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The MyClassicGarage platform is precisely built to allow automotive enthusiasts to engage exclusively with the types of vehicles they are interested in. MCG users document the cars they own, engage with other users through the first real social media site for the classic car community, and sell cars in a free, safe, transparent environment. As a result, the MyClassicGarage Ad Network offers a unique way of delivering highly targeted ads based on user interests and user generated content.
Option 1:

Targeted ad platform

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Best Suited For:
  • Advertisers who want to manage a precise budget daily.
  • Targeting a specific year/make/model or hobby segment.
  • Targeting a specific geographic area.
  • Advertisers who like the convenience of managing their own campaigns.
Option 2:

Premium partnership opportunities

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Best Suited For:
  • Companies that want to build brand awareness.
  • Flexible advertising strategies across multiple platforms (email, social media, ROS wraps, etc.)
  • Aligning your brand with other premiere companies in the industry.

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