuda gran coupe


Asymmetrical leaf springs and Oriflow hydraulic shock absorbers.

Despite the seemingly crude design, axle movement was quite ell controlled under most conditions, the exception being cornering on uneven pavement.


26 days ago
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