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Every car enthusiast understands the allure of the open road, a beautiful cockpit, or a once reliable cruiser brought back to life. At the very heart of the car culture are passionate people, not big corporations.

Giving power to real car lovers is the vision of MyClassicGarage. Never before have car owners had at their fingertips better resources to track and take command of their vehicle investments. Cars represent a significant investment of time and money. Faithfully representing cars of the past can be a challenge.

We believe we can change that and level the playing field for all types of automotive hobbyists.

Created by Real Car Collectors MyClassicGarage gives power to real car owners


The classic car industry is a highly fragmented used car market subject to fraud, painted over rust and misrepresentation.

With accurate archives and cloud based storage, hobbyists can preserve the value of their wealth instead of handing over a greater percentage to brokers, auction houses, dealers, and flippers.

Convenient Power

If you have ever finished a build with a folder overflowing full of receipts and invoices, needed to closely track the budget of a build, been asked, “Who prepped the body?”, or wanted to know the total cost of ownership for all your cars; MyClassicGarage is for you.

Share and Connect

Publish content and share your car with the world on Facebook, YouTube and the MyClassicGarage Social Network.

Discover other collector’s garages by browsing by make, model or geographic location. Virtually park your cars in another collector’s garage for evaluation, or transfer a car you sell to the new owner using MyClassicGarage.

Free for Life Memberships

Giving the power of MyClassicGarage to everyone who has a passion for automotive history.


Joe Carroll

Joe Carroll

Founder/President & CEO

Joe has had an infatuation with American classic cars that began when he was a young child and received a Hot Wheels of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Orbitron as a gift. Joe developed a love for Mopar muscle cars after he purchased his second car at the age of 17: a 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T.

Creator/Co-Founder: White Flower Cake Shoppe, Beachwood, Ohio
Creator/Founder/President & CEO: Best of Show Automotive, LLC, Beachwood, Ohio
Creator/Co-Founder/President & CEO: RK Motors Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
Creator/Founder/President & CEO: MyClassicGarage, Mooresville, NC

Tanner Fritz

Tanner Fritz

VP Product Development

Having spent years shaping product initiatives and building highly scalable technology platforms in global corporations and start-up companies, Tanner brings a unique blend of market insight and innovation to ensure that MyClassicGarage™ delivers forward-looking, integrated technology for our users.

His passion for classic cars stems from his grandfather who was an antique dealer in Southwest Florida. Tanner holds an MBA from UNC-Charlotte. An avid sports fan, Tanner enjoys all things basketball.

Matt Tilmes

Matt Tilmes

Product Manager

Born in Cincinnati, OH, Matt was always around the classic cars scene. On Friday nights he and his Dad would attend local cruise-ins featuring hundreds of cars from 69 Z/28 Camaros to 2004 Dodge Vipers.

Matt was in love and quickly realized his passion for all things MOPAR. When he was 14, Matt drove his first vehicle, a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere. Ever since he was hooked on the roar of a HEMI and the smell of burnt rubber. Matt graduated from the University of Akron with a BBA in marketing management. GO ZIPS!

Dustin Wilson

Dustin Wilson

Content Manager

Growing up near ‘Race City, U.S.A.’, Mooresville, NC, Dustin gained a love for motorsports at an early age. Be it four-wheelers, dirt bikes, or his two-seater sports car in high school, the thrill of the open road was upon him. He recently owned a cruiser motorcycle for over a year and became hooked, and now cannot wait until his next one.

Graduating at the top of his class in high school, he went on to graduate with honors from UNC-Wilmington where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration on Marketing. After college, Dustin went on to help start a non-profit in Savannah, GA, where he gained invaluable experience in marketing, communications, and social media. Now at MyClassicGarage, Dustin creates and manages content for the website and social media venues, as well as other marketing-related tasks.

Joshua Deckman

Joshua Deckman

Creative Director

Hailing from “The Motor City,” USA, Josh grew up around cars his entire life and quickly grew an affinity for anything with an engine and speed. His parents and grandparents were classic car lovers owning an album of different Chevys and Mopars.

Josh graduated Eastern Michigan University, but with his love of world travel and Asian culture, quickly booked a flight to South Korea to finish language studies at Yonsei University. Josh whips up anything MyClassicGarage can throw at him like illustrations, photography, 3D modeling, and mobile, web, and graphic design. He truly is our “ace in the hole.”

Josh loves anything design, and being culturally relevant, having studied Korean and Japanese languages, but his first love is still cars. On weeknights you’ll find Josh in friends’ garages building and testing drift cars, which he competes in on the weekends.

Paul Tecci

Paul Tecci

Marketing Director

Hailing for the great state of Texas, Paul has been innovating and disrupting the world of marketing for almost 11 years. Paul has a background in the Automotive, Consumer Goods, and Management Consulting industries. He mixes the worlds of analytics and creativity seamlessly on a quest to optimize every step of the conversion funnel.

Paul is a “Mustang-Guy” with a love from Mustangs coming from his first car, a 1979 Fox body. He has dreams of restoring the 1966 Mustang Coupe that currently sits in his Aunts back yard.

He bleeds Orange, and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas (Hook ‘Em Horns) and an MBA, with a focus on Marketing and Global Business, from the University of North Carolina – Charlotte.

