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1969 Camaro RS actuators

Jerry, do you know of a reliable source to restore frozen RS door actuators? Thanks. CHPTexas

No Ken, buy the high torque reproduction actuators from CHQ. That’s the manufacturer next to Rick’s First gen in Athens, GA. 800-441-3866. These blow the originals away in performance. I have them on my ’68 Z28.

2 days ago
my270dart Restoration 1968-1968 Dodge - Dart

1968 Dodge Dart 270 Fender Turn-Signals (T/S)

My b/c sheet indicates that these chrome T/S’s were installed at the factory but my 1968 Dodge Dart 270 2DR H/T does not have them installed. Why aren’t these T/Ss installed?

Apparently these T/Ss were an option as indicated by the Order Book . Our family car had them installed and a friends 270 also has them installed. Pics on your site of DART 270s have the T/Ss installed and some pic’s do not. I am totally confused and want my restoration to be correct.

Thx for your help….

alan brosz
89 Glen st
Brattleboro, Vt 05301


If the car is coded for the lamps, but they are not there, there’s two possibilities:

1. The fenders were replaced and the “craftsmen” didn’t bother reinstalling the lamps at that time.

2. It was a factory error. In that case, you have to decide whether to “continue” the error, or correct it 46 years after the fact!

Unfortunately, I have a massive collection of factory assembly blueprints for B and E body cars, and even some for later cars (front drivers, etc.) but none for A-bodies, so you will have to independently research this (local shows, post on message boards, etc.)


4 days ago

Interior paint scheme

What were the sheen’s for the interior of a Bright Blue 1966 Nova SS? I have been told gloss everywhere but the dash and steering column which was semi gloss. I am restoring this L79 right now and will be in the paint shop in a few weeks. Can you give me detail of which was gloss and which was semi or flat. Also was it the same color as the exterior or a different color? My painter is working with a manufacturer who has the original RM paint codes. Thanks…Michael

Michael, not an easy question. Regarding the dash board, and steering column, I would go to your local body shop paint supplier and ask if they have the formulas to mix the original lacquer for the dash area. All of the dash components will be the same shade when the lacquer dries. Typically the inside painted parts of the car is more of a satin finish. That is because the lacquer was not rubbed out on the interior parts. Seat backs and kick panels should be the same.

4 days ago

69 Camaro rd

A good friend of mine is considering buying
a 69 Camaro that is suppose to be an RS
We have the build sheet it is a Van Nuys car
What would identify it on the build sheet?
A few things do not seem correct

I have sample original build sheets in my ‘69 Camaro fact book. I would use them for comparing to make sure it is real. Typically, you can’t decode the Z22 option on the build sheet.

4 days ago
Delusions of Grandeur Restoration 1969-1966 Dodge - Coronet

‘66-’69 MOPAR Interior Codes

Hey Rick -

Bet you have a reference manual that I need.

Been web & paper manual searching (in vain) for a reference to ‘66-’69 B-Body interior codes. Into Coronets, but need for all models. Would be an incredible achievement to decode Broadcast Sheet / Fender Tag refs.

Robert (Bob)
Coronet luvin’ MOPAR maniac (per my ex)


I do have most of this information, but I know of no “single source”, I use a combination of factory parts catalog (which are quite cryptic, but also usually quite complete", and dealership data books / color and trim selectors.

Most of this I have as “old school” printed media. See the scan I’ve uploaded for just one page, one year, WP/WS only, and just a very small fraction of the info for that car.

An, yes, it is very time consuming and complex to decode, but, as I said, the info does exist. Hey, if it were easy, anybody could do it!


5 days ago
EMT123 General 1970-1970 Plymouth - Superbird

Plymouth Superbird patch

I am trying to find an old stock or reproduction Plymouth Superbird patch to put on a jacket. Can you please help?
(410) 903-1889


It would be a reproduction ONLY, as factory patches such as this never existed.

Anyway, there’s two on ebay:




Neither of them impresses me, the really hideous one is shown. You might have better luck with a local CNC embroidery shop – bring them a scan of the big round fin decal. If it were me, I’d go with a reasonably accurate font “Plymouth” patch such as this search brings up:

This url will also return Rapid Transit System, Road Runner, etc., many of which look pretty realistic.


