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Steve's Rock n Blues Garage General 1968-1970 Dodge - Charger

2G Charger Car Covers

Dear Richard,
Just finished a resto on my 69 Charger R/T and am looking for a good fitting cover. Preferably one with a cutout for the antenna. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! BTW, as a Mopar Action subscriber I really love your articles. Please keep them coming!
Stephen Smith


There are many companies sewing these up, there’s no way I can tell who has the most accurate patterns, I don’t think it is all that critical.

The most respected fabric, however, is surely 3M’s “Evolution” material. (it is possible that 3M has sold this business, I can find no reference to it on their site, but, even if now manufactured by another vendor, it is still the “stuff to have” — excellent combination of water repellency, softness, and breathability).

The other potentially good fabric is Gore-Tex.

Whatever you choose, make sure it will allow the car to dry thoroughly. Trapped moisture is much worse than no cover at all.


about 20 hours ago
Scott's Superbird 70 General 1970-1970 Plymouth - Superbird

Appraisal Needed

Julie Hermann-
Sent from my iPad

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Fwd: Auto Appraisal- 1970 Plymouth Superbird-Vin# RM23U0A158582

Mr. Ehrenberg,

We’re looking for an Appraisal for the above car. It was Authenticated by Great Old Cars Inc. on 8/11/06. We have all the specs from this authentication along with the actual copy of this car’s production broadcast, car 30. My husband is contemplating selling this car. Would you have an Appraiser in the CT or in the vicinity that specializes in Plymouth high performance and muscle cars? If so, would you be able to direct me to this resource? My information is on my profile for contact. Thank You.


I don’t know anyone who has “status” and does this for a living in CT, so if you’re looking for some kind of “take it court” type of papers, you’re on your own. I do know one guy in Connecticut who is more “into” wing cars than almost anybody I know, for sure he’s able to document the car, check all numbers, appraise the condition, tell you what it is worth, etc. I will send you his name via a direct e-mail.


about 20 hours ago
AZDave's General 1991-1991 Chevrolet - Corvette

1991 D150

ECM and voltage regulation?

Hi Dave,
Please bring this to a Professional in your area !! It’s hard to play mechanic without doing the proper testing. Hopefully this can be an easy fix from a pro and might cost you less than you think.

1 day ago
Will2014 General 1982-1968 Chevrolet - Corvette

Turn signal 69 stingray stopped working

Installed steering colum, why aren’t hazards and turn signal working?

Hi Will,
Please make sure the flashers are in good working order and check all connections and make sure there are clean and tight. Do you have a wiring diagram for that particular year, if not you are going to need one it will save you a lot of time.
All the best,

1 day ago
donald misler General 1982-1968 Chevrolet - Corvette

heat in the cabin

is there anyway to rid the heat from the bird cage of my 72 s b corvette

Hi Donald,
I would check the under carpet insulation and the transmission insulation. You can also install a water shut off valves between the heater hoses and heater box.. That should solve you problem.

1 day ago
C3SPEED Historical 1969-1968 Chevrolet - Corvette


I purchased a 69 corvette convertible some years ago that appears to have a stock L88 hood. I didn’t think too much about it because it had a 1970 350 engine in it until I took it in for some work at a well known restoration shop. He was asking me a few questions about what options it had and I told him that the only options were a Muncie 4 speed and it appeared to have a 427 radiator. It didn’t even have a radio. He told me that was highly unusual and ask me if I was sure. I purchased it from a guy that said the engine had been replaced and the previous owner had used it for racing. The wheel wells had been tubbed so I assumed he was telling the truth. The transmission code says that it is a Muncie M21 and the vin code matches the car. I read that the L88s came with the M22 transmissions but the production numbers say that only 101 M22s were produced were 116 L88s were produced. I don’t have an paperwork or tank sticker so is there any other way to verify if this could be an L88.

Hi Gary,
Can you send me the numbers on the transmission for starters. Also please send me some photos of the engine compartment. There are still a few more L88’s that have not been account for. Looking forward to the photos.

1 day ago
Mr. Mikey's Chevelle Classics Historical 1963-1967 Chevrolet - Corvette

’66/67 Corvette “turbine” wheels

Whats the story on these wheels? Knock-off, bolt-on, usage, etc.. Any info would be appreciated.

