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Ron's 70 Charger SE General 1970-1974 Dodge - Charger

1970 Charger Charging System

Owner of a 1970 Charger SE. 383 four barrel. Any advantage to a one wire alterntor as opposed to the stock charging system and how do you wire one? I have a 100AMP alternator and thinking of going that direction. Also considering using a voltage meter instead of the stock amp meter. Understand that there may have been issues with the AMP meter on Mopar’s?


One wire alternators are notoriously lousy because they are unable to accurately adjust the charging voltage in response to ambient temperature changes. They tend to cook batteries!

It wasn’t so much the ammeter that was a problem, as much as the bulkhead connectors, which all charging current passed through. If you convert to a voltmeter you can connect the ammeter output stud directly to the starter relay stud (with a maxifuse or fuse link) and prevent that problem. If you, however, greatly increase the alternator’s maximum output, be sure in use proportionally heavier gauge wiring throughout.


5 days ago
Quality Motorcar of Woodland Hills General 1968-1975 Plymouth - Road Runner

’71 Road Runner

What is the significance and meaning of “RM23” on a 1971 Road Runner 383 coupe’s VIN?


RM23 is simply the VIN prefix for a Road Runner 2-door hardtop. Finding this proves that the car is not a rebadged Satellite (or Belvedere, in earlier years).

It breaks down…

R = Mid-size Plymouth line
M = Medium price class (i.e., Road Runner)
2 – 2 doors
3 – Hardtop body style

Now, if the next letter was V (440-6) or R (426-8 Hemi) you’d have a real find.

Finding the VIN on major components (Engine block, rear axle, transmission) increases the car’s value.



9 days ago

How do I find what my GTO looked like out of the factory?

I recently purchased my first GTO and I have found pretty much everything I need to know about it. I also found out that it came from the factory with a midnight green body and a limelight green painted top. I cant seem to find any pictures of a GTO with this particular paint code. Is there anywhere you know of that could get me this image?

Yes I know the color combo , will try to find you a pic , Rick

15 days ago
65GoldCuda General 1964-1966 Plymouth - Barracuda

Factory Production Statistics for my 65 Barracuda

How can I find out how many 1965 Gold Barracudas with gold interior with the 3 speed automatic were produced? I have looked at all kinds of websites on Feder Tag decoding, and I have learned a lot of valuable info. I know that about 4,000 total cars of the 65,000 made were V8’s with a 3 speed auto, is there any way to tell how many were made with my color scheme? My fender tag reads as follows:
SO#=310, (I think that means it was produced March 10, 1965?) Number: 00031 (I think that means it was #31 of about 65,000 made?) BDY:V89 (I think that means Valiant/Baracudda V8). TRM: P4Y (pretty sure that means Gold Bucket Seat Interior) and Paint is AA1 A (pretty sure that means gold interior).

I am also sure I do NOT have a Formula S Comando 273 car (because it did not have that badging nor did it have the factory tach on the left side of the dash).


The short answer: You can’t.

Expanded: Chrysler simply never tabulated or recorded such data. Years later, they did publish “option take percentages” (for the prior MY, intended as an ordering guide for dealership sales managers), but, even then, ascertaining if your car, is, say “one of 3 built with such-and-such combo” is not possible.

The sequence number is the last 6 digits of the VIN, starting with 100001 or 500001 for the first car. The SO number has no bearing on the production sequence, was, as the acronym implies, simply a Sales Order number.

The tachometer, code 468, was optional on all 1965 8-cylinder Valiant and Barracuda models, I do not recall it as being included with the the Formula S package, but I can’t swear to that.

Formula S confirmation (or, not): On the data plate “ABC” line, under the AB you should find “31” for the 273 4bbl 235hp engine, and below the C should be a “2” for the formula “S” package.


15 days ago
Rees's Garage General 1967-1976 Dodge - Dart

front and rear suspension

what is the correct colours for suspension 69 dart


The attached pix should answer most of your questions (this is Dave Walden’s Mopar Nats-winning Valiant, one of the finest A-bodies I have ever seen). Torsion bars were always dipped in glossy black epoxy paint. Lower control arms were either (pot luck) black enamel or cosmoline dipped. rear leafs were semi-gloss black enamel. Most other suspension components were black phosphate and oil, the closest you’ll come with shaker cans is charcoal satin grey.


18 days ago
Dan's Restorations Restoration 1969-1969 Dodge - Super Bee

6pak Hood / Hood Pin Installation

Where is the best source to obtain information on the location and installation of the 4 hood pins for the 6 pak fiberglass hood? ie. dimentions, hardware location, etc.