5 days ago
Bobs Assorted Rods Historical 1967-1967 Plymouth - Barracuda

Production numbers

I have a 67 Barracuda formula S notchback 383 4sp car
I am trying to find out how many where produced.
I am in the process of a total restoration as I found this car I sold in 1975 and got it back after 38 years.


The only recorded number is 1,841, all tranny, all body styles. Since approx. 45% of production was notchbacks, best guess for notchback 383 cars: 828 cars. Maybe one-third of that number would have been four speeds.


6 days ago
Felder's Dart Restoration 1966-1966 Dodge - Dart

Finding my chrome

I have been trying to find the chrome for my 1966 Dodge Dart GT and have had no luck I do have most of the original chrome but it is really beat up can you suggest anyone or know where I can get all of it?


I wish there was some way I could wave a magic wand and make every needed resto part appear, but there isn’t. For your car, since there are few resto trim pieces, it comes down to two choices: Restore the originals, or find NOS or good used.

For NOS, you need the factory parts catalog so you can search by part number – see

There’s no shortage of Southwest and Pacific NW US ‘yards teeming with this stuff. For the most part, you’ll have to call them each. Google these:

> Moore’s Auto Salvage
> Freeman’s Auto
> Wildcat Auto Wrecking (seen in photo)
> Texas Acres
> 3C Salvage
> Clay and Sons
> Roblin’s Garage
> L&L Classic Auto
> Arizona Parts (not actually a junkyard, Marty has warehoused and catalogued thousands or prime parts – “pre picked”, some NOS
> Dr. Mopar
> Stephens Performance

….and more.

Get busy!


6 days ago
Richie Place General 1969-1967 Plymouth - Barracuda

Heater control cables

How do I access the heater control cables, they seem to be bending instead of sliding.



I’ll assume this question refers to the same ’69 Barracuda you asked about earlier.

Dropping the glove box liner usually provides ample access for troubleshooting. It isn’t unusual for the cables to rust, especially if the car’s interior was damp. If you have determined that the trouble lies within the cables themselves (the most likely scenario), you can remove them and create a taped-on paper funnel to feed penetrating oil in between the inner wire and outer sheath.


8 days ago
Richie Place General 1969-1969 Plymouth - Barracuda

1969 Plymouth Barracuda 340-4

Is there a way to tell if the front bucket sets are the correct ones for this year? I seem to sit low in the seat with a lot of back rest lean.

thanks Jim


A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. The blue ones are from the factory dealer album, the black ones are from the current Legendary Auto Interiors catalog. One’s a drawing, ones a photo, but they are of the same seat – ’69 Barracuda. Headrests were standard in 1969 although not shown on either graphic.

The OEM seat track came with extra-long mounting studs to allow a modicum of height (and, to a lesser extent, overall tilt) adjustment. There was, however, no way to adjust the backrest angle vis-a-vis the cushion.

If yours appear different, they are incorrect.


8 days ago

1969 Z28 Center Fuel Gauge

Hi Jerry,
My 69 Z28 center fuel gauge is not working properly. I don’t know if the gauge is faulty or the sending unit. Here is what happens: With the key off or the negative side of the battery disconnected, the gauge registers about 1/2 full no matter how much fuel is in the tank. With the key on and battery connected, the gauge registers way past full no matter how much fuel is in the tank. Do you think it is the sending unit or gauge? If it is the gauge, do you know who makes a repro or is there someone you can recommend that can fix my gauge? Cosmetically, the gauge looks great. Just need it to work properly. Thanks for your time. Larry

Sounds like a bad ground, check the wire grounded to the body back by the tank. 1/8" head sheet metal screw. If that does not fix it, it’s probably the tank unit in the fuel tank. It’s still available from GM. Do not buy the reproductions. They’re junk! Buy the GM tank unit.

8 days ago

El Camino search

I am looking for a 1968 ss396 El Camino with a serial number 13880-82114028. Any ideas on how to locate this car?

Not really Doug. If someone on the Team Chevelle web site is running a data base of known cars I would check there. Otherwise, the MVA in your state is about the only other option. Good luck!

10 days ago

Reproduction vs NOS Sheet Metal?