John Macura

John Macura

Graphic Designer

Originally from the Cleveland, Ohio, area, John had three passions growing up: cars, art, and technology. He feels very fortunate to be able to combine and use those on a daily basis, in a career he enjoys.

John graduated from the Virginia Marti College of Art and Design where he received a degree in Graphic Design.

Soon after college, John began working for Best of Show Automotive in Ohio as their lead graphic designer. After a merger of companies, he relocated with RK Motors Charlotte in Charlotte, NC, working for three years in their marketing department, helping out with any and all design needs. He then made the move to MyClassicGarage where he enjoys working with all of the MCG team on new and exciting design projects.

Josh McDade

Josh McDade

Technical Lead

Josh grew up in Hickory, NC where he became immediately attached to performance cars having been raised by grandparents that toured the country as drag racers. Upon graduating high school, Josh knew he loved all things computers and technology and eventually graduated from Western Carolina University with a B.S. in Computer Science, and a second B.S. in Applied Mathematics.

Josh has been developing websites and software for over 10 years. Now, he has joined the MyClassicGarage crew as a Technical Lead, where he leads a team of software engineers to design, architect, implement, and test the MyClassicGarage software stack.

When not consumed by software engineering in his current position, he enjoys woodworking, landscaping, snowboarding, and all things sports.

Drea Nicholson

Drea Nicholson

Director of Business Development

Drea grew up in the heart of stock car racing, Kannapolis, NC, and has stuck close to her roots ever since. Growing up she was always around cars and racing, a trade she picked up from her Dad whom she quotes is “a Mustang man, but I’m a Chevy girl.”

Upon graduation, Drea had already started a solid career in Television. She worked with motorsports programs like Monster Trucks, Speed Boat Racing, and eventually NASCAR. All in all she has spent the past 11 years playing a production and development role on various motorsports shows, programs, and racing series, all while becoming a proud mother of her one son Connor.

Drea has joined MyClassicGarage as Director of Business Development and when the day is done, she hops in her Chevy SS Trailblazer to go home and help her boyfriend work on their ’78 Camaro Street Stock they race at local asphalt short tracks. When asked what her dream car is, we got an unexpected answer given her race background, “I have always had a thing for early 70s C10 pickups.”

Tim Watson

Tim Watson

Software Engineer

Tim is in what we consider an almost perfect situation. As a remote MyClassicGarage employee, Tim and his wife sold their house months ago and have been cruising around U.S. and Canada in their Airstream. To get to this point, Tim used his self-taught programming education to make a living in web development for the past 15 years.

Tim grew up around air-cooled Volkswagens and has pretty much stuck with that into his adult life. He rebuilt an engine for a bus and restored a bug that needed eleven different metal sections welded in. Eventually, he sold his collection to buy the Airstream he now travels and lives in.

For leisure when not enjoying the company of his closest friends or traveling, Tim loves to hike, bike, and swim.


Company Description

MyClassicGarage is an early stage company focused on creating the best technology platforms for the classic car industry.

MyClassicGarage headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Our founders are experienced entrepreneurs and are highly motivated to build a collaborative, interesting and productive workspace and company. Our employees get top-notch gear and tools to push their skills to new heights.

All Offers include:

  • Competitive salary
  • 50% paid major medical and dental insurance, with options for life insurance
  • Working with a growing startup that is focused on creating incredible products

Ruby on Rails Developer (2)

Desired Skills & Experience

Great Personality

Most importantly, you should be fun and easy to work with, a great communicator and generally awesome to be around.

Technical Skills

You should be proficient with Ruby, Rails, Javascript/Coffeescript, HTML, CSS, and your favorite text editor. You should be at least comfortable with the command line, PostgreSQL or something similar, deploying, monitoring, and maintaining Rails apps.

How We Work

You need to be either proficient with or eager to learn behavior-driven development/test-driven development. If you don't have a lot of experience, please feel free to contact us anyway. As we grow the team, we may be interested in hiring smart, motivated entry-level candidates.

The Interview

We don't do any "brainteasers" or coding on a whiteboard. We think these are garbage. We don't care about your college degree or the number of years you've been writing code in our particular language. Your technical interview will be an in-person pair programming session with our Lead Engineer where you will show what you know about producing working code. The only people you will ever have to work with at MyClassicGarage are people who can pass this test.

Job Description

The Basics

We're looking for experienced full-stack Rails developers to join the team. Our development team works closely with product and design to come up with ideas and make them real. Our ideal candidate loves their craft and wants to be a creator, not just a builder. You'll be working with a brand new, well-factored, modern object-oriented Rails 3.2 app. You'll be writing HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You'll be doing some devops. You'll be helping to define the product.

Room for Growth

As the team and the product grows, we will almost certainly begin delving into other technologies. Mobile has begun. Who knows what technologies we will bring to our eventual product as we start building things like social features and a classifieds engine. The ideal candidate is smart and eager to learn new things. MyClassicGarage’s size and culture makes it a phenomenal place to both learn and teach.

Development Culture

We will do a good amount of pairing programming. We will do a lot of testing our assumptions and validating with real users. We will value people over processes and obliterate the impulse to do anything that looks like waterfall project management. Call it agile, call it lean. We're a team that has internalized behavior-driven development, iterative development, continuous deployment, MVPs, and metrics-driven development, and we want you to be right there with us. 

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