Hi Michael,
The KO wheel came out in late ’63 on Corvette and ran production to ’66. It was an Optional wheel back then. The Bolton wheel was one year only in ’67 and was also an optional wheel. The are very sought after and are hard to find nice original sets.
All the best,

1 day ago
dan's car hospital General 1982-1968 Chevrolet - Corvette

Fixing a/c on a 74 corvette

Looking at buying a 74 coup auto 350 but the A/c is out and the dealer is unsure why. What type of cost am i looking at if it need to be completely replaced? thanks!

Hi Daniel,
The cost is expense if it needs everything, parts and labor could be as high as $3500.00. The problem is most of the GM original parts are discontinued.Good luck with your purchase.

1 day ago

1965 wheel size

Jerry, I am trying to put back to org the wheels and tires for a malibu ss convt. true 138 vin code. The wheels were 14" but the hole patten is 4.5 is this correct I have been told that they are 4.75" . And where can I fine the rims?
Thanks Mike

4 3/4 is the correct bolt pattern. I would try some of the Chevelle reproduction companies as they should be able to help with correct replacement wheels. Look in Hemming Motor News Magazine too. Not sure on the width but I suspect they were 5" wide, it would not hurt you to install 6" wheels as this will add a better foot print on the road while driving. I did the same on my ’65 Impala.

3 days ago

it seems to be all original 69 camaro

Hi Jerry can you tell me if my 69 camaro is all original by these #block3932388 metal strip close to firewall 19n62001 head casting#3932441 b149 is allso onhead cowl info is st69 12437nor 291389 tr711 pnt 7272 030×11 dont now if block # is for a 2 or 4 bolt main plus automatic shifter is on the column car is original & free of any rust very clean if all # s mach any ball park on value of car thank you Jerry for your suport & help

Don, I need the build date of your car to give you better data on what you’re looking for. It’s on the left side of the trim tag. The 388 block usually shows in in Indy Pace cars. Get me the engine pad stamping too.

3 days ago
freds cuda house My Car 1964-1980 Chrysler

70 aar trans plates

Hi Richard
I am posting the pics of the trans, Hope you can see them.
Thanks Fred


Those plates are NOT ON the transmission — try to unscrew them! They were on the cores at the iron foundry and serve only internal foundry matters — they are not “ID tags”.

The stamped number on the machined pad (which include at least the last 6 digits of the VIN), and the large 3-digit number painted on the side of the case (which is the last 3 digits of the transmission assembly P/N), are the only significant numbers.


4 days ago
freds cuda house My Car 1970-1970 Plymouth - AAR 'Cuda

70 Cuda AAR Markings on pistol grip

Hi Richard,
Fred again, been awhile, I have a couple shifter/tranny questions. I have 2 pistol grip shifters, one is for the AAR, it has 7220 at base of handle,and 7180 on the reverse tab, plus it has a large H stamped under were the grips are. Other one is for an A body,it has the same numbers stamped on it but the is no H on the handle. Any idea what the H stands for ? also what do the 2 screwed on plates on dr side of trans stand for? one has 12-19, the other, 12X05.
Thanks , Fred


The “H” is most likely a manufacturer’s mark — Hurst-Campbell.

The second shift lever cannot be from an A-body, they never had pistol grips — ever. At least not OEM!

I have never seen plates “screwed on” to a transmission. Please post some good photos and maybe I can get to the bottom of this.


5 days ago

Driveshaft identification

Jerry, I have what I believe is an original ’67 SS 4 speed driveshaft. Is there anyway to verify that? Markings? Type of balance weights used? or? Thanks. CHPTexas

Not really Ken, these drive shafts were made by the thousand. Many originals when they were new had paint markings but no one has documented what they are or what they mean. And now that the cars are almost 50 years old, it will be hard to know for sure.

7 days ago
Best Barracuda My Car 1972-1972 Plymouth - Barracuda

How many ‘72 Barracuda’s sold with red body & white top / interior

How many ‘72 Barracuda’s sold with red body & white top / interior; or a way for me to find out?


No specific breakdown records were kept by Chrysler. All we know for sure is that there were 7,285 318-2bbl, automatic Barracudas sold, 11.5 of all Barracuda / ’Cuda production was Rallye Red (FE5), and 53.7% were vinyl roof cover equipped. Crunching the numbers, and assuming an even application between Barracudas and ’Cudas, we arrive at 450 cars. remember, this is calculated, not documented.

Depending on other options, the number built could have been much lower. Examples of option percentages:

Undercoating: 33.3%
Remote mirror: 31.9%
3-speed wiper: 34.0%
A/C: 34.0%

…and so on.

Hope this helps,


7 days ago
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