Hi Jerry- I have a numbers matching 69 Z/28 X77 car that needs a total restoration including front fenders, radiator core support, full quarters, etc. Would using reproduction sheet metal made from GM tooling hurt the value of the car? Or should I use NOS sheet metal? I refer to your your book all the time! Thanks for your insight.

If you use OEM style sheet metal from the original GM tooling it will not hurt the valve of the car as long as it’s installed properly. Find a good body guy who knows Camaros inside and out.

11 days ago
Jack Stars cars for you General 1967-1969 Dodge - Dart

Thanks for the reply

In the answer to my white, white, red stripe 69 GTS, yes I come to the conclusion it could have been a one of one car. I have been searching for years to find another like it. I have yet to see one.

As far as a built small block driving better than a big block, yes you are right. I have a 67 convertible that I should have cloned into his car, but went back with the white blue top and interior blue 69 GTS stripe.


You didn’t mention earlier (or I missed it?) that your friend’s car was a ragtop! Yeah, I can’t see it being anything other than one of one!

A 408" smallblock, or virtually any 3G Hemi, swapped into an A-body makes for a really sweet ride. With today’s SMPI setups, 5 and 6-speed manuals, taut torsion-bar suspension, big rubber, etc. these cars are a real treat to drive.

Attached are a pix of my A-body hard at work a few years back. This is, no question, the total antithesis of your and your buddy’s Darts, styling, color, and “loudness” wise, but they are still kissing cousins under the skin!


12 days ago


Jerry. What are the correct wheels and tires for a 69 SS 396/325? Thanks. CHPTexas

14 × 7″ wheels. Can be XT coded plain wheels that are painted to match the car with dog dish hub caps or YJ rally wheels as an option. Original tires were RWL Firestone, Goodyear, or Uniroyals. Goodyears are the only ones reproduced that are 100% right on the money. Would have Goodyear F70 x 14" Wide Tread GT’s standard and after April 1969, you could order the Goodyear Polyglas too. And they are available from Kelsey tire in MO.

12 days ago
Jack Stars cars for you General 1969-1969 Dodge - Dart

Have you ever seen

Back in the early 70s my brother had a 1969 Dodge Dart GTS 383 auto 3.91 sure grip that was WHITE exterior, WHITE interior with a red GTS stripe on the rear.

He had ask me years ago if I had any pictures, I was just a kid. Have been looking for,years for a car like this. Have found a white red interior red stripe 340 GTS but never a big block white, white, red stripe Dart GTS

so if you are the Mopar expert, have you ever seen one? He sold it in 74-75 time frame and the guy that bought it had it parked in driveway and a tornado dropped a wall on it, so it is LONG GONE!



I have definitely seen white, red gut, red stripe GTSs, but never a big-block. While there’s no way to prove—or DISprove—this, my best guess: it was one of one. From what you are telling me, it sure sounds like “was” should, unfortunately, be italicized.

Of course, this would be a relatively easy car to clone, however, I’ve gotta say that a “built” smallblock makes for a much nicer-driving A-body.


12 days ago

a rare find booklet?

I have a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang that was delivered to RICHELIEU FORD SALES LTEE Lachine Que Canada. I saw a 1970 Mustang Sports Roof at a indoor car show in Toronto recently that was sold at the same dealer. This car had very good paperwork on it. It had a special folder to hold the warranty card inside. I have never seen this before! Are you familiar with this? Do you know if this is reproduced?
Pat Manley

I believe the folder you are referring to is the Canadian version quality care booklet. In the back cover is a pocket to hold the warranty card. The car can be slid up to read the ID plate without removing the warranty card from the booklet. In my opinion this is a very neat booklet to have in your owners manual packet. I have enclosed a couple photos. I do not believe there is a reproduction of this 1970 Maintenance Manual booklet.

13 days ago
Redfern's shop General Ford - Mustang

aluminum tag!!!

Bob I recently had my Boss 351 carb restored. I need a carb ID tag. I understand the Boss 351 had a blue tag rather than bare aluminum? Is this fact or fallacy? I can get a aluminum tag reproduced, but not sure what the blue tag is all about.

The Boss 351 car tag is blue anodized aluminum. I have enclosed a picture for reference. You may have to get the tag anodized on your own after you get it reproduced. The picture should give you all the information you need.

13 days ago
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