I’ll assume you’re referring to a reproduction hood that is supplied sans holes and bezels. The way I do it I guess you’d call “reverse engineering”. I make up a set of cheap-O dummy pins (cut-down cheap bolts) about 3/4" shorter than OEM, ground to a razor sharp point instead of a bull-nose. Drop the hood on with the pins bolted in place, keep adjusting the pins upwards until they make marks on the underside of the hood. Drill small holes from the bottom side, in the center of the marked area, I typically use a 3/16" bit for this. Drop the hood back on and you’ll be able to visually check the alignment. Since the final hole can be much larger (1" or more), you’ll have plenty of room to “move” the center of the hole before drilling to final size and riveting the bezels on.


21 days ago
Indynoplac Mechanical 1970-1970 Plymouth - Barracuda

Front Sway Bar

Is it possible for a V-Code 70 Cuda to come with rear sway bar, but without a front sway bar? I have the fender tag, but do not have a build sheet.


That would depend on your definition of “possible”. The front sway bar was standard equipment on all BS models. Could the factory have screwed up? Sure. Could it have disappeared sometime over the last 45 years? Sure. It was common for drag racers to remove ’em.

A car with a rear bar, but none up front, would generally be a tail-happy, oversteering, probably scary, ride.


22 days ago
only muscle Restoration 1970-1970 Plymouth - GTX

1970 Plymouth GTX stripe delete?

My broadcast sheet shows V 01 on paint style. (one tone exterior paint color) . On the third line under V/stripe there are two boxes, the first says, 6X, second box is empty under V/stripe. Is that the hood stripe delete only?? I believe the 6X stands for sport stripes, (dual type) black Is this correct.

If you’ll post a good, hi-res pix of the sheet, I’ll try to decipher it.


23 days ago
only muscle General 1970-1970 Plymouth - GTX

Possible time to sell?

Have a 1970 Plymouth GTX, hemi automatic. going through a rotisserie restoration. I have never found another automatic with original engine and trans. Only 29 automatics made with that engine. Have the prices rebounded on B bodies? Do you think they will keep increasing? Would appreciate your opinion.


As you may know, musclecar values, in general, have been on a rather slow upwards trajectory from the beginning of this decade to approximately last January, when they suddenly shot up by, in some cases, 50% through the fall of 2014, far outpacing inflation. In the last 3-4 months, however, the pace has cooled, back to a slow, steady climb.

Of course, that’s “musclecars in general”. Rare or unique cars have such small marketplace that the car’s value is exactly what someone is willing to pay for it!

You could always list it (here!) and see what happens, obviously, if you can’t get your number, unless you need the iron turned to cash ASAP, just hang onto it until you do.


23 days ago

1969 Camaro SS L48- Job #

I believe there was a job # written on the trans crossmember and there was also one written on the rear end. Were these numbers the same? Also, what would be a good number to use for a concourse restoration?

Don’t know of any job numbers. I know that a unit number was assigned when the car was coming down the assembly line. I would not do anything until you can get better data.

24 days ago

Z28 sell

Jerry, we are looking to sell our certified number matching original drive train Butternut Yellow ’67 Z28. We are also planning to sell the certified Tuxedo Black ’69 Z28 project. Suggestions on where to advertise these? We are not interested in going the auction route. Thanks. Ken and Chris

Ken, Hemmings Motor News is about the best to start. Good luck!

24 days ago
TPH ENTERPRISES General 1969-1969 Plymouth - Road Runner

1969 a/c roadrunner

thanks for your input on production numbers on an a/c roadrunner. Since it had a/c it had to have an automatic? At 3% there could have been 350 or 750 depending on coupe or hardtop. When i saw it, my first thought was, I’ve never seen an a/c equipped RR. Its got the right code for a/c. and dash. This had got to be a rare “bird”. I don’t imagine it adds a lot of value, but certainly an oddity among roadrunners. Your thoughts/


To the best of my knowledge, A/C could be optioned on any ’69 383 Road Runner, either transmission.

No doubt this option increases the car’s “rarity”, but most guys would rather have, for instance, a factory tach, Air Grabber hood, etc.


24 days ago

Best Oil to use in a stock 1969 Z28 302 engine ?

I asked a few weeks ago what was the best oil to use in a stock 1969 Z28 302…….I was wondering now what is the best weight……I looked for 10W40 but Valvoline doesnt make the VR1 Racing oil in that weight…..what weight would be good here in Texas….Valvoline offers the VR1 oil in 10W30, W30, and W40 ?
Thanks for your help and time in advance !

20-50 is what I use. Works well.

27 days ago
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